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  1. 1 That is false, there are tanking classes that can hold aggro. For example, kfm has skills that can be spec'd for threat along with bm. Heck summ can taunt for days. Even as a BD depending on performance I can tank with the best of them at times. The issue arises when people would rather dps then do anything else, or don't know what they are doing. Perhaps you didn't play with one of the classes OR more likely since you don't seem aware of the tank classes, the ones you did play with weren't spec'd for it. Which unless they were alts who wanted to tank I doubt they would be. As for your exa
  2. Can we at least get some change with a quick update that allows us to exchange, sell or salvage the costume for a chocolate or two? at this point I believe I have gotten more costumes then I have crits. I mean RNG is RNG but jesuz. Can't recall the last time I wanted to feel unlucky to NOT get a costume >,> Not a complaint just want these things to count for something.
  3. Ok so let me get this straight, correct me if I am off. Because nobody complained at the time since the bundles had nothing of actual value for anyone to feel they actually had any need to buy it AND had no elements one might consider p2w (some people in here) vs a time when they got revamped, were given things of significant worth and with things one might consider p2w? But your trying to compare the two situations? bruv your pretty much reaching with this one.
  4. Not that I know of, I simply went back to 32bit. Then I decided to say fudge as just did a clean windows install. 64 seems to have run better but not the smoothe butter it was when it 1st came out. I will just stick to 32bit in the time being since when I made the swap back a couple days ago, it runs a lot better then it ever did before.
  5. My issue is that it was running beautifully yesterday after the patch. I had a steady 60fps, with a drop happening when things started loading in and went right back up. Stayed around 50 even with everyones effects on. Didn't have to hide anyone, lower any settings and it just ran like a dream. Come back today and everything is just all wrong. Go into a dungeon and it turns into a slide show. Changing settings does nothing, I get 20-30fps. Worse then anything the 32bit did for me. I have done nothing different. No updates, I haven't installed any new programs, nothing has changed
  6. Really? it's that hard to figure out? One sells and one doesn't. Simple.
  7. So we now have even more equipment streamlining. Having alts just became that much easier and I rejoice for it. We now have server transfers! another thing that has been a longtime coming that has come. We now have 64bit which for me has improved performance quite a bit. HOWEVER! the one thing I have wanted more then anything from the start for the longest still has no presence as far as I am aware of it and with the new easier update seems even more glaring Shared Storage. For an altaholic that uses alts to keep things fresh since I get bored of my main from time to t
  8. Eh seems fine to me. Will say it does feel a bit slower ofc. I want to say it is the missing AP buff we had. With the buff I still had a bit more ap then I do now even after conversion. Guess people got so use to such a jump in power and now that it's gone it has left a void making things feel different. Goodnight sweet buffs, you will be missed. What I have noticed though is a number of folks hadn't made the conversion to the new line. So not only are they lower then they could be but also back to normal ap before the buff. However I am still seeing the same face tank and burst do
  9. While we speaking on things can we have, I need to have that preset in my life~ Was thinking of making an actual female alt this time and that looks like something I neeeeed to have ; o;! As for the topic....support it~
  10. Blade dancer simply because I like that it felt mobile. Mostly because I played it as such and being small overall. Unlike a number of people, I use to move a lot when attacking. Using draw stance while constantly strafing around, jumping and using the 1st tree of lightning strike. So I was literally zipping around the field. Also back then I use to spec for mostly resist skills so it was fun zipping and not being hit at all because of it. I felt like a little ball of lightning or furball furry. Don't do it much anymore though but the fun is still there if need be. Plus I just recentlyish deci
  11. The fudge? alright look I understand. People are idiots. Some are idiots even when it's not needed. There are a lot of issues community wise in life. HOWEVER! 1. This isn't new. Neither in this game, another game nor life. 2. This is the internetz we are talking about. Not an excuse by any means but a simple reality. 3. If I read that correctly you block anyone talking with you? so you essentially add to the problem of a borked community. I mean I get it, you have had a bad time. Sounds beyond bad tbh. But you now actively doing detrim
  12. Not at all, have lately this year been getting delays that I have never had. They died down a bit but today sweet jesuz it has been bad.
  13. Yes come back to me....the kids miss you, I miss you, things haven't been the same since you left for the eggs and milk and never came back.......I promise I have changed! On a more serious note I would say maybe. I say maybe because this is still BnS. Has gotten better but at the end of the day, it's still BnS. However....I hear there is something new coming out soonish? that should help with gearing. Or at least alt gearing. Don't know the full deetz because fudge research. Any who as Zuzu-kazu said, just try it out.
  14. Because this is an old non english mmo and not some triple A title with a budget that would bankrupt a small country. Also always felt "eh" about folks who go on and on about how other languages have better voice acting. Doubt most people even know what the hell is being said so they wouldn't even know if something is being butchered. Also inb4 "I speak this many languages", I am just speaking in a general sense. While I am at it Je te chie dans le cou Say that in the sexiest voice you can then go look it up. Lot easier to get away with crud one doesn
  15. And I have seen folks complain because they wanted something different in this event having nothing to do with work even more considering it is the anniversary. Same as with every event that has been a bit "bleh" and folks complained about it. Yet so many still use the "its free" line in so many cases to which surprise surprise you jumped right onto. I have no issue with free so this isn't directly aimed at you but at a whole of folks using "free" as a reason that everything is ok. Also they don't have to exclude the coins? could've been more to it. But yes I mentioned different. Let's take a
  16. And the amount of people who still fail to understand why one would complain is equally as ridiculous. The idea of because "it is free!" so it must be considered amazing/nice or whatever you choice of words is load of crap. What if you already have a diamond your satisfied with? what if you don't like any of the costumes? what if you think the title is "eh"? BLAM all this talk of free just became moot. Maybe folks want something OUTSIDE of the usual required grind? Something more that does not fall right back down to the "same ol same ol". I mean is it really that difficult to unde
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