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  1. Games like a month old though. The top classes are just those that are easiest to play (summ/dest). Doesn't mean the class is actually top tier.
  2. lol wait till PvP season starts. Can buy soulstones with zen beans from arena. I mean im not saying you shouldn't enjoy PvE but everyone knew this game is basically PvP with PvE on the side. If I was playing for PvE id be bored and quit by now since there's basically no PvE content to do besides dailies and blackwyrm.
  3. Funny that I see summoner OP post when it's the only class to never make it to a tournament on korean servers :p
  4. Sounds like someone is PvPing without max level (aka all the abilities to escape their CC). Other than that we are playing a really old patch thats missing alot of balance changes. That said there has never been a patch where force master was the #1 best in PvP. Assassin is a pretty even matchup against force master too.
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