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  1. Marketplace Limit

    I agree with everything being said and also want to point out that this is forcing sellers to sell in bulk when the more important items are only bought in 1s or 2s. For example; who needs a stack of 500-1000 dumplings, and the proper way to sell 5-50 at a time hits the limit in no time.
  2. Marketplace Limit

    I have so many items to sell and I can't do anything about it since after a couple sells I can't sell anymore and have to wait a day, what a huge joke. Can we get a traders licence to sell unlimited or just plain out remove the limit? An every hour recharge would be best.
  3. Help me pick which hair/tail combo

    4 is the best for sure.
  4. Everything is shared..

    We used Customize UI Shift F1 which is in the server settings... not client.
  5. Everything is shared..

    So me and my brother started playing on seperate accounts and everything is shared... If he changes he UI it changes mine, everything is also shared on all server what the heck....
  6. BnS Reaction Gifs

    What everyone is doing right now.
  7. I'm so done right now...

    If you can't beat em, join them right?
  8. Which server has the Lowest Population?

    Probablly the ones that they recommend in the patcher. I don't really remember them but I think one of them is Iksanun.
  9. You need to change your power settings to turn off display not let it sleep, if it sleeps your client will lose connection.
  10. What's your number game

    #1274 after 5 hours. Ill prob be in in another 2 or more hours. Shoulda gone to sleep....