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  1. Beginner artist. I've got some questions!

    Just gonna drop this guide here it's not anime style but it'll definitely help you learn proportions and such. My friend draws several anime styles very well and he says this guide helped him a lot when he was learning to draw.
  2. Male My Angel Costume

    I think it looks great on both genders.
  3. For those who don't have FPs issue. Your CPU ?

    No FPS issue here, i7 2600k / GTX 670
  4. Store bought items need to be account bound

    I agree, this is a big issue for me.
  5. Exceeded limit on NC coin purchase?

    You're allowed to buy $100 worth, I think a month. But you can get past it by going on Amazon and buying NCoin codes. I did that.
  6. Pornographic profile Pictures.

    My point was NCSoft could potentially get into legal trouble since it's illegal for 17-year olds to view porn. This is besides the fact that it's disgusting and should be removed anyway.
  7. Pornographic profile Pictures.

    M ratings don't cover porn. This game isn't 18+, it's 17+. I agree with OP.
  8. How to fix gold spam PERMANENTLY. (easy)

    Yes, you figured it out. So easy. Amazing how their entire team dedicated to removing bots didn't think of this.
  9. Lyn is best race

  10. maintenance

    I understand why they need it. I'm really used to Guild Wars 2's seamless maintenance system though, so it's so strange for me.
  11. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    There are thousands of threads about this. NCSoft knows, and they're working on it.
  12. Blade and Soul be Lazy

    They haven't implemented what they're working on yet.
  13. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    They've said they're working on measures to stop goldselling bots as well as expand the block list.
  14. Blade and Soul be Lazy

    They are doing something about it, calm down. They've said they're working on it.
  15. Regium Corvus VS Night Luna costumes

    What's so awful about it? As an NA player I think Night Luna looks better. Unfortunate that is has design issues though.