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  1. Pretty sure u mean destroyer and blade dancer. Cus ive been playing BM and it is by far, despite kfm, the most martial art like class in this game. But yeah, blade dancer, while i love mine, has no type of martial art xD. we literally jump around all over place and maybe shoot some wind blast. we have no form at all .
  2. i think this game needs a staff class. You know, like a monk class with holy powers. make it mid ranged. with a decent amount of all around aoe and protection. a mob destroyer. a gunner would be nice but like....i think we need more mid range classes
  3. personally id love to see a holy type character with a staff. im pretty sure that hasnt been seen before. A staff weildng cha. A mid ranged class. Like a monk. Available to maybe gons and lyns and jins.
  4. ever since the update i have been freezing non stop. its just...crazy. i mean literally, everytime i use a skill i freeze!
  5. I posted in the other one but wth. My lyn got a makeover
  6. the dragon bone inscription and bell can be found in the market. the bell can only be crafted. u can keep one doing what ur doing to get the bone inscripiton. if you want i wouldn't mind sending u them Edit: o i didnt read correctly xD
  7. my assassin in training i love him so much. but this game needs more slick ninja like costumes- also my gon FM
  8. stretching soaring through the sky my baby gonna shank you
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