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  1. The Levelling Challenge Reward

    At least you got yours, i leveled my warlock to 45 2 days before the march 16 maintenance and i haven't even gotten mine yet
  2. Warlock skin

    You can get it tomorrow
  3. For newcomers and to everyone else

    B&s forum is where players vent their frustrations, whine and complain about their problems, since we can't get the attention of the moderators in-game and they take forever to reply our support ticket. At least in the forum they sometimes read our qq thread. I, however, am quite satisfied with the game atm and still play ~4 hours a day
  4. MRW Bloodshade 4-man recruitment

    I'm not hating on under geared players, but most of my runs with profane users ends up with them dying to trasher and everyone else leaving the party. I'll rather be called an elitist than running with under-geared players and wasting time recruiting/restarting the whole dg with a new party
  5. Assassin or Forcemaster top dps

    Sin is strong on something that doesn't move, but you won't find a dummy boss in any dungeon. The class in general just isnt meant to perform well in parties.
  6. Warlock vs FM in PvE

    I have both, wl at hm1 and fm at hm5. I can assure you that fm have much higher dps thanks to their fire rate and burn build bonus damage. Warlock have high damage burst skill, but even if you cast and reset your dragon call 3-4 times in a row, your dps will still be nowhere near fm. Wl is more of a support dps, their greatest asset is their insanely powerful party buff.
  7. my account is banned

    Send their customer support a ticket and pray that they'll unblock your account. I know how you feel, with all these random bans happening lately, i'm worried that i may become one of the victims as well. Stay strong bro
  8. Playing from Singapore, high ping?

    Sadly, yes. But it's only a minimal amount.
  9. Playing from Singapore, high ping?

    yup, been getting around 50-100ms after using it. switch the vpn's mode to Incero/HostUS and it should be fine
  10. Playing from Singapore, high ping?

    We're using Mudfish: (M'sian here) It's safer and better than wtfast. Btw, you can ask the admin to unblock you after they accidentally blocked you for using wtfast.
  11. pve/dung build?

    You need dungeon build for 4-man pohwaran
  12. Region Blocked

    Just another selfish & self-entitled player who wanted the game for themselves even though it doesn't really affect him. Should've just played single player?
  13. I strongly agree, RNG box in the cash shop is bs. Please stop buying it
  14. On hajoon crimson dominates ch. 1 and cerulean dominates ch.3 We stay out of each other's business
  15. Serpent Calling Bell

    Its easy to craft, all you need are some basic materials