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  1. not really seen any evidence to prove that classes are unbalanced at all even in open world... i mean i walked up on a level 44 with my level 29 and almost killed them, if not for resists i might have pulled it off. All in all i've had good experiences with pvp on both my force master and summoner, while i doubt i'm actually any good i've had fun and i never felt under powered, alot of why people will lose in this game seems to stem from how complex it actually is. Grabs, holds, animation cancels... these are fighting game terms used in an mmo. People arent use to it and we had same issue in D
  2. I'd agree i know its an anti-bot measure but it makes it nigh impossible for free players to earn a decent amount of gold, with out sinking a ton of cash into the game, or add an unlock... why not make it like the mail? if you bought ncoin it unlocks it or a number of them.
  3. They are not selling direct power, but the items sold can be used to get a gold advantage allowing you to essentially " purchase " power do to the auction loot system... in a way yes it is pay to win in that respect.
  4. They have to price it at a point that players can afford it, 60 to 80? thats more then a full priced AAA game itself, lol you are a fool if you think they are going to set it that high. 30? maybe i dont see people paying more then 30-35 for a cosmetic closet...
  5. It just needs to be a purchasable account wide unlock for 20 or so dollars, its nice that premium gets it but costumes are a huge part of this game, and it would be a large income gain if they allowed folks to unlock it with a purchase, or add it to the ranks say at rank 3 you get the wardrobe encouraging people to buy things.
  6. The devs have weighted the drops in favor of anything not your class, this is pretty clear, basically what ever class you are it puts the lowest drop rate on, this is to encourage you to buy hongmoon keys, check AH only a couple of gold on my server, but if you were like me and had problems i would do this... as its easier to grind a couple gold then it is to open a bazillion boxes.
  7. its same in every pvp game... game is balanced at max level, with best in slot and absolute maximum skill level... but the fact is most folks will never reach that level...myself included =P
  8. It is because they weighted the RNG based on your class, way to avoid it is hongmoon keys but i mean only 6 dollars >>
  9. is a set of soulshields you can buy with them outside of that nothing, go for the keys if you need them or dont want the shield.
  10. the gameplay is great, crafting is meh i've seen worse it could use tweaks, the story was enjoyable, and i like whole idea of windstride though i do wish stamina regened way faster then it does. I don't think anyone is calling the game bad.... Just pointing out that are some systems that we dislike, or would like added, and that NCSoft is a bunch of greedy bastards.,..
  11. i said it once so i'll say it again Step 1: Add RNG box Step 2: Make all purple RNG boxes untradeable Step 3: Leave Warlock weapons in to skew RNG more Step 4: Insure that loot tables reduce class weapon drop rates of players specific class Step 5: add in hongmoon keys which gaurentee a drop, charge 6 bucks a key Step 6:??? Step 7: Profit From what i can tell personally i believe the game determines the % of class weapons based on what class you are playing, insuring that YOUR class weapon is the lowest drop rate from RNG boxes. This insure
  12. how is this different then any other mmo? rogues get stealth, and clear dungeons all the time... you cant ask them to take away the core mechanic of a class because it clears pve faster lol, thats silly...
  13. can you stop being an ultra fan boy and pull your head out of |NC's ass? No? then you have your answer don't you...
  14. Did you ever consider that people complain because they actually do like the game, but then there are facets of the game that just kill there enjoyment of it entirely? for me i cant stand the loot system at all, and i try to avoid it at every turn because its really just that bad in my eyes. So yea i complain about it because i'd like to see more options for those who dislike the auction system. Most complaints come from those that " enjoy " the game and want to keep enjoying the game and yes some are not reasonable, but it is UNREASONABLE to think we should just accept what we hav
  15. 1: We arent asking for everything for free, we are asking fro more f2p unlocks made available for example the wardrobe made an unlock for like 20 dollars or 25 dollars i'd pay for that. 2: We also aren't asking for 1 dollar costumes more like 10 or like i suggested tiered costumes, 5 dollar is temp 30 days, 10 is single character, and 15-20 is the account bound version 3: how do bots and free have any relation? bots are a problem in every game every sane gamer knows this... but still a problem... and people have a right to *cricket*. 4: most of us are, we just arent blatant fan
  16. i should have screen shot it last night but i swear to god this one kungfu master was *cricket*ing slenderman... i was so creeped out i switched channels....
  17. it is a solo dungeon are 2 items that progress the dungeon requiring 15 tags, and then mercs for the one fight near then end 2 of those, so need 19 tags total? bosses are pretty brutal BUT i finished this when i first got here on my force master BUT was brutal, and a near thing. My duo buddy couldn't beat the final boss, and i actually didnt realize was a final one and skipped him xD so yea its skipable!
  18. i'd prefer if it was a GW2 style model, pay 60 dollars for the box, no sub fee but a minor cash shop with new costumes, and cosmetic items, boosters and the like but none of this hongmoon keys, or rng box bullshit.
  19. It isn't pay 2 win but it doesn't mean its a good business practice either. It's basically virtual gambling at its finest, buy our box with a chance for something that will probably not drop but don't worry you can buy more then one! Its a greedy ass tactic that i cant abide by... i actually regret buying a character slot now... i dont want to support a company that resorts to this kind of bull.
  20. no everything is untradeable that matters....
  21. I'll give you an example of the viridian transformation stone... 1x Premium Refiner ( 5x virdian quartz, 5x normal refiner,1x sap) 1x Viridain Quartz 1x viridan poison so thats 6 quartz for 1 stone... they go for around 7-10 silver each on my server, meaning about what... 36 silver give or take a few per stone because they are hard to impossible to farm do to bots, and high demand. I can only imagine that the rank 3 is WAY harder to craft, but i'm not that high yet on my ceramics character. Plus is time it takes to craft you must factor in...meanwhile if you do every on
  22. I think it has to be when they block or counter not just any old time, its probably timing and latency can cause issues.
  23. its just as if not more expensive to craft them as buy them.
  24. as a lyn of questionable height i did this first try... or second? nothing to do with lyn, just have to reach PEAK of your summersault don't hop forward and do it back up run and jump you do a flip which gains height then glide over, easy 1,2,3 one i cant seem to figure out is final one at 45. Suppose to run up the wall inside this window but the window pushes you away, as its an object... its very odd.
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