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  1. NA server down?

    well think this would be a great time to go to sleep hopefully emma is right i would hate to have to do all those quest again.....
  2. NA server down?

    yea they just put something on twitter saying there aware of issues with soha and working to get it back up
  3. NA server down?

    no clue all i know was when i started over around 10 hours ago i was 41 in the place before the necropolis undead place
  4. NA server down?

    don't feel to bad i when i got to char select it told me that i was 41 when i was 43 so basically everything i did today was a waste of time unless it's an error
  5. afk timer

    Did anyone know the exact amount of time you have before getting kicked?
  6. Queue time lying?

    clearly they underestimated just how popular this was going to be here lol
  7. Queue time lying?

    is it like this for all servers?
  8. Queue time lying?

    playing ghost in the shell first assault lol no reason not to have fun while waiting
  9. Queue time lying?

    For all the people complaining here is an idea go play something else while you wait......Its a new game it has been highly anticipated for years now most likely be like this for the next month. You guys clearly never played arc survival evolved on xbox they don't have queue timers all you can do is constantly hit join and hope to god you get in.But yea go play something else on steam or whatever for an hour.