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  1. Indeed, I think I still don't get why NA people are always crying in every mmo they play. Thanks obama. Like I said, they don't like how the game is designed? Suck it up. Don't like the pvp aspect of the game and can't get soulstone? Don't pvp and buy from AH. No money? You pve and yet you cry the lack of money? Logic.
  2. Its designed for both aspect obviously. It's an mmoRPG not a MOBA. Of course a story is needed and a PVE environment is needed. But it doesn't change the fact that end game content is mainly faction PVP. People who hate pvp can just go cry on a different thread, requesting for more dungeons and stuff, which are already coming as well.
  3. You trying to be the supplier of the entire player base? Besides you are not even the only one buying RNG boxes and selling soulstones on the AH -3-
  4. He said "from my experience", it means he meant the players who he met. Have you ever seen him? And besides if you don't wear your faction costume, how are you gonna get hit?
  5. They added the RNG boxes knowing the community is crying for soulstones. Don't wish to spend? Someone out there will definitely buy them. It increase the quantity in the market as well.
  6. He is like a player who steps into a shooter game, and tries to make melee his main weapon. Then start crying that everyone's a *cricket* and unfair for using a gun.
  7. Seems to me people are always crying how game mechanics work whenever it doesn't work the way they want it.
  8. Mind you BnS is mainly a pvp revolving game. Sure they made a faction switch because they knew some players wouldn't like pvp or getting smash by other players. Doesn't change the fact that they focus more on pvp.
  9. from what I see some of the translation seems to be from the english patch they use for china version >..>
  10. Pohwaran is suppose to be the translation of 爆花蘭(exploding flower if directly translated lel) which is in mandarin, a very olden kind of name I guess. That's her chinese name btw, since I saw it on the chinese version of the wallpaper.
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