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  1. First of all this isn't a technical support thread, and please refrain from posting things like "just disable BT" or "just use 32-bit client" nonsense. Scenario: I am using 64-bit Windows 10 (version 1709) desktop PC, and BnS 64-bit client has never worked nice on it. After a fresh installation of BnS I decided to poke around the issue of 64-bit BnS client doesn't start, and if does start, having low frame rate. To get the 64-bit client start I did the following: Disabled Windows' FTH feature. Search for a thread in this very forum for more details. I'm not familiar with FTH, and assume it does nothing for me other than stop this game running, I disabled it entirely. Next, the 64-bit BnS still not starting. According to windows Event Viewer, the application crash is related to ntdll.dll, a Windows dll. Because I'm reading that uninstalling Bluetooth solved the issue for some people, I disabled my Broadcom BCM20702 Bluetooth 4.0 USB Device, and the game started without error. Now, it's obvious stupid to having BT disabled to just play a game if BT is needed for other things, I tried a work around by enabling the BT device, but also set compatibility mode for the BnS (NCSoft Launcher) shortcut to Windows 7/8. Result is that although I can now get in game, the game is running with extremely low frame rate. Hopefully this sheds light on the next person who's looking for a solution. I personally find it unacceptable to having to disable a piece of my hardware to play this game properly. Hopefully the customer support is reading this and will provide a proper fix (read: not a workaround, a fix) asap.
  2. I've got this problem ever since the introduction of the 64-bit client... where it would not start after pressing the "play" button from the Launcher. The 32-bit client can be executed normally for some reason... and uninstalling and reinstall the game did not help. Does anyone have or had similar problems and know how to resolve it?
  3. Today’s Avatar Flavor is…

    can we please have customizable avatars on the forums?
  4. Casual players being shunned? NCSoft help?

    What kind of baiting is this? There are blue silverfrost dungeons you know you can do, and lv45 dungeons still give some good money. people spending more time playing this game isn't elitism, and you should probably stop using the term if you don't know the meaning.
  5. Casual players being shunned? NCSoft help?

    NCsoft is the wrong party to ask for help on this matter. The boss mechanics on that dungeon is quite high and people who want to farm the dungeon with efficiency don't want to group up with undergeared characters. There are many other dungeons you can do, or if you want, start your own party and advertise. Oh and 400 AP is nowhere near enough for the yeti dungeon.
  6. Weapon Progression Guide

    Thanks for the guide. Hopefully the new upgrade materials will be updated soon.
  7. That screenshot needs to be spammed more (seriously). Maybe send it to gaming/mmo news site and let ncsoft feel some bad press could help them focus on fighting the bots.
  8. Yeah. Let's not only speculate how bots work, how they make their money, let's also speculate how NCSoft is handling (ie not doing enough) this situation, and let's also speculate how players are not doing enough and then speculate some more on the effective GM:Player ratio. Let me remind everyone that complaining things over and over again on the forum is the most effective way to have developers change things in an MMO. Whether it's a swing of the nerf bat, or hopefully, something even better, is that NCSoft may become more forthcoming with combating bots.
  9. We all know the bots infesting the cross-server dungeons. So far NCSoft has not shown any progress in making things better other than claiming they are banning the bots, which so far has very little positive improvement. Therefore I offer the below suggestions. 1. Party leader should be able to kick anyone from their party while everyone is in the staging area before the dungeon instance is started, and only party leader can initiate a dungeon instance (by being the first person walking through the portal). This is to combat bots joining the party through the queue. Party leader can make sure nobody in party is a bot before starting the dungeon run. 2. Party leader should be able to initiate a vote-kick on anyone in the party within 5 minutes of instance starting. This is to combat leecher/afk for not contributing to the dungeon run, while limiting the impact of possible abuse so the kicked player would not lose more than 5 minutes of progress in dungeon. 3. Party leader should be able to initiate a vote-kick on anyone joining the party after it is formed for 5 minutes after the person joining. This is to avoid bots/leech/afk joining a dungeon run in the middle. 4. There should be an effective and logical minimum requirement for certain dungeons for queuing/auto party matching. For example, lv35 characters should not be able to get into MW blue dungeons; Dokumo weapon as a minimum for Poharan/BHS is a joke that the only way to react to it is to quit party; Naryu Labyrinth is hard to pin down... but anything below Siren weapon will probably cause the everyone else in the party to leave anyway. Of course, these minimum requirement should only apply to auto party matching and does not affect pre-made groups.
  10. Bots in dungeon queues are making me wanting to play the game less, which is one of the reasons I have not and will not renew my premium until NCSoft gets their shit together and improve their own game.
  11. so.... about them dungeon leechers.

    Eh. someone here is obviously trolling and should be given the /ignore treatment. It's better to make sure there's no bots and leechers *before* starting killing mobs in the dungeon.
  12. BOT Phasing

    Can anyone else confirm there's progress? lol.
  13. The issue may be <30k hp. BD should have more than 30k hp at that point now. Also it's possible that if you progressed thru the dungeon by killing bosses, people join and see the bosses got killed and would leave because their dailies couldn't be completed. Also, like some already pointed out, whoever saying this dungeon needs 400 AP is retarded and should be ignored for being a troll. Anyhow. if you run this dungeon enough times (most already have) and check equip on all party members, then correlates how successful the run is against the party members' numbers, then you'd know whether you or someone else in your party is causing people to leave.
  14. Dungeon AFKers

    I think a carefully thought out votekick feature (that actually works, instead of what we currently have in game) would solve both the bots problem and afk/leech problem. Either way this thread needs to stay afloat until the day the game isn't plagued by this shitty issue.
  15. MALE ONLY? Is this a joke or? :D

    There's a female version of this outfit. A separate one called Dark Angel. Though none look better on Gon male ;)