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  1. Aussie Back after quitting

    Thank you both. I will have to look into this VPN matter also. The lagg was a tad annoying, but I'm sure there is someway around it.
  2. Hey guys and girls I'm back after quitting a few days after the release due to high servers and lagg. I'm considering coming back if there is no wait times anymore on low populated servers. I'm from Australia I sort of know I'm going to lagg, but I just want to know what is the best Australian server, that Australians play on. If none can you give me recommendations on a good server also with no/ low player limits so I don't have to wait 3 hours to actually play the game, lagg out straight away then wait 3 more hours. Thanks.
  3. Fix the queue times.

    This, It's 6 for me :P I always log in roughly around 4 so i can be playing by 5.
  4. Can we switch servers?

    As do I , I wish to continue playing but these ques are really getting on my nerves. But as I keep hearing around theres no such thing as a perfect launch in an MMO. I'm sure in due time they will fix it.
  5. Can we switch servers?

    No you can not take your character to another server. It is bound to 1 server as you create it.

    I tried to logg in and it said currently undergoing maintenance. What.
  7. A whole week to delete?

    Many people are waiting a week to delete some characters, also due to the same problem you are having, "Server is too full" Some people saying 1 week to delete, others are saying only 5 minutes. Not 100% sure but to delete your character in 5 minutes I think you may have to be a premium member. Now in my say, 1 week to delete a character is way to long, just NCsoft wanting more money after persuading you into buying premium membership and even then messing with the whole community with downtimes and still waiting in lines in ques. A character should be able to be deleted like that.