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  1. Yes, It's really hard to tell how long an enemy is going to charge their attack. It's especially tough as you race through zones and only fight each mob type 4-5 times. I don't think my memory is good enough to remember charge times and ability paterns for all PVE, and then there's pvp. I hear KFM is top dog in pvp as far as griefing noobs goes, but I can't see it being easy to play tbh. If only counter was longer.
  2. what happens to stuff in wardrobe after premium expires
  3. why didn't i just DL it through my cerebral jack
  4. That's just the thing, it's still too early to have a nice sample size in which to determine which guide is the best. Actually a lot of the guides I've seen are linked from other forums to korean pages.
  5. Siiiigh, I wanna play it so bad but idk.. I tried out Assassin and it's like redic easier than KFM, idk why they are close in 'difficulty'. If KFM counter was a bit longer, then I could see it being the same difficulty as assassin.
  6. Punch all the babies. And yea google is nice, but you're ignorant if you think I haven't used the google yet lol.
  7. But I love it so much... Any tips for leveling? Soul shields, skill perks etc Thanks
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