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  1. Well I see Grimoir still trying to protect this game like they got a stake in it. Ah, somethings remain the same I suppose. Welp, I also see folks still come in like someone sending personal shots. Whether you have heard it before is irrelevant. If one is trying to speak to people who play or might play the game. The official forums would be a pretty decent place for it. It's as if the forum for the game, is used for talking about the game......whoa! shocker I know, I know. As for your three reasons. 1. Yes it is a game. So is Russian Roulette. 2. And interest ca
  2. Not that I know of, I simply went back to 32bit. Then I decided to say fudge as just did a clean windows install. 64 seems to have run better but not the smoothe butter it was when it 1st came out. I will just stick to 32bit in the time being since when I made the swap back a couple days ago, it runs a lot better then it ever did before.
  3. My issue is that it was running beautifully yesterday after the patch. I had a steady 60fps, with a drop happening when things started loading in and went right back up. Stayed around 50 even with everyones effects on. Didn't have to hide anyone, lower any settings and it just ran like a dream. Come back today and everything is just all wrong. Go into a dungeon and it turns into a slide show. Changing settings does nothing, I get 20-30fps. Worse then anything the 32bit did for me. I have done nothing different. No updates, I haven't installed any new programs, nothing has changed
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