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  1. does archer update give...

    Last time they put service tickets in a bundle, it caused a lot of problems because bundled tickets for expansions and lvl 60 need to be removed from the bundle to use. Or something like that. There were a lot of questions and complaints related to the tickets being in bundles. It's smart to not do it that way again. I hope they offer the slot in the HM store as they always have for new classes. They've only done the free level tix once, for warden. Perhaps they always will now given the story grind required to catch up is longer than it was for earlier class releases. But I think not having these tix in the bundle is a good thing. I expect them to announce if there will be free service tix at release so we can be prepared but I don't expect them to announce everything at once since they'll want to milk hype response over as many days as possible.
  2. Can't collect daily login reward

    I diagnosed a similar problem with a daily reward system in a different Korean MMO (Archeage). The system was designed to check the date stamp on the host server and the client computer (your PC). If you cleared the login on 12/13 your time, but the host server date was 12/14, your login reward would not trigger on 12/14 your time, because you already checked in for 12/14 on the host server. You had to wait until 12/15 your time to collect again but you'd be collecting on 12/16 per the host server. You'd miss every other day. In that system, players to the east of the server or in the same timezone were unaffected. The further west, the greater the mismatch window was. This results in only some players being affected and among them, their problem "clears" at different times. This seems to be happening here with players reporting different experiences. If there's any bit of code which runs a date stamp check for both the host server and the player's client, it's quite possible it interferes. It's a reasonable precaution to have a date/timestamp check but Korean MMOs expect all players and host servers to be in the same timezone. If the system wasn't fully or properly adjusted for account for timezone mismatch ... well.... this happens. Editing to add: A different problem might be occurring if a player runs multiple accounts if the system pulls login data from a file shared by the accounts.
  3. Black Friday Blade & Soul...

    Nope, not a victory. Cyber Monday has been a "thing" for over a decade: Nothing that unusual about a game or other retailer popping up Monday specials. Like everyone else, I'd a bit disappointed by the lame offerings but that just means I'm spending my holiday money on real, lasting, useful stuff instead of temporary, digital images I'll tire of soon enough. Thanks NCWest! I totally would have wasted a chunk of real money on a bunch of revival cosmetics at good prices and stocked up on discounted stamps and such. But nope, thanks to ya'll, sanity wins!
  4. Anyone in a party can put a marker, not just the party leader. In the OP's case, most likely someone else in the party just didn't like something about you. Maybe it was how you were playing, maybe it was your character's outfit or face. Some ppl use markers as private jokes or a passive-aggressive way to troll. *My advice is to not worry about it. If whoever put it up didn't say anything, it's not your responsibility to figure it out.* But I will say one thing. Without a video of your run or boss fight, it's impossible to know if it was because of how you were playing. But as you said you are a FM and aggro was switching a lot, I will just mention that some players who want to tank (e.g., some Blade Masters) get annoyed by ranged players causing boss aggro to switch a lot. A good tank controls boss placement. Random aggro switching messes that up. If the boss keep changing angle of attacks or charges across the room, it messes up other players' expectations. If you kite (make the boss chase you around) to avoid the boss hits, you ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ off melee players who have to chase and sometimes waste skills and buffs and they can't keep continual DPS (some melee classes stay in DPS stance by landing hits). FMs can easily take aggro. There are things you can do to reduce this (don't heavy attack right away, let a tank establish hate; back off if you get hate and don't want it, allow yourself to get cc'ed which usually allows hate switch, etc). If you find yourself getting aggro and can't get rid of it, learn to avoid or gear up to take the hits so you can keep the boss in place. It's good for FMs to learn how to party tank which is totally different from solo tank but if you aren't there yet, maybe you triggered someone who couldn't just chill. (IMO people just need to chill, most dungeons and bosses are easy enough there's no need to freak out about aggro switch or "proper" tanking) I'm not accusing you of doing these things or even not of knowing them. I'm also not defending the jerk who put the mark. Just based on what you said in your last post here, I thought it might be useful to reply with some FM advice just in case.
  5. Naryu oufits

    I like both versions for my female characters. Yes, I like to wear the male version sometimes. My problem is I don't know how to get the female versions of the god outfits for my female lyn. The achievement vendor outfits are race locked without a lyn option. I thought the lack of a female lyn version was why we didn't get the female version to begin with. Additionally, even with this bug which was just fixed, the female lyn version was the male version, even though my female lyn can wear the trove dresses as the female version. Where is the female lyn version of the wind and thunder god outfits?
  6. Every single MMO I've played would periodically run promotions giving "free" items/upgrade stuff/ and other incentives for inactive accounts to return to play. And every time it happens, dedicated players cry about the returning ppl getting rewarded with "free stuff". And every time, it's obvious that the collection of everything in the returning reward package is only a mere fraction of the items and money earned in game by the dedicated players during the time the returning player wasn't playing. These packages don't allow returning players to fully catch-up to dedicated players, let alone surpass them. It gives them a step up, it's an incentive entry point to help returning players feel as if they could catch up, for real, if they decide to stick around and work for it. It lessens the gap which, if too large, will keep inactive players away. That's all this package is. For those of up who have been playing, you have both earned and been given many times more what the returning players are being given. Returning players have not only not been grinding mats, they haven't been getting dash rewards and gave missed a bunch of special events. If you think this gift makes it more worthwhile to not play at all, and just returning to claim "free stuff", by all means, try it out.
  7. 'Active' afk leeching

    Normally I'd agree, but it would be worse than having an afk leech in a 6m party to be roasted by a party member at the final boss after putting in a full dungeon's worth of effort. It happens a lot in Bloodshade because Hae is really badly positioned and too easy to trigger. That's not even talking about trolls intentionally roasting people just for S**** and giggles. I'll take the selfish, lazy aft leech over the troll roaster screwing me out of my earned reward. Dungeon rewards are loaded into that final boss so I see it, quest clear and reward is for dungeon effort, not just "did you hit the boss". There should be a better in-game solution, though. All I can think of are things they won't do: boss instance all dungeons so ppl can't afk at spawn OR getting boss/final dungeon credit requires acquiring buff stacks gained by doing dungeon work: killing bosses, adds, buffing party, triggering mechs, ect. But both of these ideas are going to be non-starters because they involve re-working a system everybody is shrugging off.
  8. just why?

    I think the point is that nobody bid. The 100g is the opening bid so nobody can take the lesser items unless they wanna burn gold. High opening bids trashes the loot. Party leader is most likely hoping ppl will bid w/o noticing and foolishly stick around and lose their money. Permitted scam, would be one way to put it.
  9. so no more your scale your loot

    Lucky. People who routinely offer the scale usually get trash. To occasionally get an HO or something nicer helps make up for the effort (if grinding ruins) or money (if buying) to get the scale. For you, getting to complete a lock daily on someone else's key, it might seem "unfair" to allow another player to get a ~10g item w/o contest, but that player probably had gotten crap for offering a 2-4g item daily for 2 weeks. When I offered scale daily, that's about how often I would get something "nice". So you can either accept another player gets "lucky" with a reward for effort made that you didn't make, or you take your own scale and gamble with the player base. And BTW, even when scales are 4g, nobody ever let me take the pet drop. I don't need the costume, and will happily let someone take a trash item if they ask. I have a block list of people who join my scale = loot group then challenge loot and none of them will finish their daily on my scale ever again, on any of my characters. I do HM on 3, atm, and offer the scale each time. Be nice to the scale people.
  10. The new patch, harder dungeons?

    1) The higher player AP gets, the lazier they get. Part of it is resistance to using mechanics for the older dungeons, part of it is half the party trying mechanics (drop dps) while the other half tries to face roll (ignores boss patterns, cc, def buffs, ect). 2) alts and lower levels who didn't run purples before the buff began running them but are now without buff. Players on alts might be so used to face rolling w/main they forget they still need mechanics with lesser stats but the buff was coasting them across. Now they're reminded. 3) Blowing through boss fights can mess up everyone's expected timing on boss patterns. The party either has to burst so hard the boss never makes it to a must-do-mech pattern or slow down and not aggressively trigger mechs into overlapping. All it takes is one HM 13, 800+AP WL to fk everyone up because they can't follow the speed of the fight and the WL can't solo insta-kill but is gonna drive the bus off the cliff anyway. 4) back to the higher = lazier, I've seen an increase in ppl who don't bother with skills other than standard dps rotation. No burst skills or buffs, they just basic hit until SB or a restraint grab. These skills make it super easy to blow through bosses and it seems some won't go back to normal skill use even if those skills aren't in party. I've seen more party wipes and revived more dead ppl post-boss than usual lately but I don't see any reason to blame the dungeons. An increasing percentage of the players are over-geared for most of our dungeons and the rest still need to rely on mechs. Makes for uneven party performance. And don't even talk to me about block classes refusing to block in nexus.
  11. What an advanced problem! I think most NA and EU players don't know Korean and don't have an issue with knowing or not knowing the origin of NPC names. I'd enjoy that additional information but not sure if enough of the players here would to justify the work. But first, they'd have to consistently translate names to begin with. They didn't even do that. "Ye Harang" actually appears in game. Good luck finding where. Also Yunma Khan is referred to by at least two names in game and, IIRC, Yura has probably three variations. I figure if they can't even establish a style sheet for translation and check that the language files comply then advanced problems like the art of language translation is leagues beyond this team's interest, let alone ability.
  12. I really hate this problem, please fix. Not being able to read the skill point numbers in the icon tree is a real hassle when switching skills for new match ups.
  13. bundle and outfit stamps not in mailbox

    If you have 100+ items in your reward/purchase inbox, new items don't show. Check if your reward box is full, then unpack and claim enough items for the bought ones to show.
  14. Bug with Battleground traders !

    IIRC you need 100 win achievement. It doesn't show if you hover over the item but it shows if you try to buy it if it's same as it was a few months ago.
  15. cant see the skills animations..

    I have the same problem. It started for me when I went into tag arena last week, before the big update. Before entering the arena, I had no problems seeing skill effects in dungeons and I changed nothing before entering tag. The tag arena triggered the problem. I messed with my graphics settings over several days and suddenly I logged in one day and the problem was gone. I could see all attack effects in dungeons, open world, and 1v1 arena. I don't know what fixed it. But the next time I entered tag, the problem happened again exactly the same. I can see other players' body animations and any effects with a direct change to the body appearance (frozen, etc). I can also see the few AOE warnings like the one for heatwave. But I cannot see the actual flames of heatwave or any other attack effect. No FM veil (either bubble or snowflake), no WL attacks, cannot see BD's blade shield, if I'm being meteor'ed, sin's smoke, sum's petals, ect. It's pretty challenging in PVP when you have to rely on basic animation to try to figure out what they're doing and then I don't know which spec when it can vary ;; I can see mob/npc/boss effects just fine. It's only other players, in all places. I don't run optimize for combat, I do play windowed but larger. I normally arena with minimal graphics settings and have never had this problem before. Bumping up all of my graphics settings does not fix this.