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  1. Oh that is cool, it is your choice to play a character you are comfortable with, totally respected. I still disagree with the fact one would be playing a sexy female character for lack of getting laid or even just for the eye candy itself instead of any other billion reasons in this ark of reasons, sure there must be some people that fit that criteria but as said, the ark of reasons can be pretty huge to include these players into only sexless guys. That is also your opinion on other girls because you are a girl, but it does not necessarily apply to all women, we are al
  2. Humm last I saw it a guy doesn't stop enjoying eye candy even when he gets a stable source of sex. People enjoy eye candy in general (yes even girls! Yes even the ones that get laid!), they just want to be politically correct and say they don't. But if you meant to just say this game was male oriented from the beginning, I will have to agree, most gamers are guys, it makes sense. Although I must say that if one desires to fap, there are WAY better sources of material just one google away from any of us, so i like to think people aren't just playing this game one-handed or something
  3. You don't need to take offense, It was meant to sound like a joke anyways. Well if you don't like the designs then it's another story, since I got my Burning Flames on my female character I just stuck to it and I didn't find anything else as cool, and I am literally keeping it up because it looks tooooo cool, before that I was using another one which also looked cool but forgot it's name. I am actually very fond of the first costume we get in-game myself. I thought the golden deva as a set looks pretty cool even though it shows some skin. I don't know, as I
  4. Your male character could be naked for all I care, that is my point (that is how much I think people should care). Also there is a ton of normal outfits (and I mean a TON), play the game. Open the wardrobe and start checking them out, you have a shitload of costumes there. If you don't like the female designs because they are trashy (in a non sexual way to boot) and you like more the male design .... why not play a male character? It seems you like them more. It's a game bro, you don't have to play female because you are female. I don't remember directing my post at you also,
  5. They are just full of shit, don't worry, there are plenty of very cool non-lewd costumes, and there are some revealing, yet no one is forced to wear them. They are just annoyed we get an option to look at some ficticious ass I suppose. I completely agree, Aerasani is so full of shit I can't even take these double standards seriously. Men can't be objectified, because women apparently feel no pleasure in seeing hot men, they are all saints. Apparently all women in the world don't like sex and don't feel pleasure according to this guy, they are levitating i
  6. Awesome, thank you very much. Muchas gracias cariño mío, "spaniards" no es un término peyorativo btw! Se refiere a españoles. Saludos
  7. Hello, I am currently playing from Spain, was looking for maybe the server where most spaniards went to? Although I don't really mind THAT much, I just created a character in Starfall Crater and waiting on the queue to see if the game is worth paying etc. I literally have little idea how it plays, made an assassin :o Wish me luck.
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