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  1. NA Servers Sudden Lag Spikes

    mine said was packet lost....
  2. NA Servers Sudden Lag Spikes

    I cant play ugrhhh
  3. NA Servers Sudden Lag Spikes

    same on Soha server. cant move or spawn my cat
  4. Aurora Eclipse You click this link means you intresting in. Good. To be part of us, you must meet the requirement. Requirement as follow: Level 30+ or above (Anyone below lvl30 will be given 3 days or get kick) Must be in Crimson Legion Willing to be active 3 times a week (On Any hour) Willing to do dungeon/PVP with fellow clan mate. Willing to comply with Leader or Advisor order Willing to donate currency/item for clan cause Note: We be prefering SEA/Oceanic/NA night timer as we be online around those hour most. We be focusing on endgame content as well as helping newbie to get well in the game. Need more info? Post here. Meet the requirement? Post your IGN and i will add you once i online. Have a nice evening. Leader; Lylneko Advisor: (Recruiting) Veteran: (Recruiting)
  5. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    How about this!! Use the achievement system and marketplace as a method to shut them up. Like have a achievement that need player to unlock in order to freely chat with no spam block restriction. All they need to do is just buy stuff under 3s or more. Its easy and pretty simple to shut them up.
  6. For me its a disaster, i crash 70% during loading screen/entering different area.
  7. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Even in this update they won't stop. They just keep coming.

    Hope i don't lose my stuff, im gonna be mad
  9. *cricket* I am freaking done with this game !

    Just send a support ticket, they already help fix mine

    same got disconnect without warning
  11. Akihabara [PVE/ PVP /CFT]

    IGN: Lylneko (Summoner) send invite. Good someone to chat with cause im am BORED
  12. Akihabara [PVE/ PVP /CFT]

    i got a question, its the guild full of lyn? xD oh, And the majority of your member are from?