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  1. Are you even playing the same game? Open world pvp is broken since faction imbalance. Take mushin server for example. If you arent cerulean.. you can forget about blackwyrm and soulstone plains. Bots are even diamond rank in arena now.. you get nothing but destroyer bots and summoner cheaters at high ranks. and 3v3? Lol afkers everywhere. Yesterday i played a match and i was the only one not afk out of the 6. Dunno what your smokin but pass it this way
  2. What? Lol the exact opposite. New content is garbage and bots have doubled
  3. 10th class hints...

    I played as archer in tera a few years ago.. had a blast. Just add more flashy shit and archer would fit right into b&s
  4. Well to be honest i havent even touched the new content. I was referring mainly about the countless misty woods dailies, the big 4, poh, bsh, faction pvp etc repeated every day for approx 10 gold got very repetative and boring. Ill try to hit 50 and see what happens but if at 50 you are left with grinding the same dailies again then i see no change in my original post.
  5. Lol you know nothing about me how can you assume i suck at online games. Ill gladly 1v1 spar in this game if u like. Or 1v1 chivalry, mortal online, darkfall, (insert hardcore pvp game name here). If you dont like my post you can ignore it. You cant just assume someone sucks cause they dont like daily quests..
  6. You either enjoy repeating the same thing every day or you buy gold which some of you on this thread do but will keep secret. I too have a tight schedule and a family to support so doing dailies every day is not my idea of fun. To each their own i guess. I myself refuse to repeat daily chores and also refuse to call them fun for future.. distant future.. "upgrades" just to repeat for the next upgrade..
  7. Bro you cant tell me about mmo's lol ive been playing mmo's since ultima online and everquest. Still those games felt rewarding. Maybe its because they were a first experience and im getting old but i feel like dailies in this game are a punishment you have to endure in order to get ahead. I enjoy the combat in this game i just dont enjoy doing the same thing over and over every day then log off and repeat the next day etc. Until you can afford what u wanted to upgrade. Which is why so many bots.. people buy gold.. wouldnt if it wasnt neccessary to grind dailies. It blows my mind that people actually enjoy doing the same dailies every day.. they might as well make a sequel b&s game with only one dungeon and objective: repeat the dungeon every day with a 1% chance of a cute outfit then every month replace it with a new cute outfit SMH
  8. I never seen moonwater T stones in tomb of exiles. Considering tomb is lvl 36 i think you are mistaking moonwater transformation stones with soulstones. Again i dont mind grinding if its something fun.. grinding the same exact dailies every day for weeks to upgrade one or two things makes me want to punch a walrus. Id rather play with a solar powered calculator in the dark.
  9. Im at true profane.. i have 15 gold. (Never spent much). to upgrade to siren i need 4 moonwater T stones (4-8 gold each?), like 50 soulstones (easy), and i forget what else. PLUS 13 gold for the upgrade itself. then lets take gem hammers. Need 4 for true profane. Another 13-14 gold. Soul shields need 3 charms each. More gold.. im supposed to do this (20 gold+) every upgrade i need with repeating the same damn dailies every single day? Hell i havent even mentioned accessories lmao noooo i cant do it.
  10. Grinding different things to achieve different goals is one thing. Grinding the same damn dailies everyday for no apparent reason just to get gold is another. Do you enjoy doing the same shit at work everyday? No but you have to. This isnt work. I dont think i should have to. There has to be more rewarding activities that give gold to keep people interested not burned out. People lose interest quickly repeating shit
  11. And this is fun? Dunno but i think dailies in this game is like taking a shit. Its not fun but u gotta do it every day to continue forth. No thx. Waiting on darkfall relaunch mmo.
  12. Unless you tediously grind the same dailies over and over and over every single day for one upgrade then rinse and repeat for the next and then again for the next... theres no other way to progress. Yeah crafting (bleh)/ pvp (bleh bots/summoners that cheat). I tried my best to continue on but im stuck on true profane and i dislike having to repeat the same shit over and over everyday to accomplish barely anything. Imo dailies = placeholders for lack of content. Ive reached my burned out/bored of this game stage unfortunately. I enjoyed the game for the most part but getting gold in this game is retarded slow/boring which explains the amount of bots since people are buying tons of gold. These are facts. Games are supposed to be fun, not a chore or a second job. If you enjoy this kind of thing then more power to you. Farewell, was fun while it lasted at least
  13. Song from Chapter 23? of silverfrost

    Darude - Sandstorm
  14. Doesnt take a genious to figure out to just make arena/zen bean soulstones untradable. Bam instant bot removal from pvp. Then again ncsoft is making bank from bots so im thinking they rather keep them smh.