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  1. Oh, that sounds super interesting, do you know when it might be implemented?
  2. Guys,it's not that hard to go through the story line and level up to 50 anyway, the lower ap shouldn't be a big deal for regular leveling. You simply avoid harder dungeons altogether.
  3. That has been in game since the start, there are cat customization npc in select towns with different patterns.
  4. Yeah, I stopped playing because it was really stressful to keep wishing and praying I wouldn't get one of those error crashes every time I'd get a loading screen. It was already severely limiting me anyway, not running dungeons because I'd also get loading screens sometimes inside those and if the game crashed I would miss out on the boss and I would have wasted my time for naught.
  5. What happened to that link? It's now broken. Thanks, I had just found it on the news page as well.
  6. What happened to that link? It's now broken.
  7. I watched it all in one day, it was really bad, nothing to do with the game lore. The story had plot holes the size of mountains and there was no cohesive story to make you get attached to any of the characters or to the 'main' thread connecting them all. Also, it made no sense why they made it diverge so much from the game, all that was left was a few characters with completely different back-stories and the name.
  8. Looks like your graphics card or driver has an error and it isn't rendering some textures properly. Might want to give the driver an upgrade in hopes it will repair.
  9. Same thing happened when warlock came out, it's nothing new, they are inflating prices because they know a lot of people make alts and so they can afford the higher prices out of convenience and laziness.
  10. Did they mention anywhere how long the code will work? I don't want to use it now, but I'd hate it to go to waste.
  11. Yeah, this really pissed me off, to be honest, and I don't usually roam around to complain. I saw it after the patch and I simply assumed it would be a new event coming later on, but was not imagining anything like this. I could use it, I trashed my 2 nebula stones because I wasn't making enough gold to keep up with the prices for the mats needed and this new stone negated all mats except soulstones, so I was hopeful I could reach Awakened oathbreaker, but guess this means no.
  12. It clearly states it will take up to a week for everyone to receive the e-mail, so you have time till next week's maint.
  13. If you are in elemental stance and stop attacking for a short while, it switches you back to default, melee stance automatically.
  14. That's cute, nothing new and this has been discuses for months now. It has, however, no relation to the person you quote's claims and none to the topic at hand- here OP was falsely claiming swimsuits had been censored when, in fact, it was a whole different costume altogether, while the censoring you linked to is for the storyline quests.
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