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  1. The guns can't actually one or two shot you unless your HP is low. Same goes for the bombs, which also encase you in ice afterward rendering you invincible for a while.
  2. Star Icon

    The student pack can only be purchased once per account I think.
  3. Something similar which happened to me was a guy around lv47 or so went to Tomb of Exiles and set the minimum bid to 50s. Which essentially locked out all the lowbies from getting any drops unless they were willing to pay 10% of their total gold for it. I mean, if the item would be the subject of a bidding war that goes beyond that price sure, but he set it so that even items only lowbies would want (infernal accessories, infernal weapons, soul shields) were blocked off, so many of these items went unbid on by anyone. He then pushed the minimum bid up to 1g for the boss's auction.
  4. Character doesn't jump high

    Perhaps it's due to lag? Like, it fails to display the actual maximum height by skipping over those frames, leading you to believe your maximum jump height is lower than it should be? Have you tried logging in on a different computer to see if there are any differences? How about using a different keyboard in case that's the problem instead?
  5. Hey, at least you're getting 8 per round. I get 5, and given my latency + how much I suck at pvp I'm not getting past the bot wall any time soon. ._.
  6. Can't use spear gun.

    It seems to stop working when you shoot the big crab, which is odd since it didn't happen at the beginning... Killing stuff without the gun's supposed to count.
  7. The russian server has nothing to do with NCSoft, so no.
  8. The Q/E skills have cooldowns of about 24 seconds, IIRC. Check your tome.
  9. [Warlock] Difference between rupture & awakened rupture?

    Awakened Rupture replaces regular Rupture during Soulburn. It says so on the tooltip ._. Soulburn is a party buff, stage 2 of Obliterate. All classes have at least one Awakened skill that is available only during Soulburn.
  10. Focus regen broken since last patch?

    Nope? It seems normal to me.
  11. Asia Server

    Why'd you quote me? ._.
  12. I have done it.

    In this case it was intentional. The description itself says that its (in-universe) designers had no clue as to why that outfit never sold.
  13. Level 45 * Dark Arts Levle 1

    We're all evil necromancers/shamans/witch doctors now.
  14. It's been like that since the beginning. :/
  15. Solution to Ore Botting

    I second both these points. I was thinking of maybe limiting the number of times a single character could harvest per day, or something like that, but that still wouldn't stop people from not having any nodes to mine since the gold farmers will just make even more characters to gather the ores/water. And as I've always said, there's only supply because there's a demand for illegal gold. As long as everyone boycotts the gold sellers, they'll eventually go away since they're not turning any profit. And even more so for this game since many of them are buying premium membership, so sticking to the game will only make them a loss. Unfortunately, there will always be at least one schmuck buying gold from them, so it comes down to the management to do something about it.