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  1. i'm probably going to follow suit... are just to many things at end game i find unfun... and when a games not fun well its no longer a game.
  2. from my own research, all costumes or least the rare ones could be salvaged in other versions we are ONLY region to get this really stupid mechanic...
  3. Yea its always existed... as an FM it was always an issue... BUT now? its even bigger issue... its happening constantly and defiantly game breaking watching a mob reset itself 7-8 times in a row is ludicrous...
  4. Except it already exist in game a whole martial arts school dedicated to it... if you did the 45-50 story its right in there so YES i do think we need a gunslinger class similar to Soha.
  5. uhh i don't mean to disagree but YOU are dead wrong... in fact most MMO's are in fact NOT p2w, its a really common misconception in fact i'm going to argue that this game isn't p2w more pay to progress. Its what i like to call " borderline " p2w, because you CAN technically buy power, but a free player can additionally still gain that same level of power they just have to grind a bit more. WoW p2w? no i dont think so, you have to " pay " for a sub but that subscription gives you access to everything, you just have to put the time and effort into getting those things...
  6. trying this out today for the first time i just gave up on it... i cant get in range to attack the boss, because its aoe kills me instantly... i watched the whole group of crimson's get instan gibbed tonight. Effectively this is a raid boss... in a pvp zone... let's forget those small group of enemy faction that sit on the boss, and will wipe your group the moment you pull anyways. Its pretty poorly thought out... they wanted an Alterec Valley style of area but the problem is when your bosses are SO powerful that they instantly murder then entire raid? i don't know... hell half the
  7. I think major issue is that focus of this games PvP is on ARENA not on world PvP, so linking the MAJORITY of soul stones to world PvP is a pretty massive issue but i think this comes down to cultural difference in how the west views games vs the east. In the east they love this kind of pve + pvp concept and they revel in it, while in the west we pretty much want them separated. I dont see it ever being fixed as those of us who enjoy the pve are not the target demograph... Saddly after the frustraiting hour of my life wasted trying to do dailys, realizing none of the mobs are shared
  8. i run heavy frost already, its my main spec as i enjoy it... but the issue i have is that roots don't seem to effect him. He literally just ignores it and dashes at you even if he is rooted, because i can keep him rooted the whole fight, i can try swapping in a couple of stuns but i just didn't get how to avoid his root which seems to trigger, at start of the fight instantly... i'm not sure all videos i watch he doesn't seem to do what he does against me. I open up, root him in place he instantly dashes, behind me, slashes me, roots me, blasts me, and pretty much at 10% life at that point.
  9. So i took a break decided to wait for the 50 content, before i really got into the game, and coming back i have had alot of fun, but today i decided to take a crack at Mushin's tower for the first time. first 6 floors went fine, no issues.... but Junghado... i'm confused by this boss and a bit bewildered because it seems like no matter what i do he just spam CC's and kills me inside of a couple of seconds with almost no way to avoid or do anything to stop it. dash, root, slash combo: i have no idea how to avoid this, he dashes at me, roots me in place, ice blasts me and then slashe
  10. yea give us yer money so you can xfer, an item you already paid money for cause lawl greed! sorry i think stamp system is bullshit in general...its a sad excuse for NCSoft to nickle and dime you for stuff you already have... why do i have to " pay " for the privileged of sending an item i own to another one of my characters, for an item i already paid for? i mean its ridiculous.... i've also heard some weird tax on this item to, all in all... its another reason i loathe to spend money on the game even if i do enjoy it...
  11. No i think that way because it makes sense... IF you " bypass " content then you basically have no idea how to play the game, and so when you DO get to the later boss fights you have ZERO idea what mechanics are being used and you get murdered left and right. I don't know about your server but every day i log into do my dailys at 45 are loads of people still doing those areas, with out any issues. People are rolling alts, new players are trying the game, some people have come back so i don't see the issue with having to ya know " play the game " If they want an alternative to running the 24 ma
  12. the fact that emblems are in the shop isn't a good sign... these are things that should exist only by farming them and playing the game... this is basically buying power at this point. Sure everyone can farm for it but paying money to bypass whole sections of the game? no thank you... could you imagine in WoW if you could just " buy " arena weapons? or " buy " a teir X weapon from the get go? that is basically what you are asking for. they are treading on dangerous waters here...
  13. This is a PvP game first and foremost but if you are like me and just want to do PvE mostly, you can simply buy them with gold... take awhile probably and lots of daily grinding but yea, thats an option.
  14. say what? lol so one class should always be better then another class? one class should always be OP? no idea behind " balance " is to make it so every class has a 50/50 shot at beating every other class. I think BNS gets as close to this as it can... there will always be a counter class/build and i dont think anything you can do to fix that at all that is the nature of MMO's.
  15. What Warframes did was, have players that had know how create skins for the frames (may have supplied the files and such i'm not sure) and then fans get to vote on the skins they like the most. Then those skins get implemented every so often, and players can buy them up. Additionally the creator gets a small cut of the money people spend on them promoting them to continue making content. Its actually been pretty amazing some of the cool skins that people came up with, and its less content the creators now need to focus on.
  16. its possible i got the first daily dash costume pretty easy, and as long as i get 3-4 spaces a day on current one i'll still get the current one if i spin twice a day thats pretty hard not to get. I've been getting 3-4 on every spin almost and 2 at the lowest. 2 spins per day 100 spaces average is 2-3 spaces a spin so we'll say 4 spaces a day just to be fair 100/4= 25 days since you get a month to do them, 25 days is pretty reasonable, lets forget if you get a lucky day where you get 2 4's or a 6 on a spin. Edit: when you spin yo
  17. Only issues i have with it really super bothers me is the inventory space, i can see charging for it under 2 basic conditions 1: The items are sellable on the market, allowing players who would rather grind gold do so for bag space. 2: They are priced reasonable... it isn't reasonable to expect me to drop 100 bucks on item slots i'm just not doing it and i havent and i wont. I am playing it atm hoping the pricing system gets better but i've played enough of these to know its probably not going to. Alot of REALLY good games that the f2p system just kills it for me... like yea you have a good ga
  18. I think issue is " affordability " vs " quick buck " way they are gearing the game is toward the whales, basically those few people who have 1000's of dollars willing to blow on a single character, and so prices are done in such a way as to get as much out of folks as they can with each transaction. Meanwhile the average player is actually not paying that much, because the prices are for many of us just to high. 90+ dollars to unlock inventory slots? 20 dollar outfits? 6 dollars per brilliant key? The Only prices i think are ok are character slots (5 dollars
  19. yea i'd like to see this and then cash shop item is say a stack of 10 for 6 dollars, which would save alot of time and effort. Edit: as of now isn't alot to do with valor stones past buying the initial soul stone, and using them as heart tokens for some dungeons.
  20. is no dyes in yet but i believe its something in the pipe line, as for crimson legion, i chose it for its ideology myself.
  21. Close to what i use though i actually use crit straight punch over healing one, heal just doesnt feel worth it compared to stacking crit buff, other then that its very close to what i am using on my KFM i am leveling now. He's 35 and i have done super well with him all the way, rarely ever take much damage. I also use the counter 3 points for the 50% heal when hit, so i think i went a little more tankie then you did, very close and its worked really well for me. Also not sold on shin kick... seems like losing my sweep kick would hurt me in the end but i've not tried that just yet.
  22. My theory is as follows, we have the patch for December for Korean client yea? they seem to wanna push the idea of keeping all clients relatively on the same patch so that they can push the esports scene heavily. If that is the case then it makes sense that they would want to push the new classes out as soon as they can so new players can both level and get accustomed to the new classes in preparation for the big tourneys. My theory is that the warlock is ready for release BUT the soul fighter isn't and they wanna release both at the same time, now is just a wild guess on my part
  23. not to my knowledge, maybe in the beta at some point? its cash shop only now
  24. 1: You realize is no end game pve in black desert right? like none, zero, nadda no raids, no dungeon nothing what so ever! 2: Actually i agree 100% here auction system is utter bull a need/greed system is needed 3: People *cricket* about summoner because they dont bother to learn how to fight them, i watch a Korean pvper and he beats them like 90% of the time... its all about tactics and knowing how to approach an enemy, it really is a " get gud " situation... 4: The buffs are based on HIGH level pvp, absolute highest level of player NOT you... sorry you struggle vs summoners bu
  25. Only if we can have lyn destroyers =D
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