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  1. Thoughts on the Loot Auctions?

    Truly hate it. It's really weird that game what relies so heavily on rng systems everywhere, decided to do something different here. And it's not better. Why do you change the system, what was working fine and people were used to it. Bidding is slow as there's always some trolling idiot doing bids on last half-second. Or just higher level player in low level group outbidding everyone or maybe even someone whos using our "lovely spammers" service? Bidding makes every kind loot griefing way easier.
  2. Long timers and also feels like bots harvesting them underground or something. Saw a node depopping without any visible player close to it in Hao District.
  3. Things I Wish I Knew Before

    As you can't buy items out from stack, it's not good idea make huge piles too. If i want one item, I wont buy your 20. If i need one weapon for evolve, I don't buy your twopack ... I'd rather buy slightly more expensive one, what's sold separately.