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  1. Their twitter mentioned nothing about it being at a certain time >_< Sigh.
  2. I just logged in and was seconds away from purchasing NCoin to get the Colourful Autumn outfit and it's not in the store anymore. Any idea when this will be coming back? I thought it was still the 12th in the US? :C
  3. I'm just curious, are there any plans to implement the ability to vote kick people or deal with AFK members in parties? It would also be nice to be able to report players for abuse, afk, etc.
  4. Or is it seriously just a worse version of House Cat? Alley Cat increases minion's defence by 15%, whereas House Cat increases it by 30%...
  5. To be honest, you aren't coming off as a very nice person in the comments you write. Try be more thoughtful than making offensive assumptions about someone's upbringing. You can't pretend that people don't have feelings.
  6. I think it's completely okay to make complaints or to give suggestions regarding things that people think should exist in the game or be change to improve something. But a lot of people don't end up writing well thought out posts. They write rants that are rarely constructive or informative, they read like "this game is boring!", "This game is dead!!", "NCSoft are baddies!11!", "Do this or I QUIT!!", "This game is over", etc. The community managers have shown they are very eager to contact players. They even spend time on social media talking to us outside of the forums to answer question
  7. I think this clan is dead? I was in it and the leaders changed a bunch of times until it was given to someone who didn't talk to anyone. Kinda sad since there was so much potential.
  8. Is there/will there be an option for us to dye the costumes in the Hongmoon Store? Some of the costumes look amazing, but they're let down with the colours (I'm talking about the colour green, no thanks). I think if we had the option to pick certain colours at will with the Hongmoon Store cosmetics, I think it would really make them worth purchasing (since some of them are pretty expensive).
  9. If you play this game with another person/in a group, it is so much better. I haven't had this much fun in an MMORPG in such a long time.
  10. Hopefully we can get an official response to the bot issue. There's an entire clan on Poharan that is full of bots, and today I've seen other clans taking advantage of them and following them to kill bosses..
  11. I'm not sure how this fits into the Player Help section, are you able to provide a question so someone can give you the assistance you need?
  12. I'm not going to lie, last night I was with some friends doing Tomb of Exiles, and we'd rush the dungeon just to see people who were slow get caught in the fire. :3 I mean, we did wait a bunch of times, but if someone is going to go afk without letting anyone know and just stand where the fire appears, well we aren't going to wait up. I've been caught in the fire numerous times and I thought it was hilarious (most of the times I was killed by it I wasn't actually concentrating on the game, so it serves me right).
  13. I'm using a ping service that tells me what ping I am getting. It goes from 220 in open world, to 260 - 270 once I enter arenas. It's not decreasing since the lag is noticeably worse. There are so many times where I'm mashing one of my skill keys because it isn't going off (and as you can guess, it goes off right after I needed it to be used). It might be more difficult for people to check their ping if they aren't using a paid service, but trust me, there is a ping issue.
  14. I think the strongest classes are Destroyer and Force Master. They do the most damage from what I've seen. Best survivors? I think depending on their skill level I'd say Summoner or Assassin. If by strongest, you mean the best in PvP, well it comes down to a player's knowledge of their own class and the class they are versing. You need to change your play style and your tactics each time.
  15. I've noticed that my ping increases pretty significantly when I'm playing in arena PvP. I'm using BattlePing and that takes my ping down to 210 - 220, but when I go 1v1/3v3 Arenas it increases to 260 - 270. I didn't notice any issues last week, but maybe it's because I'm aware of the issue that I'm noticing the lag more than usual?
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