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  2. I been there since the news about the event came out and i literally didn't saw the red button that everyone talks about , i want them to be generous to show it or keep it to most players and newcomers but i think its "too risky" for them to make people get free stuff , I think the Chinese version handled goodies way better and more generous than our version , and this isn't just about Blade & Soul , in most games there have better goodies there compared to what most western publishers do .. i guess you wont expect things like that to happen from western publishers .. like ever !
  3. More character slots needed

    Ok can you stop complaining about others "complaining" please ? you are not getting paid to shade others from knowing what the game should have equally compared to other versions Just to enlighten you with these information fellow , Blade & Soul in all other regions has 5 characters slots for FREE since the launch day and its pretty much a known fact in every version , now if you talk about the "new" business decision being "tested" on the poor western community you will clearly know for a fact that this isn't planned for nothing , its kinda like a cynicism in the minds of those who are willing to pay for anything .. ok we all thankful that we finally getting this game here but can't we just play the game equally like other versions when it comes to business decisions ? Black Desert did this mistake in the west and we don't want Blade & Soul to repeat that mistake here I just hope NCsoft listens ...