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  1. SRLY?

    as announcement stated EU maint 1:30h longer so this is gonna be new thing? new way to spit on EU side GG failsoft keep it comin.
  2. SRLY?

    u gave up ur choice, stop imagining that u gona force ur choice on me or some others.
  3. SRLY?

    i wonder why NC worshippers don't open topic like "NC Altar for followers" then crawl there, spit their prayers, delusions, white knight every NC decision( like it matters if it screws them up lol) and enjoy bliss in ignorance. As your point goes i'd rather ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about it and voice my dissatisfaction rather than turn into your breed of grey sheep.
  4. SRLY?

    so i suppose to be sheep without personal view like you, sit in the corner and enjoy being abused?
  5. Question about 1 item from F10

    lemme guess n next thing max gear voucher right? why would you want to play game to get it.

    basically go whale or go home epic suggestion n those who go whale goes without encouragement lol
  7. Underwhelming Special Reward from Trove

    nope coz I lost no1 dragged me there no1 forced me to gamble, it's just cash im sux it up n move on.
  8. Underwhelming Special Reward from Trove

    after loosing in casinos do u run to management n cry as well?
  9. How to play shadow build

    hey, what is the use of Dark mark from True Shoot?
  10. As title implies lets have some fun guessing how long maint is going to be extended xD my bet at least 4h o,o
  11. Sooo about time to start guessing game xD

    careful with dat bow u've got only 1 knee left lol
  12. Sooo about time to start guessing game xD

    was there a single content update without 1,5x - 2x theyr expected downtime? nope though so cheers
  13. Don't forget to register for Gunslinger Satchel!

    some peeps r just blind....
  14. The Gunslinger’s Satchel

    so if i have 180-200 items hanging in item claim for gunner(all items untradeable) how i'm suppose to get additional character slot from gunslinger's satchel?
  15. The Gunslinger’s Satchel

    tnx solved was under impression that u can retrieve only on that toon u unpacked them on.
  16. The Gunslinger’s Satchel

    erm u missing my point all items gathered in item claim is for gunner... like rev feathers inv expansion n stuff so i'm suppose to trow all that away now?
  17. about gunslinger

    none of other region is directly run by $ hungry ncsoft so ye they get free stuff in here forget it n prep ur swiping skills for trove lol
  18. Massive Hoarding in SF Transformation Stone

    so wheres the problem? let them have it if they want it that badly lol
  19. Find a way to encourage Arena PVP

    id rather quit than do eny kind of pvp garbage. you aware that lots of ppl dont give flying fork about pvp? if they fork up pve for pvp benefit im gone n not alone.
  20. Heart of the Golden Lotus question

    assuming i want all this stuff for my future maestro especially weapon skin(means cant open it) will it still be able to get milestone rewards?
  21. Irontech forge

    so preview is at 4pm pdt thats midnight in eu r u joking?
  22. Some changes we need in Celestial Basin

    buy only 1 farm up again problem solved gg ps theres alrdy enough RNG as it is.
  23. Brilliant {area} Sealing charms

    If, when and where we getting these?
  24. Brilliant {area} Sealing charms

    so u implaying moonwater charms droping from top tier silverfrost? LOL
  25. How do i get into windrest zone ?

    how do you suppose to enter it 2nd time?