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  1. Have we had any confirmed responses explaining if we're 100% not going to be able to play this game, or is there still a chance? It's a stupid question because they clearly abandoned us very early on but I know for a fact that there's a lot of Aussies like myself just looking for an MMO to play that isn't WoW.
  2. Oceanic players unite!

    Honestly I'm not a fan of the chosen petition site, since this one asks for your address and all. There's probably an absolute ton of signatures lost due to this.
  3. Oceanic players unite!

    Over 10,000 signatures on the petition as of now. Not half bad at all.
  4. Australia PvP

    10/10 post.
  5. Oceanic players unite!

    Honestly, I don't know. I'm sure there are other B&S forums however the petition has already been posted on most of them by the guy who made it, plus if you google "Blade & Soul Oceanic" you get the petition instantly. Issue is that some people would hesitate to sign it because it asks for a lot of personal info. I think we just need to keep this thread active and wait for more Oceanic players to borderline ragequit and come to these forums because of how unplayable this game is for us. The petition is almost at 10,000 signatures and it's going up each day by a few hundred so I don't think NCSOFT will brush us off. For now I can't even be bothered playing the game. I reached level 45 and all the endgame content just isn't even remotely fun when combined with the frustration of severe lag.
  6. Oceanic players unite!

    Damn look at that petition. Getting a good couple of hundred signatures each day. We might be getting somewhere.
  7. Australia PvP

    Exactly, it makes the game almost unplayable. They really need to consider Oceanic servers if they have any hope of making money from the very large group that it'll benefit.

    I dislike having to press S twice to jump back, I'm aussie so I have like 250ms of ping and I really need to spam S like a good 5 times in order to jump back and by then I've already been hit. I should be able to make it something like Shift+S but I can't find a way to remap the keybind for backstep, so this ability is nearly useless for me.
  9. Oceanic latency epidemic

    Well said mate. Honestly I'd cancel my WoW membership and main this game if we had our own servers. Just need to keep making threads and signing petitions I guess. I feel like NCSOFT knows that there's a ton of potential in Oceanic servers, there's just a ton going on due to the current NA/EU server issues so we might be waiting a while.
  10. Oceanic players unite!

    I see a moderator has basically taken multiple threads on the same topic and merged them, could you possibly rename the thread to something like "Oceanic players unite!" since SEA only covers half of the people who'd benefit from what we're trying to achieve.
  11. Oceanic players unite!

    I know how you feel, I'd honestly straight-up buy the 1 year membership if this game was playable for me. I already spent $30 in early levels because I didn't realise how bad it was back then, hopefully they'll see there's a demand for the server(s).
  12. Oceanic players unite!

  13. Oceanic players unite!

    Imagine if everyone who'd benefit from Oceanic servers found this petition and signed it.
  14. Oceanic players unite!

    Just found this shortly after looking at that petition. This actually makes me pretty sad.