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  1. my issue is that... the warlocks not in but his gear is, which bogs down already shitty RNG... its infuriating
  2. ah my point was that premium members in this game don't get access to free inventory space or can purchase it via in game currency they are expected like us to pay for it via dragon pounces which is a faulty system. Personally speaking they can go suck a dick before i pay them for inventory space =3
  3. i'm 45 and i still have seals left but i am getting low, BUT i can make more so i'm not terribly worried...
  4. You can expand your inventory space, and bank with out use of cash items my point was that it was all in game currency, retainers are mostly used for using the auction house and selling items. If i am paying a subscription i better not be expected to fork over another 60 bucks just for inventory space... that's ri*cricket*ingdiculous....
  5. you get no choices in this everything is predetermined by the story itself, you are mostly watching that story unfold i personally enjoy it myself...
  6. i blow seals on cosmetics v,v i'm a horrible person i know...
  7. don't worry... he gets whats coming to him =3 it all comes full circle in a very satisfying end!
  8. in words of Goku.... PUNCH IT....REALLY HARD!
  9. try the stalker gauntlet skin, its what i have on my KFM and its nice, i wish was an option to hide the gauntlet for KFM though i'd like to just fight unarmed.
  10. the summoner to my knowlege can only stealth as a counter on a 6-10 second cooldown, having played pet classes in every game i ever played i can tell you that they are always griped on. Fighting TWO people is always difficult, but they are far from unkillable always a tactic to use against it. Honestly from what i hear this is the most balanced game in pvp... and it is more a matter of learning to play your class.
  11. Bad support is usually never the fault of the support team itself, but rather the higher ups saying " no " or giving them a strict policy on how to handle certain situations. A support worker is not authorized to fix every situation and often they dont have the ability or power to fix it. Let me give you an example... I was playing SWTOR and bought a race unlock, i thought it auto unlocked so i wanted to REMAKE my character using new race, simple right? only iTS an item that must be used, so when i deleted my character i lost that item. So i tried to contact support to get them to
  12. Well even as a premium member you lose access to things that should be available like your credits pool just as an example... escrow cuts off at i think 250,000 credits, but even most base items cost 1,000,000 or more credits off the auction house, so it would cost me MORE to buy that item via escro then would to just go subscribe. Which only makes my point land home more, they aimed to force people to subscribe to enjoy the game, rather then making f2p a viable option and seems alot of companies are stuck in this mind set. Rather then cater to both sides, one side always gets ever
  13. sure if you wait for 7 days =3 still waiting on my deletion so i can try a destroyer....
  14. The issue is that f2p should be an OPTION to play the game, i should be able to unlock EVERYTHING a paying player has access to by buying unlocks... why is a subscriber more valued then a free 2 play player, which its actually been proven free players spend over all more money on the game. SWTOR locks everything behind subscription, when alot of us are pretty content to buy unlocks as we need them... SWTOR is a bad cash shop model no matter how you swing it, one of the absolute worst. Edit: and before you say you can, GO compare what a subscriber has to a free player are several b
  15. you can have more slots just 4.99 a piece! pay up bro! in all seriousness i agree with you 100%
  16. except SWTOR has one of the worst cash shop models of any mmo in existence... locking BASIC UI elements behind pay walls, making f2p players second rate citizens that cant do anything really beyond the story. I could go on and on about how terrible there f2p model is and why people ACTUALLY hate it. In fact it got rated as one of the WORST cash shops in the history of f2p mmo's long standing players that had played since beta actually QUIT because of this free 2 play model, and i was one of them. No dude SWTOR is an example of what NOT to do! Go look at Tera, or Wildstar both of t
  17. well they are different styles of games BUT i've been playing warframes since it was in beta, and i always go back to that game and yes when i go back i do spend money and i dont mind doing so because its reasonable... nothing is locked behind premium...everything a paying player can get so can i... only difference is time and maybe cosmetics...
  18. When you localize a game its more then translations you have to take your market into account, look at other free 2 play games, decide which are doing well and which aren't and base your product on one of those and model it around those. Notoriously games like this either have a very niche market, or do not do very well... while games like Warframes, Wildstar and Path of Exiles do exceedingly well because there cash shops are known for being super fair. At this point i may end up moving back to wildstar as are to many things about BnS i dislike and stupid part is none of it has to
  19. if i am paying you monthly i am not going to 1: buy inventory slots with real world money 2: buy keys 3: buy rng boxes 4: buy exp food... i am dedicating myself to you for a month i should be able to play the game exactly like a subscription game in that everything on the shop bar cosmetics should be available to me for in game cash. If you cant do that then you aren't asking for a subscription model you are asking for me to pay you monthly and then buy more stuff as month goes on thus your subscription is really moot and more of a buy some perks system.
  20. i'll be honest the games problems lie in the fact its an asian mmo... and i'm not sure that will be fixed for me... i like the game, enjoy the combat but am totally turned off by several systems in game, the horrible RNG boxes, and the loot system in general so i am probably not going to stick around in any kind of major fashion. Maybe i'll do arena from time to time, or muck around with my friends BUT i have to be honest with myself... NCsoft is going to kill this one for folks like me that dont want to buy premium but also don't want to throw money at keys and boxes either, i buy slots, unl
  21. How about a need/greed system for the game guys ya know get with rest of mmo community in the entire world... yea that'd be great.
  22. wait till you are in your 40's and it becomes blatently apparent that they REDUCED the drop of class weapons to force you to buy there 6 dollar keys... i'm convinced of it now 4 swords 3 lynblades 5 gauntlets 7 razors 3 staves 4 axes lets do some numbers shall we? 1 key to open the box 2 keys to open the weapons chest so 3 total keys per weapon 4+3+5+7+3+4=28x3= 84 keys used Now think about that for a second... 84 keys each key is what 10 silver around? so right about 84 folds worth of keys was used for items i ha
  23. Do NOT buy them, no matter how badly you want that outfit refuse to buy them, just don't! if you do not buy them, that will show up on sales and they will respond by changing things it is that simple. They wont listen to your gripes and complaints BUT trust me they WILL listen to your wallet when you close it and refuse to purchase something. Enough people do that and things change i've seen it happen in other games. But more you fanboy and just " buy " it because you love the game worse it will get.
  24. Except that are better f2p models out there, that make a good amount off of not being total douchebags to there player base... -Altering Drop Rates to Sell Keys? -Player Bound Costumes? -One Shot Weapon skins? -Locking basic content behind premium -forcing you to buy 20 dollars of Ncoin for premium since no 15 dollar value Are things are being introduced with this game that are questionable in my eyes, things that i sit there and shake my head at, because no one in there right mind would not see that as shady. People are noticing those really bad dro
  25. only way its viable is if you are good at farming quartz .... and can get a steady supply.
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