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  1. Hello, i am just wondering if anything is going to be done about the soulstone plains bugs, the one i am specifically aquiring about is the quest to take over the quarry after enemy faction has won. I can kill both mini bosses and wait for the strike captain to spawn but only 1 person can complete the quest? This boss has 5million hp and you allow only 1 person to complete this?
  2. So as we all know bots are a problem and NCsoft is literally doing jack shit about it even though they get paid top dollar to keep this game maintained, here's what i am purposing Hire me, yes me for $10 an hour plus commission on every bot i ban. I could literally sit in arenas or at soulstone plains for only 10minutes and ban over 100+ bots on my server.. im not sure if you *cricket*boys can open your eyes or not but seriously please look at the SSP-SOHA server and observe all the crimson summoner bots that instant switch channels to farm the Capture boss for keys & the bots
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