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  1. Could these earrings get an increased duration, 12 seconds instead of 6? Cuz 6 seconds and 3 stacks, its insanely inconsistent. Making it kinda trash. Eventually, much higher proc rate.
  2. Apex Earrings - can we get like 12 second duration? Since 6 seconds duration and 3 stacks is like close to impossibru, to get. Or its too much to ask?
  3. Thats really - " easy without much effort ". How long does it take? :D I will assume and be very generous, and you finish dailies in 1 hr/char+basin ~~~ 6+++hr per day, haha, "easy without much effort"
  4. Please tell us how you are getting them ("200-300 per day") without farming ("Not that i farmed 1.8k")
  5. Lets break it down. Average Joe, 1k ap, raven1, just got his bracelet and he want to upgrade it, obviously. What he can do: Farm Lair/Yeti: Lets be very generous and each run will take him 5 min, he will drop 2ss/2sc, purple accessory and a pouch EACH RUN! 1 hr farming - 24ss/24sc, 12x acc's, 12 pouches + 12x acc's, 12 pouches from dynamic chest. hes opening 24 pouches and hes getting 2ss/1sc = 48ss/24sc hes salvaging 24x acc's and holy crap, lucky guy, hes getting 5 powders each time. In total: 72ss/48sc, 120 powders, hes crafting jewels = 4 rolls = 60ss are gone, he got 12 jewels = 2 legendary jewels /hr. And we know this scenario is so unrealistic, its actually funny. So to upgrade his bracelet, he need ~50hr in ULTRA LUCKY IMPOSSIBRU CASE SCENARIO, the worst case scenario? ~100++hr GL!
  6. I expect this whole situation goes low on the radar for a week or two, till sacred supplies go really low, price will skyrocket, then we gonna have a real shitstorm. Unless it will be perfectly timed with trove, then full respect to NC. ; )
  7. Hold on, you got 1,8k ss/sc from last week alone? Thats interesting, you wanna tell me you farmed over 650k peaches? I smell BS, because this guy with 85% clan bonus, he got 15k peaches per hour. Naah, you just trashtalk.
  8. Daily challenges and a ton, you made my day ;D. Yea, if you farm basin 10hr/day and buy pouches, that could be viable, but there is not too many people who can farm CB 10hr/day. Lets say - 10k peaches/hr, 20 pouches, lets say, you get 2 sacred, 1 ss per pouch on average. 40 sc, 20 ss per hour, it will even out to ~ 30sc | 30ss /hr. Some people will get more/less per hour, but its far from your statement ~"Drop like a candy" or "from daily challenges you get a ton", in fact, that "ton" wont be even enough for 1 jewel. It all depends how much is your time worth, how many jewels you can get per hour by farming various things. For you is 1 jewel per hour and you can play all day, for me its not that low, because i dont have that much time to play.
  9. Where do they drop like candy? Please let us know.
  10. Elder dragon Jewel and Elements

    @Racingwind Naah, people just use 30ss/15sc option ( 15g/28,5g ) + 10 gold, which is over 50g per jewel. Technically you are right, as only 10g is taken by dragon express, rest is being accumulated by the seller of ss/sc. Anyway, it cost more than double if you are upgrading accesories, its frustrating. Im doing like a 20-30 lair runs everyday, but im not doing much progress. Best case scenario, when 2x SS and SC drop, its 40/40-60SS/60SC, with bundles of 10 ~each 12-15 run.
  11. We need a fix ASAP, bring back 20g option. When can we expect something to be done?
  12. It should be coming on 21 march, right? Its a whole month of frustration. People who could possibly spend some cash on trove will be gone before it start.
  13. Legendary Elements

    yep, revert this change immediately. Its insane.
  14. Elder dragon Jewel and Elements

    haha, yea, i saw you Vol yday at GHS ;), my silvers are also gone. This change is really bad, but it will drain more gold out of the market than the 20g option, i guess everything is going as planned! ;). Its draining soulstones, sacreds and gold, making space for trove ;).
  15. Evasion

    NC, you could just disable evasion and block from stats in PVP, without affecting PVE. And we dont have vortex soul shields to compensate.
  16. Shouldnt we get lightning dmg venom pierce in lightning build? I know its completely useless for lightning, but i would like to try 8 MSP + MSP Venom Pierce Badge and maybe Red combined Soul Badge in the future, just for science ;).
  17. Yo, Devs, please, i really want this outfit, can you swap Honor Guard for Shadow Guard? ;)
  18. No skill update/balance No legendary weapons drop No skill books form naryu No legendary bopae Warlock You really think Warlock will do the work? BDO is launching and you are throwing us Warlock only? I know, some ppl are not even 45 yet, but alot of ppl are prolly true pirate/siren acc. Then what they are supposed to do? Cuz naryu farming is worthless, same goes for Mushin F8. I could say, lets do arena, but hey, no skill update/balance - And ofcoz hax, smn, bots. Well, no thx. Warlock alone wont win vs BDO launch.
  19. 2nd march patch summary

    they adding "moonwater soul" to create from naryu lab items, so its a nice reason to run the lab, i guess.
  20. 2nd march patch summary

    Ok, ok, there is nothing good beside BNS now, we get it.
  21. 2nd march patch summary

    I didnt say bdo is better. Im just going to check it out, since there is nothing to do in bns. F8 are 5% better than F4-F7 bopae, it is upgrade technically, but not worth bothering, imo.
  22. 2nd march patch summary

    Well, its your OPINION, not a fact. Whats make you so sure about what other ppl will do? It sound like a are some kind of prophet.
  23. 2nd march patch summary

    Well, i think legendary weapons was supposed to be quest chain for 12k gold, which result in basically p2w, yes, that was good decision, but naryu was dropping boxes with leg weapon in one of the CN/TW/KR version and i was hoping, it might come to our version. But its not gonna happen. Well, at later patches we will get legendary weapons, yes, but this patch brings nothing for ppl who dont want to play warlock.
  24. 2nd march patch summary

    Worthless, there is nothing to farm. IDC about outfits. I like this game, really, but im not a fanboi or the whiteknight, im just realistic. BDO is launching, and with the stuff they are pushing on 2/3 its not enough, ppl will go BDO just to try it, some ppl will quit BDO too, some will stay. But the money could go to BNS instead. Its all about the money, all the time. ----