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  1. Yeah, that might be the problem. I always have my Steam to auto run as admin.
  2. I don't see how they would collect that data accurately in mass numbers unless they just go by character creation or even what gender you signed up for registration, which wouldn't be accurate at all.
  3. Well you could probably copy it to a different drive if you wanted to. I'm sure there's a way.
  4. Hey guys I just wanted to share how to get your Steam Overlay to work with Blade and Soul. I'm sure many people can use this and this will probably help for talking to friends on Steam or even showing them the game: #1 Go to your Steam Overlay and select "ADD A GAME..." then click "Add a Non-Steam Game..." #2 Browse for the Blade and Soul program to check mark it and press "ADD SELECTED PROGRAMS". #3 Once you got that done you have to edit the target information since Steam didn't do it right, so right click Blade and Soul in Steam and click prop
  5. Then they should change it to "Free to test" because 2/7 characters is not "Free to Play". If they can't make enough money off of skins and other content then that's their fault, they should have made a subscription based game or have people actually have to buy it. There's lots of other true free games out there right now that don't do this bait and switch stuff and are actually f2p that still make millions purely from cosmetic items. Another thing that bothers me is this "Pay to play" aspect. Hundreds of people are trying to get in to play and instead of upgrading their servers (which they N
  6. Yeah, I agree. 2 characters per ACCOUNT is ridiculous hopefully they change this soon. I mean it's not a huge deal since I have like 10 different e-mails, other than making me sign up for their game 10 times and having to switch accounts dozens of times, but I know there's tons of people that won't stand for this. I could see 2 characters per server for f2p or possibly even 1 character per server, but 2 characters per account in a game that offers 7 different characters is a joke. Hopefully they can find other ways to make money off this game other than basically cheesing everyone to try to ge
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