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  1. FMs able to wallbang 100-0 proves that the class itself is trash and players abused it bc its their only way they can win in arena.
  2. BMs was very strong during the lv 50 patch b/c their Dragontongue (RMB) base dmg was pretty high. They can take 100% of your HP in one long combo. After awhile, BMs got nerfed during the next patch. Instead, DT does more dmg only if you crit, but their DT base dmg got nerfed. It takes 2 combos to take out your opponent instead of one.
  3. The cat is able to go through your 100% evasion in midair b/c the summoner used a (I believe aoe) skill that debuffs your character, rendering your defense capabilities.
  4. Phoenix Wing has its use in PvE that imo, makes it better than Blade Call. It changes Dragontongue range to 3m center to the caster (same concept as tab/Violent Blade), and you can use your PW anytime where as you can only use Blade Call when there is a target. Plus, you have to w8 5 secs till the BC dmg burst comes, which is why I prefer FoBs over BC in pvp since u can just CCed then tech chase your opponent afterwards for good dmg. The reason I believe we have two variations of Lightning Draw/Searing Slash is mostly b/c of type preference. Lightning build (Hone Slash) is mostly f
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