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  1. If you blew moonwater key like i did, just do this 

    Step 1: farm dailys to get gold, acquire around 10-12 gold ( it depends on exchange rates)

    Step 2: exchange the gold for hongmoon coins

    Step 3: buy moonwater key with coins

    Step 4: acquire chest

    Step 5: use key on chest, get weapon for your class


    I've been using this process since exchange was added and its made my life alot easier... i don't worry about RNG anymore i just toss a little gold at the chest and get my weapon 100% of the time. 

  2. 18 minutes ago, Denpa said:

    LordLokai - as i see you havent played BnS Kr - the economy there is 5 yo ..here is few months, Also i bet you are a casual player that is happy to be able to catch up with people that played this game 12 hours a day since new patch. 

    Well i'd rather be a casual then an elitist ass hole =3 look you have to understand something, people play the game for FUN and enjoyment. Its not a job, its not some task that we should spend half our lives to do. Its about enjoyment sitting down for a few hours having FUN with our friends. Am i a casual? Probably i'm still trying to move into Siren, but on that note i haven't once bought tokens, and have FARMED all that i have myself. No Guild, no allies, JUST me on my lonesome, playing a game i enjoy.

    Have i played the Korean version? no you played city of heroes? how about Vanguard Online? how about Dragonball Online? how about Ultima Online? should i sit here and list the many many many many MMO's i've played over my 20+ years of mmo gaming? I've played so many MMO's so many different genre's and types i can safely tell you THIS ISN'T A NEW PRACTICE!


    But bigger point is... How is someone else getting something ruining YOUR fun? what can't strut your (edited) around like a boss anymore? boo *cricket*ing who cry me a river =P just because there are other people capable of getting same stuff you have a little easier now? (edited)

  3. I find grind is annoying do to insane gold sinks more then anything else. In games like WoW or EQ its more or less about doing a dungeon for the right drop, and that drop is your upgrade. In BnS its more about a giant ass collection of a ton of items OH and then 100's of gold on top of that, its made worse when the MAIN ingrediant for most items is from PvP only. I LOVE this games lore, and its combat but that grind? its annoying as all sin, i just basically log in do a few dailys and slowly build up gold for the next upgrade... but its kind of a letdown... especially since i do enjoy the intense speed of combat, and all of the complexity it has. Iframes, and combos and all the CC combinations. Its interesting and fun!


    But like most MMO's always that one thing that annoys the shit out of me... still its my go to mmo for the moment.

  4. The drops are purposely weighted in a way to promote farming because " korea " i really wish was a better explanation but there really isn't... fact of the matter is Korean players and asians typically (but not always) love farming, is only so much they can change for the states. Good news is we have keys to alleviate some of that grind and with currency exchange its a bit easier then before. As for costumes i think only thing i'd like is the costumes added in for marks, even if its a high amount, that way we can get those rare costumes if we play often enough. Or just add them to hongmoon store... are some costumes i'd love but i dont have the drive to farm them...

  5. 1 minute ago, Azurrei said:

    That is a great idea! Oh wait...pirate emblems, siren emblems, etc, are Ncoin ONLY aka $$$ ONLY - Honestly the change to the drop rates and the "oops we forgot to put them in the dynamic quest boxes" looks very suspicious to me.

    ah wow i didnt realize they were ncoin only, oh well its still not a big deal... been doing 24 mans every day and i already have all accessories...  and its a nice chunk of change its not that big a deal. They didn't nerf the drop rates what they did was added MORE items to the drop table, which causes the problem. Grinding marks isn't hard it only takes an hour or so a day to do the 2x 24 mans PLUS the bosses in 24 mans can drop the accessories... still not a big deal. 

  6. Are a number of reasons people are dropping the game

    1: Lagging during Soul Field, Lagging when are to many people on the screen... really no excuse for it for a game this old

    2: Hackers, Bots, and cheating in general can really ruin an experience, its no fun to be pvping or running an area and run slap dab into a wall of bots who ruin your enjoyment of the game...

    3: Faction Imbalance: i know for me at least its impossible to do pvp dailys on my server as one faction VASTLY lout numbers the other, creating a situation where all channels are dominated by one faction and only one faction its pretty disheartening its either swap over or feed the enemy...

    4: Upgrade Wall: alot of people and i mean alot of people are hitting the upgrade wall where they need 600 or more gold JUST to upgrade to next tier, and that's a daunting task, even if you do every daily that's only what 30-40 gold a day? getting 600 is crazy i mean its kind of nuts...

    5: Realization that this game isn't what they hoped and loss of interest 


    These seem to be the big ones, of course game guard and bugs also rank up there... i think anyone that plays this casually is going to get a rude awakening once they hit true profane rank 10 and realize amount of gold and farming required... alot of issues that need resolved and it'll probably be awhile before things balance out. 

  7. Honestly they are trying to sexualize a very non-sexual species which i don't really care i will just avoid costumes that add boobs to my summoner. That said options are always good, i'm not against the costume adding boobs, but i personally don't want my lyn to have breasts because...they arent human. They aren't mean to be human... and from everything i've saw so far females don't have boobs, its a really weird design change... 


    But as i said, more choice is always good as long as its not force. 

  8. On 4/2/2016 at 5:47 PM, Yagion said:

    you missed the keywords " and has yet to appear in the game before ". that includes NPC's too, since it's impossible to be players


    29 minutes ago, Alkyra said:

    Not to mention that EU prices are even higher. (Soulstones were 40 silver, they started going down, but it's still 35s as of now)


    The whole thing being extremely pricey is just the final nail in the coffin. Me and my gf is at pirate still, we are just casual players who run multiple alt. 24man is emtpy, pirate/siren emblem don't drop...but you can buy 'em from the cashshop. Suuuuuureee...


    List of problems from a casual standpoint:

     - Stutters

     - Hacks

     - Bots

     - Game is becoming 'pay to win' really fast (24man being empty + emblems appearing in casshop)

     - Requires 3-4 hours everyday in order to advance a tiny bit

     - Time invested heavily outweighs the reward (you spend godknows how many hours for +7 AP)

     - 22-catch problem : you need gold to upgrade gear  - > you need gear to get gold

     - Game is EXTREMELY alt unfriendly, one of the biggest problem I think

     - Goldsellers are everywhere

     - NCSoft being unprofessional and shitting on its customer...as usual


    So yeah...we decided it's nowhere near worth playing the game any more.


    As a fellow Casual you need to stop thinking you can have it all now... basically, i hate the insane costs to... part of that problem is that other crafts are nigh pointless since game drops food and health pots like candy... so earning a steady income is kind of difficult... but i digress... main point here is this. Dont feel pressured into farming gold non-stop all day what i've been doing since pvp is so unbalanced on my server is just doing my dailys buying what i can, logging off and enjoying other things or playing on my alt. Take it one upgrade at a time... 


    one thing alot of people will agree on is that amount of gold required is bloody insane... but i dont see them changing it anytime soon way i figure it the intent is to stall alot of players from reaching endgame content. Otherwise people would be all " but i reached end game already " and leave... 


    or you could just buy gold... i mean whole game encourages it might as well just cave at this point...



  9. On 3/31/2016 at 4:46 AM, SillyKitty said:

    Maybe a healer? We don't have any actual healer and it was never shown before. I think...

    big hint seems to be linked to " fans have been asking for " which is why i said gunners... but if its not in game or seen? literally rules out alot of classes people have been asking for...





    sword and board


    all of these appear in game already... and its not a hybrid?  so question is whats been asked for thats not in the game yet... i dont know i think might be some miscommunication in the translation or something. Either way its exciting to think about =3

  10. So on all my other characters i manage to solo most of the regular dungeons solo, but trying to play a BD i'm immediately hitting a wall now i'm level 30 and, using mostly a wind spec as i really like omni slash. But i'm noticing a distinct problem regarding ranged adds. Now melee not a big deal grouping up enemies and using sunder to kill them in a couple slashes is easy. But what i've noticed the issue is actually specifically ranged adds during boss fights. They spawn in, and immediately rip half my life away in moments. Is the BD just not able to Solo early on? or is there some trick i'm missing? Class seems excessively squishie compared to all other classes i've played ( FM 45 and KFM 37 ) everyone kept saying the KFM was such a difficult class but comparatively? i solo so easy on that class this is only class i've picked up and felt kind of weak with not alot of ways to offset that weakness. 


    So i'm just curious is some trick to surviving solo as a BD or are they reliant on a group?



    3 points in rush for multi-slash/omni-slash

    3 points in sunder(T2 stage 2 for attack speed)

    2 points in rolling typhoon

    2 points in vortex for parry

    3 points in soaring falcon for energy regen

    2 points in five point strike for damage resist

    3 points in dual strike for damage resist and healing

    1 point in wind focus


    I don't really want to use lighting as i dislike relying on a 30 second cooldown... i'm sure i am not using an optimal build but it was working ok for awhile...



  11. 9 hours ago, Tohtori said:

    you dont need block/counter for that, q/e ice tab/v are enough for everything, theres absolutely 0 skills which u cant avoid with those.

    and if u mean you iFrame the whole room ice aoe, just dont, dont waste ur skills on that as u can just run to safe spot.


    sure i have more than 40-50k hp but i "never" lose more than 10k, wudnt even lose that if i tried but theres no reason, only thing that hurts is if he throws me up which he manages to do maybe every 5th kill.


    dont be afraid to take little damage, meaning dont waste ur iframes if he aint doing anything dangerous, pot + tab= 40% heal


    aaand tbh why the hell you have only 32k hp? uv been at this for week now? takes 1 day to get alot more..

    Edit: and yeah exactly, that :D if u simply cant kill it with ur hp, get more!

    Well not really touching 50 content just yet i want to get my weapon past the 45 stage, plus kind of waiting on my friend to finish the storyline.  ONLY thing really making me lose atm is this


    When he hits 30% or so, he starts using his " ultimate " no idea what name is, BUT first time its easily ice sheathed to counter. The problem is that, he will ALWAYS do it again before the cooldown is gone... usually it has 3-5 seconds left in that situation, its pretty much game over scenario and i have zero clues how to stop him from doing that, i dont know if i can iframe that it seems to be a grab, and i believe he's completely immune to damage during the wind up so cant stun him or grab him or anything so... i have zero clues on what to do in that scenario when ice sheath and statue are on cooldown... worse he quite often spams his root back to back on me in those cases i either pop statue or die...


    i dont hate the boss but i think his ulti-spam needs to go away... it needs an extended cooldown to give classes that rely on a cooldown to avoid it a chance to beat him

  12. So FEW more days of attempting i can get him to 30% here is what i know and what i still don't get


    1: root him: pointless... utterly pointless, junghado can ignore CC depending on what move he is in the middle of doing, certain stances such as his knock up WILL ignore/cancel any CC and he will dash and preform it anyway. The root also DOESN'T do anything beyond apply frozen which boosts damage, it doesnt stop him from running at you, dashing at you, or anything else. The chill also doesn't effect him... so everyone saying spam chill/root please stop suggesting that it does more then boost damage.


    2: Junghado seems to be able to apply his root almost at will... certain attacks apply chill HOWEVER i've noticed i can have no chill stacks and he will suddenly root you FURTHER i've removed the root via backstep only to have him IMMEDIATELY reapply it. In these situations  you simply die, no way to constantly remove the root also for some reason my fully ranked up tab cc remove doesn't seem to work vs the roots... least not consistently.


    3: Junghado has 2 or 3 attacks can and will instantly kill me at 32k hp i believe one attack at 30% does well over 40-50k damage if you cant avoid it specifically this attack is suppose to be blocked, countered, as it CANT be dodged. The problem? force master has ONE way to avoid this and that is ice sheath... the issue? junghado SPAMS this move, every 5-10% life lost he will use it again. In my one attempt i dropped him to to below 30% he immediatly used it again but ice sheath was on cooldown. This is game set and match, unless you still have your ice statue... you are boned...


    4: his ice AOE can be iframed i do it consistently to avoid the damage which makes that section a bit easier...


    The problem? main issue vs jung and why destroyers. kfm and even assassins have a much easier time? Block/counter i can already tell you from fighting him you are EXPECTED to block and counter certain moves. The Reason the FM has so many issues is that he has a variety of moves to close the gap, he cant be rooted or slowed, and you NEED a counter or block to deflect certain attacks. This is why he is so difficult... in essence he's VERY ANTI-FM he's practically built to frustrate and infuriate anyone that doesn't have a block or counter move. The fact that FM's ONLY defense against his one shot kill has a long cooldown sort of puts me off even caring about him... in a situation you have no cooldowns available you just have to start over because is NO WAY TO AVOID IT!


    Rage timer isn't my issue, never has been its all his attacks you CANT avoid, he will hit you, he will damage you, and he has several ways to  root you in place... and his ice coil seems to trigger even if he's CC'd. I'm sorry but this guy's not fun or enjoyable, not even that he's hard its that he is basically difficult do to cheese. Most enemies have clear cut patterns to avoid, or ways to deflect things that always feel fair. The problem with jung is that he OFTEN feels super unfair. Those times he roots you, and you back step only to have him dash root you again, forcing you to blow your statue or die. Those times he does his insta gib twice in a row... people that say he's easy are full of shit. He's not easy... he's cheap and full of cheese... i have not seen ANY bosses are as cheap and full of cheap moves are nigh unavoidable as this guy. Iframes don't matter, he simply has attacks will always hit you no matter how fast your reflexes are...


    Junghado is simply an anti-FM boss... and untill you are sporting 40-50k hp you probably dont stand a chance, he can also resist and ignore some attacks entirely thought his may be lack of accuracy not really sure.

  13. I assumed he meant not seen used by the players... but if its not been seen in game this rules out





    So question becomes what would it be?




    Dual Swords?( assassin uses daggers)


    The Cudgel/Staff?


    Are still lots of martial arts schools aren't accounted for... however i took that comment more to imply that it wouldn't have anything to do with ANY weapon that players currently have. So no swords, knuckles, ect... but it was kind of vague...

  14. 9 minutes ago, Xeleon said:

    Gunner?  -.- hell no... No thanks!  All i want is archer with bow and arrows not a freaken gunner with megazine... 

    only suggesting the gunner because its already an established class in game, Soha, the gunner school in silverfrost mountains... and the files that were data mined...and the hint. All seems to point in that direction. PERSONALLY i'd like to see a Spear Wielding class added... but i suspect we'll get a gunslinger evidence just points there. 

  15. Gunner at long last? seems logical are already gunners in game, a school for it, and Soha is a hongmoon student unless the translation is off... that would fit the bill in all acounts. Also been data mines that said was data for the gunner class for ages... so are they gonna finally finish it? who knows... but what i really want?


    Spear Class....

  16. 10 minutes ago, Selfcontrol said:

    And this is completely wrong. You cant directly purchase items with money? Buy 5000 gold from currency exchange and then you can get all the best gear you want.....

    no i'm not wrong... the item shop is not pay 2 win, the currency exchange is a neccsary evil... do the math if a player is seriously willing to throw 200-300 dollars at the game for ONE tier level... more power to them.


    9 minutes ago, Fatalito said:

    I didn't read the whole thread. Sorry, but from an understanding, pay2win is when the cash shop sells stuff that's stronger that what you can get through grinding. Most of the cash shop consists of cosmetics and items you can find in game like emblems and keys. If anything, the consumable buffs sold there could be called p2w but they also show up in daily dash or given through level up surveys so everyone has them already (albeit in limited supply) without spending a dime.


    As for progress in this game, opinions vary. Some say it's difficult to progress all the way to end game while others say it's extremely easy. So only way for you to know is to experience it yourself. Play the game for awhile without paying anything and see how you handle yourself.

    yep pay2win specifically assumes that you can buy additional power from the item shop itself, which you cant... though above poster is correct YOU could technically buy your way past a tier if you were filthy stinking rich...

  17. Lets Analyze it

    Pay= money


    Win=victory, dominance, 


    Ok let's look back in history when this term is used its almost ALWAYS refering to some item on the item shop that directly buys power, ie an armor set only available in the item shop that gives direct stat boosts. Example, a helmet that gives +200 to all stats.


    How does BNS handle it? well they have done a few things but essentially... they make money selling the following

    1: consumeables: exp boost, and health regen and food 

    2: Cosmetics: costumes

    3: Services: name changes, appearance change ect

    4: Tokens: tokens to buy old 45 stuff

    5: keys, these help you skip the RNG on weapon boxes


    What i can tell you is that #4 is a bit shadey, but i think its to help players skip past the 45 gear level and jump to current levels...however this said... is a big issue with this because

    1: you need soulstones only available in game

    2: you need transformation stones only available from crafters


    So with all of that analyzed... can you buy power? sort of you can use cash shop to " skip " over some of the tedious grind, such as buying pirate/siren gear with tokens or skipping the RNG farm with keys. Can you DIRECTLY purchase items with stats? no the answer is no you can't. Despite people spouting P2W it simply not true, the break down is simple. This game is more Pay to Skip over some stuff, or make your grind less tedious. But you cant diectly buy power, even if YOU did buy the Siren Weapon... you still require soulstones, gold, and trans stones to upgrade... most it does is skip over some of the box grinding but that is it.


    Verdict: no it isn't pay 2 win and people need to stop saying it is


    Is the item shop shadey? damn right it is! forcing players to pay 20 dollars for a costume and to BREAK it down into cloth, for a CHANCE to get a random costume only to have the game laugh at you as it fails? you could spend 100 bucks and get nothing... fact they WEIGHTED the drop rates to force key sales? and sure i even am against the tokens BUT none of this makes it pay to win just annoying and greedy as *cricket*.

  18. On 3/28/2016 at 8:25 AM, Nilkemios said:

    Whoever designed this dungeon should have been sent back to redo it, or fired. This dungeon is where they finally just said "Like being able to progress for yourself and feel like you earned that gear? Well f*** you, we're going to take that feeling away.


    Lv41 Destroyer, Lv41 Moonwater Soul Shield, True Blight weapon and accessories. I made it through all your stupid trash mobs all of your annoying and utterly not fun at all boss and sub boss fights, make it down to the Infernal Lord, everything's going okay....until  it decides to just instant kill me. And again, and again, and again. And it hits the ENTIRE ARENA. Who the hell thought that an unavoidable AoE instant kill was good to have around? Only an idiot, that's who.


    And spare me this "it's a 6 person dungeon, you're not supposed to solo it" crap. Despite people loving to claim that MMOs are meant to be played with other people for every little thing, Blade and Soul does almost nothing to encourage partying up, and in fact gives you good reasons not to. Gating a player's only means a real progression behind a dungeon this cheaply done with no alternative means to upgrade is just stupid. Between this and the stupid Soulstone/Moonwater Transformation Stone crap, I'm considering just stopping at this point.


    On a side note : Your weapon durability system is also an unnecessary annoyance. It feels like a nonsensical version of Tera's stamina system. What sense does it make for my weapon to lose durability when I die?



    I'd attach a screenshot showing how much damage this cheap AoE does, but apparently that function isn't available to me. The last showing was 39,359 damage, and I've seen it hit past 41,000 before...they just didn't care anymore. They just said "Let's throw every stupid cheap mechanic we have at the player now! Forget making a fun, interesting, or even just a tolerable dungeon! Let;s make them suffer!"

    This specific attack requires you to as some has said iframe, or use a defensive cooldown, on my FM i was able to solo this boss practically simply do to my C skill which makes me IMMUNE to the effect. Combined with my tab i was able to pretty handedly own this boss back during launch. I believe they made it harder since but, yes you'll need to figure out what defensive or ability you have to negate the attack and learn the timing i've no idea how to defend against it on a destroyer.

  19. 20 hours ago, TigerZord said:

    just a quick question: does the pirate bracelet still drop from bloodshade harbor ive done the dungeon several times and it hasn't dropped


    they come from the boss boxes now i believe i got the necklace earlier today, so defiantly still drop there. (24 man at least)

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