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  1. Limited time costumes

    eh i can underttand only due to the fact that whats in the item shop is........well its kinda sad,]. Most of them arent really thatgood and theres not alot. There needs to be more accessories and cat items. Which, imo, makes the rotation just...idk...weird to me. I mean if they release shit like devotion(for females) as a rotation, what can we expect?
  2. Story line is a pure comedy. [spoiler]

    eh. idk about the story in korea, but i dont look at the details, i just look at the overall story, and i thinks its pretty good compared to most mmos. I get the general idea. the execution is a bit..........well stupid, but its definitley not shit.
  3. Random disconnect?

    same, today,,,,ots just not going for me rit now.
  4. one of the biggest problems i have with this game is money flow. I dont mean through the market and all. I mean the way the game hamnds out money. its, frankly, ridiculus. We went from 100,100 ep to 1,000,000 in in a space of 5 levels. The amount of money we received went from maybe luckily one silver to nearly one gold. its not like it was a steady process, it was straight up just sudden, our upgrades grew in cost out of nowhere. its like someone in office decided that they needed to speed things up and wam, were suddenly in endgame territory. The lack of content despite how long the games beeen out is suprising. and yet, despite that, were petty much at endgame material what im ssaying i, love this game, but i feel like on the managemnt side that the makers were lazy. instead of having no money at all through leveling and then suddenly have so much(to only lose it just a quickly- is idiotic. The money flow in this game needs to be changed. Who ever thought of it is a sadisitc *cricket*.
  5. Crash Crash and Crash

    yeah ive been crashing alot lately too. hell, rit now my reaction time sems alot slower. skills take like 3-4 seconds to actually start. this statr==rted like 2 hours ago. wth is going on. I use AMD also.
  6. i understand, im fairly new, but from just watching i learned how to skip the unnessecary mobs in both bloodshade and Poharan. Its not rly that difficult. At least in most of the teams ive been in when someone aggroes and cant get out we usuallly save em. or if theres an assassin in the group just let em die and he can bring em.
  7. oo i feel yo. i wanted to make my jin bm male, but i already had a jin male asssassin. so i jsut made a Girl jin BM. I have 2 jin, 2 lyns, and one gon. My Gon is female, and since the next class is sf, im making an Male gon for it. I just like varietty i guess. are u seriously equating this to real life
  8. Outfit Mail Stamp Problems

    to be fair youd probably spend about 10$ for 5 costumes.Plus since your capped all you gotta do is use the currency exhcange due to how cheap the stamps are. 2 gold can allow u to send one costume.
  9. Pretty sure u mean destroyer and blade dancer. Cus ive been playing BM and it is by far, despite kfm, the most martial art like class in this game. But yeah, blade dancer, while i love mine, has no type of martial art xD. we literally jump around all over place and maybe shoot some wind blast. we have no form at all .
  10. i think this game needs a staff class. You know, like a monk class with holy powers. make it mid ranged. with a decent amount of all around aoe and protection. a mob destroyer. a gunner would be nice but like....i think we need more mid range classes
  11. Melee vs. Ranged characters? Should I swap?

    that can be discussed. i personally love playing melee character but i love summoenr and fm. Summoner is kinda fun in its own way, aesthetically and in fighs. movement is great, its just simply a joy. My guilty pleasure. I can use pick up weapons while also fighting a boss. i love it. With FM its like im a gattling gun. I love that. its quick, strong, and u need to watch ur stances.
  12. Been looking for a good sword my new BM. one that can fit her color scheme also. which is white, yellow, and black. idky blade and sooul are addicted to so many ugly looking unlogical swords...
  13. 10th class hints...

    personally id love to see a holy type character with a staff. im pretty sure that hasnt been seen before. A staff weildng cha. A mid ranged class. Like a monk. Available to maybe gons and lyns and jins.
  14. an offering to the crimson legion

    well then your sever must be pretty similar in terms of faction size, but one pharan cerulean rules the turf. They group up everywhere. You will never see just one cerulean strolling. theres always at least 5; and thats just being generous. on almost every channel they farm. this obviously an exaggeration, but after i left the newbie stage i never attacked anyone without them attacking me. problem is, most Blues in Poharan never let ANY red go. especially that PCx guild or whatever its called. There alla bunch of assholes.