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  1. Well, it was a great story to play through. It had all of the right levers pulled. Endgame is probably the worst in online gaming. Treadmilling the same dungeons for a month was horrible, and to think that new players are going to do that for a year, never gonna happen. The endgame is from a bygone era when farming for something gained micro steps in advancement. Seriously expect new players with all of the other options on f2p to grind dailies for 1/1000th of a percent of a needed items for 2+ attack... The irony of it all is I knew all this before diving back in and
  2. I've played a great deal of mmos in my time and one of my favorite parts is landscape design in particular, trees. For a long time Vanguard SOH held my "Best Tree" tage. Vanguard Elven city was one of the best design and textured regions in all of mmo. Playing through the Blade and Soul story I was absolutely awe struck with the "Elder Oak". I'm officially naming the "Elder Oak" as the best designed and textured tree in all of mmos ! //content.invisioncic.com/w306168/emoticons/5.png Thank you tall who worked so hard to bring this amazing UE4 upda
  3. What's your stats ? Widget is a generic term to describe the currency for progression. A new player isn't going to always take the time to search for answers like myself or professional mmorpg players. My post was strictly from a new players perspective. Last night after almost a month playing, ":there's a compound system , ok, what does that need..." Thank kind of "what does that or this need to advance" questioning can become overwhelming for new players. Thank you for your input !
  4. Greetings, The game looks really nice and adjusting a few graphical setting it was running around 50-60fps. The main story was a joy to play through with some real tear jerker moments. The combination of drama and music was well done and well executed. Now to the critique : Blasting people up to level 60 was good in theory but really just excelled people walking away from the game faster. The current state of "bartering" is one of the most horrid systems I've seen since Age of Conan PVP gear or Lord of the Rings Mines of Moria token system. Toke
  5. Turn off grass completely, I'm 60 fps everywhere now.
  6. Grass and foilage are very poorly optimized. Looking into the issue there's several methods to fix it sadly the fix can't be issued through an ini command. in the town (48fps): https://imgur.com/BR3lJI6 on the path (45fps) : https://imgur.com/5t2VvdR in the grass (17fps) : https://imgur.com/aPQqvuc Other problems can be tthe usage of TemperolAA . I've turned off in game AA and forced supersampling in my driver control panel which boost 10-15 fps near grass and foliage. One of many videos on the issue : https://www
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