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  1. You get gold when people bid and if they bid less than an even split you just bid.
  2. Eh. The only method of making gold endgame atm is 4man dungeons so you couldnt be further from wrong. Leveling is basically the only solo part of the game, everything else requires a party.
  3. The game is basically super CPU heavy and ontop of that only uses 2 cores. If you can overclock your cpu or get a cheap G3258 and overclock that you may see some improvement. Generally when changing options shows no improvement your cpu is the bottleneck. That said I have my cpu overclocked to 5.2ghz and I still can't maintain 60fps all the time. Problem with using a 14 year old game engine.
  4. I think at the end of the day they have to ask if the very few people who will actually be the same costume twice on different characters can make up for the people who won't buy any at all due to it. The answer seems obvious to me. Personally I play multiple characters and there's no way im paying 2 or 3 times.
  5. It wasn't out of protest or boycott that I didnt buy any costumes but simply that I didn't know what class id stick with. The system actually actively discouraged me from buying any costumes.
  6. Games like a month old though. The top classes are just those that are easiest to play (summ/dest). Doesn't mean the class is actually top tier.
  7. lol wait till PvP season starts. Can buy soulstones with zen beans from arena. I mean im not saying you shouldn't enjoy PvE but everyone knew this game is basically PvP with PvE on the side. If I was playing for PvE id be bored and quit by now since there's basically no PvE content to do besides dailies and blackwyrm.
  8. Funny that I see summoner OP post when it's the only class to never make it to a tournament on korean servers :p
  9. Sounds like someone is PvPing without max level (aka all the abilities to escape their CC). Other than that we are playing a really old patch thats missing alot of balance changes. That said there has never been a patch where force master was the #1 best in PvP. Assassin is a pretty even matchup against force master too.
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