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  1. most MMO's now days allow you to sell the cash shop items you wanna know why? economics 101, if players can earn cash by selling shop items, it has 2 major effects 1: it stops gold selling to a degree as players are more willing to sell some shop items for gold rather then risk getting banned 2: sales go up since players again buy items to sell for gold... its really win/win scenario...
  2. No the mail system is LOCKED unless you buy NCoin, basically he bought premium and its a known issue, that premium DOES not unlock the mail system. you have to buy actual NCoin and even then it sometimes doesnt unlock it. Seems to be a major glaring issue makes me leery of buying more character slots...
  3. Oh one more thing i will add even if TONS will disagree with me me *takes deep breath* 7: for the love of god, remove stupid limited inventory space, are PLENTY of items on the shop i would HAPPILY buy but 60+ dollars PER character for INVENTORY slots is ridiculous! i for one refuse REFUSE to pay that much money for each character to open up my inventory slots... this is the DUMBEST thing i see in f2p games and it pisses me right the *cricket* off more then any other feature! stop gimping our inventory space to try and force us to buy shit then, make said shit cost as much as a ful
  4. You want a list of things i would like to see changed? oh boy...here we go... 1: A traditional roll system added into dungeon loot system, everyone rolls highest roll wins the item its simple, short and sweet and pretty basic. 2: Slight change to way costumes work as of now and its a pretty easy system, Have a three tiered system for costumes, $5 is a temporary costume lasts say 30 days, $10 gives you the same costume for a single character( account bound ) and 15-20 dollars gives you the costume that binds to account and can be traded among your characters. 3: Wardro
  5. like i said before... it just needs to be an unlockable for like 20 dollars or something, its a nice feature that many of us would pay for... i mean unless they dont want my money what ever....
  6. Except thats way it works in almost every other mmo i've played... its locked down while in combat... >>
  7. you have to buy N-coin to have any access to the mail service and yes its *cricket*ing stupid...
  8. Sure unless next run has someone has more gold then you, eventually? you'll win one run and end up broke again... like said main issue is that it gives an incentive to buy gold, oh want that shiney item? better buy gold so you can win it! then lose the RNG end up broke, and what do you do? buy some more gold... thats issue i have with it. I don't wanna compete with rich people for a chance to win an item, i want an equal chance with everyone for the item, we roll winner wins, and walks away. As i stated i dont want auction system removed i just want a dice roll system added so its
  9. Let me put it this way... imagine Wallstreet offers you minimum wage in exchange for your car... is what loot auction does, it gives you some " cash " because you lost out on an item. Now imagine that wallstreet is in every single dungeon with you, and because he's rich he gets every drop .... and this is the potential crap you can run into. In most MMO's everyone has same chance for an item sure sucks to lose a roll, but with this system? he who has the gold wins the items... hey its pretty cool you can buy it pretty cheap huh? its aweful tempting to just i dunno BUY some gold so you can win
  10. Just because you got screwed doesnt make master loot bad though, just means devs need to lock down the loot choice once combat starts... it sucks yea i dont worry because i just run with friends. Most dungeons can be 2 manned anyway as long as you keep up on your gear least up to what i've played. Still i agree that it was shitty and needs fixed asap...
  11. that doesnt change that the RICH always win and the poor always lose...the system rewards rich players, and poor players are given " a little gold " in compensation... sure its a nice compensation but for me? nah sorry i'd rather equal chance for all to get the item, rather then a rich person always having the edge.
  12. Needs to be a vote, need to be LOCKED in once in combat, with inability to change it when you are fighting.
  13. but thats just the thing isn't it? not everyone has a legit chance at the item... lemme give you some examples.... Example Person A has 30 gold Person B has 10 gold Person C bought gold from sellers and has 1000 gold How is this fair? obviously person C is going to win every single auction he comes up against it becomes a " i am rich so i win " scenario. Rolling on other hand means EVERYONE has an equal chance at the time, no one is advantaged by having tons of gold, and are never given a 100% chance because " i'm a ceramic prof and have a billion gold "
  14. Because auction system is shit? because not everyone wants to " buy " there way to glory? Master loot has been used in mmos for ages, usually with guilds where a guild leader will pass out items via what ever system the guild decides on. Its a good system when used right, i dont currently group because of shitty auction system... so i only group with guildies and we use master loot or we just decide who gets what. Honestly why is no roll system in game? its confusing....
  15. I'm just going to start by saying, this is a basic and VERY shadey tactic used by mmo companies to squeeze pennies out of players. First, you limit there inventory space, then you make as many little items as you can that they need, pick axes, unsealing charms, keys, oh better make 2 kinds of keys and charms, vases for jars, potions, food, transfomation stones, every little conceivable item to fill up that inventory space as MUCH as possible so they have NO space and then... you design a system that requires REAL cash to unlock more space. so if you need 8 pouches and are 11 spac
  16. just need to add it to the store as an unlockable for a price 20 bucks or something along those lines, i'd pay 20 to unlock it.
  17. Let me start by saying, this is a pretty legit issue that i agree with the OP, when will companies STOP locking quality of life things behind pay walls? first the wardrobe, now this? its such a minor thing, and while i'll probably buy a character slot before long. Its the simple idea that they are locking shit behind paywalls, that really don't have any reason to be locked. Why don't we just lock everything at this rate? No more action bars unless you give us money! Want to use your windstride? PONEY UP BITCHES! Want to use dragon pulses? that'll be 4.99.... per use...
  18. Like i've said in other posts... bid system is to abuseable, are people will bid just to force you to pay as much as possible, or even steal items to troll people... its not that i want the bid system removed. I'd just like an option for a traditional Rolling system, because i avoid grouping in this game right now as i cant STAND the auction system...
  19. yea i dunno, i strafe constantly and he'll hit me every single time, absolutely no warning its coming, just sort of blasts you as far as i can tell it doesn't have usual tells or even an action to avoid the damage via retreat, its only thing is beating us right now. That AOE hits so hard, is a knock down, and we cant quite figure out trick to avoiding it.
  20. its one with the gun, issue we have is that his aoe is hitting for around 1/4 of our life bars per swing, and doesnt seem avoidable at all was just wondering if was a way to dodge that aoe, as it seems there is not and its more of a " tank it " situation.
  21. Curious if we are missing something on this boss, once he goes air born his aoe knock down he just spams it, less then a second to react to anything does damage regardless, and i realize you need to spam attacks to knock him down. But is any other tactic to this? or is this boss a sheer case of numbers? My friend and i was trying this just two of us, knowing it was a 6 man but wanted to make sure wasn't some trick to this boss we were just missing. We do damage fine, but feels like its impossible to survive his aoe air knock down, or no way to avoid it either.
  22. its already supported by lore, so people saying No, how about you explain why? more choices are good and already support in game for this style of class. I'd be all for a gun slinger it would be interesting... and add some variety to the game which it kind of needs.
  23. The major issue atm is that some professions items can simply be purchased or found to easily... and given as quest rewards ect WHAT needs to happen is the following 1: Potions, keys, unsealing charms, anything that is crafted needs removed from drop tables, and quest rewards and venders entirely 2: Quests should reward a lesser healing potion and dumpling does half of what crafted versions do 3: Quatz needs to be farmed just like every other material in game via a guild and not out in the open world. we already have a prospectors union so add it to there list of things t
  24. no where in this game was there ever a choice...story is predetermined what do you think this is... a bioware game?
  25. This doesnt seem right... I've deleted my character several times using the same name... and its always been available when i recreated them...
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