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  1. Well I see Grimoir still trying to protect this game like they got a stake in it. Ah, somethings remain the same I suppose. Welp, I also see folks still come in like someone sending personal shots. Whether you have heard it before is irrelevant. If one is trying to speak to people who play or might play the game. The official forums would be a pretty decent place for it. It's as if the forum for the game, is used for talking about the game......whoa! shocker I know, I know. As for your three reasons. 1. Yes it is a game. So is Russian Roulette. 2. And interest ca
  2. Of course that's easier then changing the game. But how exactly does that change the fact that it was a "eh" method to begin with? I don't expect it to change but your reasoning behind it's existence then saying the anger should be placed with those who do it instead of those who even put it in was all in all crap. There were better methods to block access to the boss then simply killing people because someone was impatient. Being irritated with the entire thing falls as much on the people who put in such lazy design as well as those who take advantage of it. Also how exactly do yo
  3. OR they can be mad both at them and the developers putting in such a crappy method to begin with. Not about being locked out of the fight, it's about being killed simply because someone couldn't wait.
  4. "A bit ahead" you said what now? if a person goes true hongmoon wallet "a bit ahead" is an understatement. You can stop trying to under sale trove because nobody who is actually aware of the possible boosts will far for it. At any rate the reasons why can be numerous or one. I personally give less then a squirt but I will take a crack at what I have seen personally. One reason I see crop up is the sense of accomplishment. If it took you x amount of grind and time to do/get something then someone throws money at the screen and makes it all moot, how would you expect that
  5. My thoughts are your putting too much weight on trove and the system itself. While trove is a massive push if you're true hongmoon wallet and the system being streamlined overall makes things easier leading people who aren't ready into things. It does NOT erase the main issue. The human error. People refuse to look crap up and come in unprepared. The speed at which people acquire gear does not erase their unwillingness to lean more then "AP and DMG is all that matters". Tbh it doesn't take that long to learn a class to be usable. Nor does it take that long for people to learn mechs. People jus
  6. I am fully aware what he/she meant but it's the fact that they solely focused on one aspect that I even said anything. There will always be people who fudge it up. People fudge it up now, people fudged it up before the streamlines and reductions. But yes it is the exact same things over and over but endgame actually serves a purpose. However you spoke on a sense of accomplishment which is why I brought that up. I do too, but not for the umpteenth time over and over again. I'm not everyone else so I can't speak on that. As for it being
  7. You mean the feeling of doing the exact same chain quests over and over again when you want to play a new class? Also get accustomed? stop acting like you even need to know a single squirt to make it to 50 to begin with. Got 3 alts to 50 not knowing a single thing about them or the optimal rotation on the road to it. 1 how was this pushed anywhere? was 1 of 7 things on the list. 2, free? let's be real here. Will probably cost a nice chunk since NC likes to drain them wallets, and tbh it would make the game more enjoyable since you wouldn't have to go all the way through the entire
  8. Hmmm as someone who actually took the time to lvl a number of alts to 50 gear them up both before and some after the streamline. Not gonna lie, the instant 50 kinda sucks a wee bit. AT any rate I wonder what financial hoop they will have planned to use/get it.
  9. Oh good lord somebody didn't read or understand. 1. I never said my connection was the best. I know my connection craps out on me at times. Changes absolutely nothing that the servers they use are crap at times. To even try to deny this at this point is hilarious. But do take note that I chose the words "at times". You know? the words that don't mean always? I sometimes have decent performance, then other days I get spikes out the wazu. Of course it is on my side of things at times, but when many a people can say, "I am lagging, or I am spiking" when I make the comment, then logic
  10. Welp you have already stated some stuff I would've already said. Performance that doesn't just change at the drop of a hat. Pick better servers because for what this game is, crap is subpar at times. Never be this anti alt again. Last but not least, add. different. stuff. BnS is a dungeon runner with a decent world that gets used all of a few times then abandoned. The moment you don't want to run more dungeons or pvp, BnS looses purpose. Nothing really on the side to do. least worth a single squirt.
  11. Rather they upgrade the servers we have now. Crud is just sad at times.
  12. 1. You said what now? nonsense you say? since when? number of folks were able to get that sweet sweet diamond to 40 and above in part thanks to? alts! if this event for extra chests was worth a squirt in materials BUT have a higher chance of getting that ruby if you not swiping for trove, because of? alts! If I have to do a clan run and the word is, we need stealth, or WL buff, guess what I can do without having to always rely on other clannies to be on or pug it? swap to a? you guessed it! alt. If YOU can't multi manage then that's on you tbh. Also while we are at it, let's be co
  13. My only issue with the pinnacle acc besides not being account bound (NC just make everything account ffs >:U), were the fact that when I looked, the stats of the earring and ring were utter shite compared to boss. The bracelet and necklace are a decent alt but those other two just got shafted hard.
  14. I did act, I sold all the excess honorary when they were going for 18-20 a pop :v~made out like a bandit at Christmas~
  15. I was going to make a thread about these chests because sweet jesuz wth? but I didn't want to be that guy for once. Came home after an appointment, waited for the servers to be up and logged right in and completed my dailies. Instantly opened the box to see what goodies I would get thinking it was going to be lovely upgrading alts time! Got 1 ss, 2 stingers, 1 refining stone and the 5 stone bundle. Bruh, what in the actual actual? I understand it's free, and it's part of dailies imma do anyway but bruv. It's like getting 1g in daily chests. You got less then what you
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