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  1. please help me: Fire or WIND VT badge

    Tonyea you are the biggest trap kfm. You dont tank, you don't know any mechs and afk leech in dungeons, you 2f with aransu badge, and honestly when i saw you in f8 i assumed you bought your account. Glad I blocked you. Regarding the topic question: Wind has better dps as Rsay said, less aggro pull and not as good survivability, but higher parse. 6v6 I would use tremor badge and go wind. The Tremor badge is insanely op for pvp and on top of the ani cancel/dps potential with wind you will be a monster. aransu bad you are going to be rfing so threat is basically only pulled by your kicks per second. Don't expect to hold aggro with a 1m open burst. Flame kfm can hold however with tremor badge