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  1. so this happened

    we both died - GG :D
  2. Is Roleplay a Thing Around Here?

    Even Battlefield have RP man :) ... btw i hope that everybody can see how much fun this is...for him as for ppl around :) You dont rly need lore for RP... you just need imagination... this guy did not mention anything from story... he jsut played soldier same as you can play samurai in BnS...
  3. Wait... Ppl doesn't know there is an votekick option since launch? button "more" at each party member > votekick - all other party members must do same are you ppl srsly asking for function that is ingame since launch? :D
  4. Idea to suggest NCSoft to help with ping?

    I totally agree.. sounds great... Its just i dont believe it will happen... it sounds like too big change to game core ( not sure i am not a game dev ) what sounds more real to me is some change to server side that might help..... Altho im not sure if thats possible... i dont think they have done this weird server set up without knowing what is gonna happen... money issue? tech issue? ignorance issue? who knows...we definetly not gonna find out IMO i am just scared that if it was NOT money issue or ignorance this might be forever problem since they are NOT addressing it at all => tech problems they cant fix - hey there is an conspiration theory for ya > they didnt release it earlier bcs they were scared of high ping making it unplayable...they needed money bcs wildstar fail > they bring back bns ( altho my bet is fear of too much "asia" for west thus low income >wildstar fail / Anime popular in west > they bring BnS ) and btw no its not fair i posted about inbalance between german players and countries far away from germany.. there is an actual atk. speed difference....but right now it kinda seems that we are all playin arena in USA.. ( again - not sure just my bet...might be just some other servers which are weirdly connected.. bcs i played CN and unnamed server and 250 - 300 ping feels different ( worse ) than what i am experiencing right now on EU... still not 30 - 40 like i should ping to germany... and spikes lots of them... feels like 100 - 150 and i live NEXT-TO Germany... But hey you know what... lest say its bcs they are in USA since they are not addressing it and said nothing about it - means we are right... right? or maybe a dev could give some insight into this... huuuh? ( never gonna happen i know.. )
  5. ppl do mistakes all the time... look for mistakes while in stealth... like useless SSs or useless flowers - bait them even with your 3 while stealth and such... then strike... if you learn your combo well you can even kill him... patience :)
  6. ever tryed play on time? stealth most of the time and go out only if you know you do some dmg... you dont have to kill him... you have to survive and do dmg... outcome will most likely be - you win...if he uses F just SS and RMB to put yourself far away so you break the F... watch this guy for more tips altho he is kinda jerk :D just my tips as i am main summoner and sin alt...
  7. IMO its a bit different : The more you complain - more ppl will create summoner bcs they think they are super OP like you spam....IF you want less summoners in arenas then stop sayin they are OP... and just live with the pain and wait for patches, OR actually try learn how to beat them...bcs even tho i agreee they are easier to play than other classes they still can be defeated... By crying here you wont achieve anything else than more summoners, since balance patches and all this stuff is done in KR... and it already was done, but NCWest is just not giving it to us bcs we need to "enjoy current content" which you can rush in 4 days... so just wait man..
  8. Ncoin pricing

    again the cash shop prices are set up this way - - "hamty, hamty mám víc než tamty" "gimme, gimme more so i can have more than others" you want a membership? no way youre paying only 10 we make it 12€ so you need to buy 10 + 5 € worth of Ncoin...they dont need sales they are making money this way... charging you for Ncoin you dont need... its just pure greed by NCwest... this is how it would look in RL: NCWest : "hey customer!" customer: "yes?" NCWest: "shows middle finger" customer: "i would take 2000 Ncoin anyway" you tell me which one is the more sad part...
  9. Asking your guys opinion "multiboxing"

    Asking your guys opinion "multiboxing" no, not in this game.. you should rename this topic to "how to make boting easier" This game with action combat seems to not be intended as a solo "train" farming with multiple chars at once.. If you did not spent any real cash on game your mail is locked due to "you might be mail bot spammer, pls pay 1 ncoin" < no joke i payed money my mail works fine...i can even trade and send mail and use marketplace on lvl 1
  10. Ncoin pricing

    there is a sayin in our country... - "hamty, hamty mám víc než tamty" "gimme, gimme more so i can have more than others" your idea is nice... like communism... its a nice idea, but cant rly be a reality...since true idea of communism is everybody owns everything... NCWest have ( believe it or not ) marketing ppl... which are supose to calculate theese things...i do believe they somehow find out it wont be more profitable...
  11. Future Classes? Rumors?

    this is not original uploader , but original video is from NCsoft... this actually was supose to be summoner... IMO they went back for this idea with warlock...
  12. Idea to suggest NCSoft to help with ping?

    what is easier 1) NCWest makes request to NCSoft KR > NCSosft KR make request to Bloodlust KR > bloodlust makes some fixes IF they are up for it - which they wont be bcs why should they change anything that is working for 5 years 2) add a fckn server... maybe delete few low pop and use resources for other servers i mean... we dont need all of the game servers anymore... you ppl need to think about that NCwest doesnt rly change anything in the game except cash shop / manage servers.../ put up updates they get from game devs, for most of other stuff they need to contact game devs ( which are Team Bloodlust in KR ) - oh and i almost forgot - they censor stuff .)
  13. are you ranged ( FM )? was he siting in floating red flowers leaves AOE?
  14. Idea to suggest NCSoft to help with ping?

    OR this idea : put ALL EU servers actually in EU and not in US... ( *cough* 240 ping in arena and 40 in lobby *cough* *cough*)
  15. Future Classes? Rumors?

    there is gunner 6:50 - 7:50 btw you can check how summoner was supose to be ( in the start of the vid 1:10 - 1:20 ) before they made it with cat... And yes this is from 2009