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  1. Try playing a Gon, first thing i noticed when i got my one costume in graveyard area was my gon's abbs being displayed to the world... But i wouldnt mind more male costumes being a little more revealing.
  2. I'm on master hong and plenty of people wandering around and leveling up... could try there.
  3. Some classes have skills that let them do it for example a kunfu master can push Q and shadow step around a target its a skill they have.
  4. people dont respond do to chat flood in alot of cases i dont notice a response unless i have my party chat window selected which isn't often when i am soloing,
  5. LordLokai

    Air combo

    KFM have an air attack i dont think its as big a deal as people make it out to be, it only lasts a couple seconds, i've never really thought much of it on my FM i also cant attackborn targets with anything but ice rain and one fire attack is airborne only. I think almost every class has an airborne attack but it IS a dps loss, as a force master i lose a good chunk of damage spamming that fire attack, as it eats my chi and i get no fury procs off of it. On my KFM i cant say if its a huge loss or not but would screw up my flow however... I'm in the mind set that every second boss is
  6. Its my opinion that the shield while good would take longer to farm then would just to move on to next wheel, i never bother with the purple shields until 45 you just dont keep them long enough to matter.
  7. these are only out of the rewards boxes and RNG boxes and have like a .001% chance to drop, its VERY VERY rare, the RNG box you BUY has a high chance for cinderlands keys i believe. But you cant craft them, only keys you can craft are the regular ones... and yes it totally sucks balls. I wanted to make various potions i've found as drops around the world as pharma but that isn't the case, we just make the basic ones. All made worse by the fact players can do dailys for keys and get 20-30 keys a day or more... making whole buying keys a moot point.
  8. But it does beg the question if not from our weapon where do the soul items come from?
  9. I am only repeating what i've heard i honestly don't know for sure, how its going to work i'm mostly learning as i go. I still say its worth investing in your weapon till we see the 50 content at least.
  10. Once you evolve your weapon so far you will get a new one and then salvage your old one for a soul item, that is way i've heard it.
  11. Are 3 soul shields in first zone i would consider looking for 1: Stalker fortune wheel soul shield is easy to get and as people have mentioned its pretty decent 2: for dps i tend to look for the blackram soul shield as its a crit soul shield set, its nice to have the extra crit chance early on 3: the valor shield is must upgrade at end of each area is a vender that changes your stones for soul shields and costumes always upgrade to this. In viridan, cinerlands and moonwater you will find a soulshield from the vender at end of each area. Just upgr
  12. ya know... dont you think would be better to just i dunno HAVE a barrier seal the entrance? instead of murdering you >.> seems excessive.
  13. You can solo alot of it, but are some fights become impossible to do, such as blackram narrows, least not at the appropriate level. This is do to his grab mechanic, which basically requires 2 people to break it. But outside of him... i was able to solo most everything until i hit my 40's the 45 dungeons are pretty difficult to duo let alone solo least initially. I think it requires some gear before you can do it, but yes its possible and i love that its possible.
  14. people have gotten banned for macro systems yes hence why i dont use it, i wish i could bind my counter on my KFM to my mouse as its easier for me to press it there, its very odd to have it as 1...
  15. the reason is that we have an immense amount of control with character creation, thus creating outfits that don't clip is nigh on impossible, do to head size, and body size ect, are alot of issues that go into clipping problem when you give players the ability to create monstrosities .... *shudders at some of the people he's seen in game*
  16. I timed it once but i dont recall my numbers, and its to late for me to log back in =x
  17. i counted it myself at 15k stamina if i recall right it was 60... with 15 seconds of sprint, each 1000 points is equal to 1 second i know that much. so yea at full 20k you'd have 20 seconds, but i'm pretty sure it takes way longer then 20 seconds to refill it. BUT i'm just saying, the game has a great movement system, in terms of presentation its amazing and fun to use, alot more fun then any other game. But the downside is that i also feel like i'm waiting on my stamina to refill alot more often then i am actually running and moving around. I don't really understand why is a stamina bar out
  18. I think walking issue is boiled down to lack of stamina and how slow it refills... are times i'd kill for normal mounts just to tone down on all the running... ya know we have those dragon pulses and suppose to be a big deal BUT we hardly use them past that one area. Be really cool to see us able to use them to skip past areas, or travel town to town that way in a much more visual way. Part of the charm of the movement system is lost when you realize you basically get like 15 seconds of sprint and then you are hoofing it for 60...
  19. you can solo every single group mission up until 45 dungeons, or duo them at very least. A couple in begining can be rough (pokey and mite were a bit rough for my KFM but i managed them). find a friend team up and go at it, its alot more fun to see how far you can get solo =3
  20. eh this game was promoted as a pvp centric game... most of the time you'll find all of one faction in channel A and all others in channel B each farming insignias. Just get in with the farming groups... most pvpers won't attack unless they decide to enmasse. Its not that bad... pvp in this is pretty fun even when you lose =3
  21. Grab: any move that pins, picks up, or otherwise grabs the enemy and holds them in place, such as destroyers choke hold, kfm pin, and fm force choke(what it is look at it!). Stun: a form of crowd control that renders the target unable to react for a couple seconds varies by move, CC= Crowd Control any move that prevents target from moving or acting, such as summoners number 1 skill that snares, Kite: using snares, roots and other CC to keep enemy from getting close enough to attack you. Just read your skills in the skills window... kiting as a
  22. are two top end DPS classes that do the absolute highest damage end game Assassin=melee dps Force Master=ranged dps Either class is your nuker class and both and squishie, i dont even have my weapon all way leveled at infernal level and my inferno can and will crit for around 8k easily, in PvE i imagine less in pvp but still a one shot kill or close( not that you'd ever land this! realistically!) but that is my take on it, i think blade dancer falls in line next and the blade master. From what i read... DPS goes from... Assassin>FM>BD>BM>
  23. The hongmoon weapon will last us until level 50 if i'm not mistaken, we just keep upgrading it endlessly... is a point we stop i think its converted into a soul? either way.... you'll want to max it out from what i hear. Not sure about gem slots though.
  24. This game has alot of same issues i had with Neverwinter... least not quite that bad, but i'll keep playing until i am not having fun, i'd at least like to see level 50 stuff and the warlock. But i've said my peace in other posts, on what i dislike, my best advice is to come back in 6 months and see whats changed.
  25. if i am not mistaken we do not have the latest patch that korea got and china got that nerfed the warlock to a significant degree, if i had to guess they are with holding the warlock until that patch is ready for us, so that you don't feel cheated when the warlock goes from being a power house to not quite that... i to wish to play a warlock but i'm quite enjoying my FM as well. just have some patience...
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