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  1. 2000 Years Later

    I had just joined my clan of friends yesterday, only to come on today to find out that it meant nothing, since I could not use the Clan channel to talk to them. There's a bit of redundancy in a nearly inoperable chat feature in a game, when it's an MMO. I am happy the limited chat does add extra padding against bots and potential unnecessary vulgarity, but the hindrance isn't worth the price.
  2. Any options to improve the server situation?

    The only downside is when your intention is to play with a group, and the majority of them are on a server that is suffering pretty badly, under the guise of login congestion. I plan to wait this out at least, until the already established servers are improved upon.
  3. I remember when cursing was considered the ultimate taboo when I was a kid. I'm only 24. If you can't deal with censorship, consider that your own problem. This is not an adult only company, and these are not adult only games. Censorship is a thing, and it has to be accepted, whether it's liked or not.
  4. Extremely offensive chat.

    I can't express how tiresome it is that "Ignoring the problem" could be consider an answer. Ignorance enables toxic behavior, it doesn't fix it. If they aren't insulting you, they're insulting someone else, and thus they have to deal with that nonsense as well. It'd never end if they were free to roam.
  5. Server down or crashed ?

    To reinforce the point of the issue we're dealing with, both Diablo 3 and Guild Wars 2 have suffered the same issue upon launch. It's unfortunate, but it's impossible to tell how well a game will launch, until it's out into the public's hands. Which means, even if it's released as the full version of the game (no cb's, ob's, etc), it's still a test within the first month to make sure servers are stable and working, and to fix what issues they're having. They were pretty responsive by adding additional servers, in a surprisingly short amount of time. This was a tactic also done by FF14, when they had suffered the same issue in regards to too many people logging in, when the game was entering CB T4, as well as into the official release of the game. I wouldn't go so far as to tell people to get over it though. Naturally if someone is being denied a service they paid for, they have the right to complain about it at least, be it at a reasonable level. Don't want to start any unnecessary arguments or insulting others to vent frustration. I do plan to place at least some money into this game as well, but this'll be after the major issues are fixed with the servers.
  6. Please stop your complaining.

    I keep seeing this, but it feels pretty apparent that this isn't the case. The almost immediate response in regards to the server issues were not made by just non-premiums, but premiums as well. If someone deliberately buys something to enable a premium status after the game has been released in its current condition, they would still have no more reason to complain than any other player who must wait as well. Once additional servers are applied, I may look into placing some money towards my account, since the issue should stabilize then. It is nothing new for any company, free to play, buy to play, or pay by month, to suffer the throes of congestion, due to too many people trying to log in. They were pretty quick with the response in regards to adding additional servers. All we can do is wait.