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  1. Well played NCSoft

    Even though your point is valid. I just took the 30 days and didn't think about reading the FAQ. My initial thought it was like the NCoins where you would buy it 30 days at a time or however long you would like the membership.
  2. Hello everyone, I stopped playing the game due to a variety of reason. Biggest one was the optimization and grind involved. I use to buy premium membership through NCoins when 30 days was available. Once that was gone I purchased 30 more days through the site. Thought it was easy enough. Didn't think it was a big deal. However, I must of missed some sort of fine print and stupid me should have checked the account settings, but it added a subscription to my account and just withdrew another 30 days worth of premium membership today even though its been about 1-2 weeks since I logged in. I know if I contest it, there will be a very good chance that my account will be banned or closed. I was hoping if things got better I jump back on if NCsoft decided to fix the issues at hand, but it looks like they just got another 11.99 out of me. Well done NCSoft. I hope you use it to actually fix your game. For all those who quit playing the game. Check your account settings and make sure there is no subscription. Thank you,
  3. The "Share your Couples" Thread

    Me and my girl in the dungeon lobby. Oh the me and my hand picture was hilarious. lol
  4. Would have to agree on this. The grind in this game is beyond ridiculous. I only get to play maybe an hour or two before I start getting bored of having to do so many dailies to get such little in reward. Make matters worse is the soulstone requirements. Normally I wouldn't mind doing dailies to get these but the faction imbalance on our server makes me not want to step foot in the area. To me, its not fun to have to play 4-6 hours a day everyday for months on end just to get a decent amount of AP. I'm currently at 414 AP and I have gotten ridiculed for being considered undergeared even though i know the mechanics. I play other games besides this one. So far BnS is becoming less and less appealing. Only thing I come on for is daily dash and maybe a handful of dailies that yield about 7-8 gold a day. The content felt rushed beyond belief and I find myself missing the lvl 45 content. Being melee and having to deal with optimization issues where one stutter in the FPS could mean the difference between taking massive AOE damage or being able to avoid it. Love the game, love the combat, but there are alot of flaws.
  5. Lagging in arena

    I just did 3s with two other friends of mine and the lag was horrible. In fact I couldn't even see the animations. Not sure whats going on.
  6. Old Man cho Clan help

    I'm not sure if you are a fan of Bajheera's stream on twitch but we have a few spots open. We don't really do PVE but some pvp. Been difficult to do PVP dailies even in a group since there always is about 10-15 CL in each channel. We have had some fun battles though.
  7. One thing I like to add, FPS is very good in Mushins tower but the fps hiccups are still there. Mushin's tower is probably the most enjoyable content for me right now. Still have to omit certain skills due to this issue. Thanks.
  8. Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Everyone. First off I want to say my experience in Blade and Soul has mostly been a positive one. It's a fun game and the combat system was something I've never experienced with MMOs. It's probably the first MMO in a long time that I really wanted to experience endgame content that wasn't WoW. In addition, Its another game my GF and I can play together. We love doing dailies (pvp ones included) and just spending time together when we are about 300 miles apart. However, there is a major issue with the game that is killing my experience and fun with the game. The optimization. I have a computer that can run every game on the highest settings (Including FFXIV and WoW) and get a solid 60+ FPS. With the recent patch and gamegaurd being reactivated it somehow got worse. I was doing tag matches yesterday and every time I would assist or go in to draw stance (I play a BD FYI), it would just start getting choppy and it was nearly impossible to hit anything. In addition I noticed certain abilities caused a slight hiccup in the framerate that would prevent me from doing certain combos. For example, I no longer use Blitzblade in my aerial combo because I've notice hiccups using this ability. When I get a hiccup, the next frame I see is the guy on the ground and I can't finish the combo. Other frustrating examples is I'll get hiccups during enemy players abilities, I try to get a spin off to parry but the game already has me in a stun and I unintentionally use my escape since they are keybind on the same button. I've also missed out on alot of World PVE and PVP due to this issue. I tried BW for about 2 minutes and just gave up. I couldn't avoid anything due to the frame rate issue. Also, I can't count the numbers of times I missed out on getting credit on the mystery man because of all the player's abilities being used and causing my game to freeze. My mind set in the game is not, "What is the best course of action to defeat this boss," but its "What do i have to do to hit the boss enough times to get credit, before the frame rate becomes unplayable." In arena, I want to play and learn from mistakes I made and adjust. I don't mind losing but when I get screwed over due to a hiccup, it irritates me. I'm missing out on the full potential of this game. I would love to continue playing but lately its been getting very frustrating. I've put up with it since early launch but now I'm at a point where I ask myself, "Why bother." I hope NCSofts uses this feedback as well as the other player's feedback that enjoy the game as much as I do. We would like to continue supporting you NCSoft. Thank you,
  9. FPS Drop & Freezing Issues

    Hi there, Any luck on this?
  10. FPS Drop & Freezing Issues

    Praying for a fix to the FPS issue. I've missed out on Mystery Man multiple times cause the only time i could hit him is when he was spinning and resisting everything.... I love the game. My computer handles every other game I play on ultra (WoW and FF XIV for example) and don't have any issues. This game though...love it but there has to be a framerate fix and soon.
  11. Having major issues on my end as well. I love getting 60-120 fps then drop to 5-10 (sometimes complete freezes) when people are attacking. I love this game but the FPS issue is driving me crazy. I won't renew my premium because of this issue.
  12. FPS

    Yeah my FPS went from (on world bosses) 5-10 to the game crashing..... Getting so annoyed with the optimization....love the game.
  13. FPS Issues

    My computer is top notch and can run any game on ultra just fine. This game has been horrible fps and random frame drops. No idea whats going on. Trying to farm the Arena Soul Shields with about 25-30 other people. As soon as the boss comes everyone attacks and my game freezes for a few seconds. I can barley hit the boss because the FPS is so bad. Driving me crazy with the frame rate issues. Really enjoy the game though.