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  1. So much crap... not enough space....

    If you know any other idea feel free to share .
  2. I'm pretty sure that you can run on high with that one ... You can also check on game debate site . ( Just type blade and soul game debate should be the first link )
  3. Why don't ncsoft make program that will automatically ban any account that has lets say 200 spam reports .
  4. europa servers still closed?

    Servers are working , just wait after pin entering .
  5. Skill tree tabs?

    For example you need 10 Dragonstones and Sparkling venture token to get 485- 515 Hongmoon Coins .
  6. Is this some bug or ? It happens during reporting spammers .
  7. Skill tree tabs?

    You can also get that training expansion ticket by exchanging in-game currency for store currency .
  8. [EU] Bad Maintenance Time

    I don't think that's possible last one was in the same time .
  9. Yes but that question was for the guy who said i do not own anything in game . Ye i know all that, I'm not new really new to mmorpg i been playing them for 8 or 9 years now but thing is I never watched on gold sellers as criminals which are doing something against the law .. they were annoying byproduct of that same genre. ( Which is again ok for me if someone wants to spend $$ for gold ONLY as long as my chat screen is not fully spammed with their messages so i can continue to play my game normaly)
  10. If I put my money and my time in my game how all the thing I have in game are not mine ? If you put it like that if someone robs my account in which i put 50$ that is not crime because i do not own those items ?
  11. Oh well technically yea .. But it's same like selling any other your possession .
  12. Well they are not doing anything illegal if you look it from their point of view because they just "play the game" .
  13. maintenance

    You should actually be happy for maintenance like this one ... And yes i think it's pretty normal.
  14. I think you current name is creative .
  15. Why no ban ?

    Maybe they do but there are lot of them at the moment