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  1. Hacked

    They took my 2 step varification off when they were having problems with NA servers authenticating...this was just yesterday.
  2. Hacked

    Yes..I already started a ticket..I just wanted to put a headsup on the forums that this is happening.
  3. Hacked

    No..I am a sober person and responsible...I own a house, cars, trucks, my own business. I know the time of day ....
  4. Hacked

    Just a heads up. I logged into my account today to find my nccoin missing, tracing my purchases, someone got into my account and used them to buy some gem hammers. All my alts had no money left either....not much to most people standards, but probably about 5 or so gold taken. I do not share accounts...no one else uses my pc. I hope NCsoft steps up their game security...I hesitate to spend anymore money if its just going to be ripped off ingame.
  5. PVP=Griefing Noobies

    LOL...atleast call me a hacker..I think theres more prestige in that eh buddy?
  6. PVP=Griefing Noobies

    Good proposal...as easy as Horde vs Alliance!
  7. PVP=Griefing Noobies

    I didnt even try region chat, stupid me., my instincts were to ask for other pvp(faction) types if they wanted some action. Yes, it was a lonely lvl 29 assassin hanging out killing us noobs the second we put out uniform on..heck I didnt even get a chance to take a selfie :(
  8. PVP=Griefing Noobies

    Like I said...I dont mind getting "ganked"., I knew the rules of the pvp game. But this is the first time in my gaming career, I couldnt use the ingame chat to even ask for help. I understand now, its because of the game makers battling bots., its just not a good thing to do, take tools away from players that are already disadvantaged by level. By tools, I mean an ingame chatting system that works the minute you are flagged for pvp. Unless in a 1 vs 1 arena, anything else is grossly unfair.
  9. PVP=Griefing Noobies

    Some of the best pvp ive had was when I was higher lvl in wow, taking help calls from lower lvl players. I think the people that really thrive for pvp would love to answer help calls from noobie land...I know I did in other games...just as I would here once I cap out.
  10. PVP=Griefing Noobies

    Its a shame you took so much effort to write this out without really reading what you are responding to. but thanks anyways...I guess.
  11. PVP=Griefing Noobies

    Ok, thank you very much for the explanation...
  12. PVP=Griefing Noobies

    That made absolutely no sense.... Please read my previous posts....
  13. PVP=Griefing Noobies

    Sorry my friend...Im not blaming anyone...just asking for a chat mechanic that low levels can use to call for faction help.
  14. PVP=Griefing Noobies

    Dont get me wrong everybody...I truly love pvp. Thats why Im here. But pvp especially in introducing it to new players and low level people, should try and be as fair as possible. I knew that I might get ganked by someone higher level than me, its not my first rodeo. But whats upsetting, is theres a faction chat that I could have called for back up and even help sort out some revenge, but my voice was silenced...it was like the Devs saying at my level, Im just to be ganked and not heard. There needs to be a way to call for back up in these type of situations.
  15. PVP=Griefing Noobies

    Theres nothing wrong with open world pvp...bujt the way they introduce it to new players is just ripe for griefing and can be a put off to the game.