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  1. Beating a dead horse

    I know this topic been over done, but it is really impeding game play. Bots have taken over region chat... so any help a new person might want to try to get... will be lost... Bots have also invaded faction chat.... so forget talkin to your fellow faction members.... Bots are also in party finder.... and in the lobby for the cross server dungeon party finder... so there goes any chance of communication there... Bots are now even whispering and sending mail... and i cant even block anymore because we have a limit of 50. Bots are even in the Say channel so there even goes that hope of being friendly to someone near by or having conversations with a group of ppl at once within the immediate area A nice temporary solution is setting the amount of ppl we can block to say like 999 999 999... and hire a few geeks with admin kill / ban tools and let them loose in game for the soul purpose of hunting and banning / killing bots
  2. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    well obviously thay hadnt thought through everything... like the limit on how many ppl can a player block
  3. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    WARNING ... GRAPHIC LANGUAGE IMMINENT : Ok this is complete utter bullshit when you are only allowed to block 50 users... and i used that up already blocking BOTS so i can at least read things in chat bot free... well now i cant because of the *cricket*ing bot problem. BnS needs to make an example of these bot owners and call LAWSUIT on them. If one gets a lawsuit filed one them... then the rest scatter. Dont see these kind of issues in Tera... or SWTOR hardly. This is just awful... and they need to raise the blockage of ppl to UNLIMITED.... not just for premium players but for EVERYONE
  4. Failed to connect to server. (204)

    that was perfect... and unintended
  5. Failed to connect to server. (204)

    shove coal where?
  6. Failed to connect to server. (204)
  7. Failed to connect to server. (204)

    AAAAAAAND ...... another one