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  1. I'd just like more costumes that show a little skin on guys, not enough that do or the ones that do i wanna dye so bad... also what heck is with poofy pants on the lyn xD just sometimes i'd like normal pants on them... very few outfits don't have poofy pants... just ugg!
  2. seriously doubt it... i also wouldnt advise transmutations as have a chance to fail.
  3. As someone that loves action oriented games and was really sad with changes made to DCUO after launch, i can say this game does everything i loved about DCUO better and more focused. It does everything that GW2 tried to do much much better... the problem i have isn't with the game but NCsoft and there monitzation of the game... there pay model is anti-consumer, and i'm just not a fan. So am i glad i left other games to try BNS? yep will i stick around? i dunno yet... time will tell but i'm giving the game a shot.
  4. I hit the same wall and blew my brilliant key from survey here, and it taunt me a valued lesson.... 10 boxes if no weapon just buy a *cricket*ing key... which they sell on market far less then another 100-200 keys go for... RNG is bull but are work arounds.
  5. gonna stop you there sorry, but this mentality doesn't work either, functionally speaking you are EXPECTED to breakthrough your items before progressing. The game gets EXCESSIVELY more difficult the longer you wait to do a breakthrough. Example, try not breaking through the stalker weapon and doing the rest of that area, when i did my KFM i just opted to rush to 15 and buy it as it was much faster and less of a hassle. Boy was i shocked when things that should have been a push over for me, were suddenly not taking the damage i was use to on my other characters. Case in point, not breaking thro
  6. its funny you say that because i started out as a FM and then tried a summoner, now a KFM and i feel WAY WAY more useful as a KFM all the combos and and chaining skills that is most fun i've ever had in an MMO to date... Is my FM tougher? probably because of his range. But i really love my KFM to a point that i'm probably going to drop the FM to a degree... is something to be said when facing a boss and coming out of it with 100% life because you timed everything properly, and i can only imagine pvp will be interesting( if not more difficult but that is ok) its all down to personal taste.
  7. you can do all the content play every class acquire every weapon earn every skill with out paying a Dime, but you will do so at a slightly slower rate then someone that is buying brilliant keys. Additionally you may get stuck at points do to crappy RNG of boxes, unless you fork over some cash, or turn to the market and hope the brilliant keys are affordable. Cosmetics are available in game quite a few in fact, though i tend to feel really snazzy outfits are from the cash shop. So free is free... and all cash does is speed things along.
  8. Man you are over reacting as someone that played Warlock's in Vanilla WoW... when they were pretty much a free kill, to there glory days in BC right up until they got ruined in Wrath by homogenization lemme tell you how MMO's work. Classes get buffed and nerfed all the freaking time, its just par for the course of any online game. Compare WoW Druids from vanilla to today, i can bet you that it has had its up and downs... you just have to stick with it or roll another class if you just wanna be broken tier... is more to the game then winning, sometimes its just enjoying the class you play.
  9. I have a... 45 FM 36 summoner 25 KFM and have leveled many many many toons to 15... the quests are fine, and fun in the combat makes most of the dull nature moot. is some immense joy to be had, from pummeling mobs into submission... nothing wrong with the questing. Its pretty much what i expected and main story was pretty enjoyable. Cheesey but enjoyable, i got what i expected a kungfu movie in game format.
  10. logging in from the second PC will kick you off if you are logged in, it requires 2 accounts to do this, pretty much the same for every mmo ever.
  11. The stalker weapon can be bought at level 16, if you are having issues getting it to drop i'd rush to 16... i dont really stop there anymore, now i have a 45 i just buy it and mail it( i bought ncoin now so-- yea i can do that). But yes welcome to the world of RNG hell this will happen many times, and sometimes the weapons are bound, so you'll have to bite the bullet and buy a brilliant key... at this point in the game i just look for keys on any purple box because *cricket* dealing with that shit...
  12. Lemme give you some advice for this particular box as i hit same stupid issue and was close to just quitting the game. First go to your market and type in " Brilliant Moonwater Key " and check the price, Were going for 1-2 gold each which isn't bad, and GUARANTEE'S your class weapon. I've come to the conclusion that NCSoft expects us to be buying these keys or purchasing them from other people. Are some that do not believe that the RNG is weighted but i do personally so i stopped *cricket*ing with this terrible RNG and just started buying the keys. Alot less heartache and keys wasted.
  13. this is utter bull and everyone knows it, the game gives you HORDES of potions and food from the outset is almost no way to make gold as pharma or cooking, nothing unique about these classes. Earthseer will be able to later down the road IF they can get enough refiners to not go broke, meanwhile even most basic ceramic user can make some refiners and sell them for good profit... Crafting is broken for most professions because of how EASY it is to acquire mass amounts of potions and food, even seals can be pretty easy to acquire. Hell if you are really cheap you could just rush a toon to 45 and
  14. is what i've started doing personally it saves heart ache sad part is though it means people are buying the keys which is feeding the idea that the practice of crap rng is ok... as for RNG being bad, or worse then other games i find it falls somewhere on low end. There Are games that are way worse, but it is defiantly frustrating as all hell to open 50 boxes and still not have your class weapon. My basically strat is to run in 4-5 times if i dont see my weapon i just buy a key.
  15. if you mean for the costumes, then you put on the appropriate faction outfit, find some of opposing factions npcs, and murder there faces until a boss spawns. Kill that boss and get factions marks, usually 1-2,
  16. Anyone who recalls vanilla wow and farming for your head masters charge, or any of the gear understands what real RNG bullshit can be. Working for hours to clear a dungeon only to have same warrior drop every single time, or worse druid gear that nobody in your group could use. I'm quite use to the bull of bad RNG but alot of that has been done away with in more modern mmos. This is because players today want to work toward a goal not work toward the chance for a goal, hence why badges were implemented, most mmo players today aren't so keen on dealing with RNG. I don't mind RNG as long as its
  17. if you knew the effort that actually goes into playing a KFM you'd stop bitching... they are not called the most complex class for nothing i just started playing one after my FM and man was it a wake up call... but yea every class has a defensive that makes them resist attacks... and yes it sucks but, you have one to.
  18. But not isolated is the point not one or two people have and are having this issue, i think that is major point. Are ALOT of people have came to the forums griping about the drop rates. Alot of people complaining in game as well or commenting on the bad drop rates, like i said before. Believe what you want it doesn't change the fact that are a ton of folks hitting this wall, bad luck? i dont think so it happens to often to be bad luck.
  19. I dont own it yet something i'd like to get in the future BUT i can use the wardrobe to show it off x3 cause why not! and my kungfu master cause why not x3 i really need that outfit! but until they make them account bound not buying costumes =x
  20. i dun think thats the right link it just comes back to this post Its all about experience, is no way i have leveled up 4 characters and hit same terrible luck streaks on every single one of them... its impossible statistically speaking. going through 100+ keys and not getting a bangle? come on xD its pretty clear they are weighting the drops based on class. but believe what you want... x3 Edit: to be clear... seen this occur with my FM, KFM, Destroyer, and summoner it also occured with my friends blade dancer and assassin... requiring a ton of run
  21. You don't think they weighted the drops to sell keys? =P i mean its pretty common tactic in these games... you design it in such a way as to get players to buy your product. Are ALOT of people that are complaining about the RNG and i instantly see keys from the shop and RNG boxes. Hmm that doesn't seem fishie to you? yea i believe they have, is ONLY from boxes not boss drops which i think are fine. You can still get your weapon just a very very low chance compared to every other weapon. I have 3-4 characters now and my obervation is that no matter what class i am playing, my class weapon is al
  22. It ONLY gets worse, they have weighted the drops in such a way as to, make your class weapon lowest drop rate of any weapon. It took my friend 2-3 hours last not of spam running narrows just for his assassins dagger, i had to cave with my FM at 45 and used my moonwater key to get my huijkar bangle because after nearly 150 keys i had not seen one bangle and i was sick of farming keys... its really a game killer in my opinion the way they have done the RNG in this game. Its way worse then any other mmo i have played in a long time... though slightly less worse then trying to farm the headmasters
  23. Force master will do more damage in PvE and PvP for same reasons that ranged dps always do, they have well range. While other classes are dodging cones, and timing counters, you can sit back and spam attacks. I easily and i mean easily out pace most people in dungeon content ( judging by aggro but alot that goes into that but since no dps meter its all i can guess at) do to simple fact i am never in any real danger. I stand back and spam my attacks and i'm not even fire spec... i imagine a good fire FM is going to make people explode super easy, and out pace most any other class because while
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