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  1. This is not a multiplayer game

    You get gold when people bid and if they bid less than an even split you just bid.
  2. This is not a multiplayer game

    Eh. The only method of making gold endgame atm is 4man dungeons so you couldnt be further from wrong. Leveling is basically the only solo part of the game, everything else requires a party.
  3. What to upgrade? - FPS problems

    The game is basically super CPU heavy and ontop of that only uses 2 cores. If you can overclock your cpu or get a cheap G3258 and overclock that you may see some improvement. Generally when changing options shows no improvement your cpu is the bottleneck. That said I have my cpu overclocked to 5.2ghz and I still can't maintain 60fps all the time. Problem with using a 14 year old game engine.
  4. Well he's in for a suprise. BDO has worse hacks than here. Infinite HP, Free gear, No skill CD in PvE, Maximum stats.. all the hacks you can want in BDO. There's even a guy streaming hacks for like a week and noone banned him lol
  5. Title. NCsoft making dumb decisions again.
  6. Tier list of pve classes?

    The current 4man setup is basically FM/WL/SUMM + SUMM or KFM Sometimes FM/FM/WL/KFM or FM/SIN/WL/KFM
  7. I dropped my FM after the 500th time where arena packet loss dropped a skill. I can deal with a dropped skill on pretty much any other class but FM is super reliant on having an exact amount of chill stacks and having the server drop a rmb in the middle of a combo is just bleh.
  8. NCSoft please control the ridiculous undercutting

    Undercutting is normal. What I don't understand is how everyone is willingly selling at a loss. Every single day since patch, if you were to buy refiner and make stones then the next day you would lose money selling those stones at the rate that the price is dropping. Even if you make your own refiner, you would have made more just selling the refiner. Why is the majority making and selling stones at a loss?
  9. Yu Chun is bae ♥

    Hey now you don't want poor Yu Chun to go to jail do you :(
  10. "This Game is P2W smh"

    smh? super meth heroine?
  11. Pay and soul? Which direction is NA taking

    10 years later newbies still can't figure out search. It's just like google people. Not rocket science.
  12. how to derank in 1v1?

    uhh.. just stand there afk till you die 0.o
  13. I don't want to be that guy but ive seen the same bots on Dochun for weeks and even faced one I saw doing faction dailies in the arena a couple days later. Having a single GM go through each server's faction area in the morning would easily clear out 50%+ of the bot population. Im going to assume people haven't been using the report function otherwise I have no idea how these bots still exist.