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  1. State of the game?

    Hello, I keep getting emails about new content and such and I'm considering reinstalling the game. I originally stopped because of the dependence on animation cancelling to be successful in pvp. Is this still the case, or is pvp at least more balanced than it was at English launch?
  2. Hey gents, Black Desert online posted that another round of testing is going down soon and registration is happening for it now. They announced game launch for March 3rd so try it before you buy it etc, etc. "ermigerd this is BnS if you want to play BDO then gtfo". Yea no problem. Anyone who is tired of pvp that relies on ani-canceling, rng farming, or just waiting for NCSoft to randomly ban or mess up your account and never fix it, you are welcome to join me.
  3. Heyo ladies and gents! If you are looking for a place to chill while killing black rose potatoes, or while you curse blade dancers in pvp, or even just complain about the gold spammers, hit us up to join a laid back yet knowledgeable guild. I have even heard somebody talking about RP once, so if you want to join a community with broad interests then come hunt one of us down. In game look for: Sunless Sea Lilium Nyx Kloe Lyndrask There isn't a real application progress but if you have an "unsavory personality" we shall kick you from the guild and release you back into the wild from whence you came, so behave yourself! Potty language and lewd jokes are encouraged. If for some unknown reason you cannot find the 3 people I mentioned, shoot me a message here and we will work it out Hellen Keller style.
  4. my account banned for using WTFast 1 time only

    try the twitter page or googling bns support. chances are you are out of luck. Haven't heard of anyone getting their account back after a ban. WTFast is a vpn program? not sure why that would be bannable.
  5. PvP guide : Understanding the Assassin class

    are they dazed? if yes then 3rf them 4 times within the 2 second daze. If they are not dazed, daze them. wait until they blow all their escape moves, then use your 3 second stun and 3rf them 10 times while using your damage burst buff and searing palm.
  6. NCWest, what is going on?

    Maybe you aren't but man some people really seem to be coming apart at the seams.
  7. The only difference is that cerulean is generally more mature and the other guys are a bunch of poo poo heads.
  8. NCWest, what is going on?

    I gotta admit, if i got randomly banned i'd just post my ultimatum "fix it or my money goes elsewhere" and stick to it. There have been new fixes and issues every few days this launch week so unless something drastic happens, I'm not too worried yet. I think it's a bit early for people to be losing their minds like they are.
  9. the advantage is that buying the skin lets you wear it at lvl 1
  10. Banned for no reason.

    You're probably a china farmer here to garner sympathy and ask for less aggressive banning response! I'm onto you! -_-
  11. [Kawaii Potatoes] Cerulean Order Guild

    Hey Merah, i think i got a fried request from ya earlier but couldn't hunt ya down. I'll be on tonight again in a few hours. Maybe the bots won't have won chat again and we can find each other.
  12. class for higher ping

    i would avoid kfm or assassin. though only if you want to pvp. pretty much everything is good enough for pvp so long as your connection has a heartbeat at all. the trouble comes in when you pvp as a kfm and have to land a 20 hit combo in 8 seconds, nothing in pve is going to live past 6 hits other than bosses.
  13. Crashing on Launch.

    try using avira antivirus while playing. It stops changes to your files and such while you play. This fixed my constant dc issue.
  14. been reading around some of the posts about the bot spammers and i've seen it said that the bots change every minute and dont even need to make a character to spam the chat. How?
  15. I used to get dc'd a lot. I invested in some premium time to never wait in line but i still got dc'd too much. What fixed MY issue was changing my "host" file to read only. An alternative is to install Avira antivirus which will monitor and prevent windows files from being altered. Avira just chills in the background and doesn't mess with anything so far. I went from a disconnect every hour to one a day.
  16. Some of the writing in this game is poor. Not like "oh NCSoft writes at a 4th grade level, hurr hurr", but more like "this sentence in Korean does not mean the same thing that it does in English". Countless times I've read an item or quest and its been enough to get me close enough to something shiny that I can click on to continue with gameplay. Possibly the biggest offender here is the Martial Arts page (K), a lot of times abilities will have upgrade notes like "reduced duration" when abilities have no lasting effects or cast time. I am willing to read things and look at them, then provide a better dialogue or translation, in order to provide a better play experience for everyone else.
  17. NCSoft, gib me monies and I will read things for you.

    I'm down for being compensated for actually doing something that a lot of people could be doing but haven't done yet. Don't need much in money, maybe BnS toys or ncoin. Wait! I want a grammar nazi outfit for my characters!
  18. Company behind gold spammers

    send them used diapers in the mail! On a serious note I'm not sure what to do with this information. Call them up ::answers in chinese:: "Hello! Can you stop spamming faction chat? thanks" ::chinese intensifies::
  19. The game is great!


    its so much easier with an assassin. Backflip away then at the last moment hit Tab or 1 or 3 or x or c and fly back at the enemy in time to get crushed. Then continue to not use your get up and fight moves and just stare at your dumb body laying on the ground while you consider maybe playing a summoner instead.
  21. Weapon skin issue...

    its done in the weapon management window, 3rd tab. you have to have a weapon for your class unsealed, in your inventory. So find one that looks cool then try to stick with it or you will burn through your papers. Also, you will probably have to click the button twice to actually make it work because the first time it just unequipped your weapon.
  22. Loot Auction needs class restriction.

    I do wish that auctions wouldn't happen in combat. It took me several several several runs through the narrows to get my assassin item to even drop. Luckily nobody hated me and they all passed so I could get my weapon. I just wish there was an option C to getting breakthrough weapons that drop in dungeons. A.) Boss McEvil drops your weapons. B.) Pleb NPC gives you a box that has your weapon. C.) Player trades in small mound of freakin Warlock Razors that you have accumulated while waiting for your own weapon to drop.
  23. Pornographic Content

    oh you tattle tale! lol just kidding, kind of. It is weird that BnS has that feature. Kind of obscure.
  24. NCSoft, gib me monies and I will read things for you.

    Actually what i was describing is the treefeller sap gathering in the Viridian area. says its on schochu island (or however it may be spelled) between camp X and town Y at an indeterminate distance off the road. When in fact it is past town Y further south, very out of sight of where the sample allegedly was located. For the most part, the quests are done well. The areas I am looking for improvement are the martial arts pages, a lot of tooltips and item descriptions.
  25. CopyRight Strikes again

    you are giving this warning by giving a post on a busy forum. why no type it up, print it out, fold it into an airplane then throw it out of your window. NCSoft is more likely to get it via origami.