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  1. You can report leechers.

    Okay, so after I had a terrible run in one of the new dungeons with people purposedly afking (not really, as they were moving with us) and leeching, making us hit enrage without killing the boss cuz dps lacking, I asked support if it was reportable, specially since that specific guy kept mocking the party on how he couldn't get reported/banned or whatever for it, and support said that we can report them. It took a while with the automated replies, but they answered: > Me: Mesmerize Sunday at 15:30 With the new lv50 dungeons, bosses have tight enrage timers so we need the most dps possible before that happens. There was a player that refused to fight, and simply stood there leeching while mocking the party saying how he can't be banned, reported and that he has been doing it since day 1. We weren't able to clear that dungeon boss because we lacked the dps, so this is becoming a real problem. We don't have the option to kick and our only solution is to leave a party we've put effort and time in, just to abandon on the last boss. So my question is, is this reportable? I have screenshots of him admiting and mocking the party about it, and resulting on us not being able to progress in the dungeon. > Support: GM ---- Sunday at 17:17 Hello There, Thank you for taking the time to report this possible violation of the rules. We will investigate the issue and take appropriate action against anyone found to be violating the User Agreement. For privacy reasons, we are not able to provide specific information about what action is taken in response to this report. I'm sorry that we aren't able to provide more information about the outcome in this case. We do take these reports very seriously, and we will do everything we can to verify what happened. Regards, GM ---- NCSOFT Support Team > Me: Mesmerize Sunday at 19:26 That didn't really answer my question. > Support: GM ---- Yesterday at 07:33 Hello, Sorry for the confusion. Players that have been reported for potential violations of the User Agreement will be investigated thoroughly. Please be aware that investigations may take some time as we gather the necessary information. For privacy reasons, we are not able to provide specific information about what action is taken in response to this report. Regards, GM ---- NCSOFT Support Team > Me: Mesmerize Yesterday at 11:12 But my question still remains. Can we report people that refuse to fight in dungeons and just stand there, mocking the party about it and the party suffers a dps loss they can't afford due to dps check enrage? > Support: ---- Today at 11:00 Hello, Yes, you may report player's such as these so that we can incur the best action suitable for their behavior. Keep in mind that we cannot share any information regarding our investigation of reported players for privacy reasons. If you have any other issues, please let us know. Regards, ---- NCSOFT Support Team Censored their names just in case it breaks privacy rules or whatever. But yes, apparently we can report leechers.
  2. Game was better before the latest patch

    I partly agree. I never was one of those players asking for AP for dungeons (didn't really have a problem in lab), but these new dungeons with bosses enraging in 3 minutes, people using profane weapons and not even getting to 50% when boss hits enrage. Leechers also made this worse. But I like how short they are, because doing dailies for progression isn't fun, it feels like a job specially if you do it on different characters. I don't mind them for the same reason of point 1, they're fast for dailies, which is fine for me. I completely agree with this. I HATE relying on other people to do my own progression. I understand this is a mmo, I like playing in group, but not for everything. I like being able to do my own personal progression whenever I can. So I have to time my log in schedule with everyone else, can't play whenever I feel like doing so, because there isn't enough people to do group quests with at any time of the day. This is absolutely frustating and makes me want to skip dailies, which I have somewhat done since the patch. I agree. Even though my fps isn't that bad, I just can't complete the quest because bosses die simultaneously and can't receive loot from all bosses. I don't really care about open world PvP, but I have to admit that video made me lol of how broken it is xD. My worst point in this patch is the forced zerging needed for dailies and overall personal progression. Which is basically the whole lv50 patch.
  3. Find the intruder :3

    That was too easy.
  4. Received Items

    I've been looking around and couldn't find a thread about it (if someone knows it, please post it, I'd appreciate that). Is anyone else having problems with withdrawing received items from dash/shop? I have a bunch, even bought some inventory bags and can't allocate them to my character, the check box is greyed out, however I can still check in older items that were there, it's just whatever item I get from the patch until now.
  5. Where is Jinsoyun when you need her?

    When you're the only non bot in a run and you meet bots you reported weeks ago and are now HM 3.
  6. That's not P2W. P2W is gaining exclusive stats via irl cash that isn't obtainable in game by farming in any means. The only time it would apply on buying things faster being p2w is on games that have limits (*cough* Skyforge *cough*). You can get what paying players get by farming, but it literally takes months to a year to get one item they bought in less than 1 minute, thus catching up is impossible and they will have adventage over everyone else. We kinda have limits in this game with dailies providing most gold, but you can also can keep farming mats, dungeons and get money from bids/market after you ran out of dailies and keep earning gold. You can also make alts to have extra dailies (including soulstone ones).
  7. Fabric + High quality fabric.

    But someone has to pay for those Hcoins, it's not completely free. NCsoft still makes profit.
  8. AFK in Dungeon - "u cant report me"

    It has some flaws: They would need to place them somewhere else as soulstone are REALLY needed, bots would follow there. The only way to stop them is making soulstones untradeable, and that would affect every legit player by a lot, probably not gonna ever happen. I agree with captchas, though not on every match, but rather when joining dungeon/arena lobby. This is bad. If you have to afk for whatever reason and your team mates wait for you, explaining fights or waiting for a new party member to arrive to boss, everyone would get kicked. Field bosses are made so anyone in the area can join the fight and people could zerg said boss with more than enough people required, so a little 'handicap' has to be there to balance the rewards vs difficulty and people need to work for their good rewards. Rewards are inidividually looted aswell, dungeon bosses aren't. If loot wasn't shared, there would be no party bid. Also, if dungeons were based on damage dealt, high lvl, overgeared people would kill the bosses so fast that lesser gear players wouldn't have a chance to get right to bid on loot and if you set the required damage way lower than that, it wouldn't solve anything, people would just attack it for a couple of hits and afk again. For chat spams, I would rather have a captcha everytime you log in and what to use chatbox for the FIRST time after you log in. I agree with this.
  9. Warlock Mushin Tower F7 *need tips*

    Were they nerfed in Korea on later patches or we simply got them on higher hp when they didn't?
  10. Quitting Review - BnS is pretty hollow.

    A game stops being fun when you log in to do the same dailies everyday and log out, just so you don't feel like you're being left behind, making it feel like a job. At this point, I've limited my dailies to just 24 people zones as the dungeons are infested with 2-3 bots minimum per run (even poh and bhs). No one joins the f7 recruit links, I really tried. Arenas are 98% destroyer bots. Dungeon bots are HM 3 which means that even after being reported, they've been farming for so long and not getting banned.
  11. I heard they removed the salvage on non cash outfits because of bots (can anyone confirm this?). If so, they gave priority to a cosmetic farm over progress item farm that's being currently botted the hell out of it (soulstones/terrors). If they removed them because of bots, they should just put them back on and realize it does nothing but gimp other players on cosmetics. The other problem is, after changing the salvage option to cash shop outfits only, they didn't tune down the fabrics needed for the original intended use, neither the transmute outfits (success rate is low, combined with some more rng to get the one you want, making it grindy) nor the faction uniform clan craft (500 fabrics, yea right Lol). As someone who collects outfits, ye this bothered me so much.
  12. (Spoiler) Namsoyoo is a wanker.

    Everyone in this game is a traitor :I
  13. My friends finally got banned for Ogong

    I guess you guys aren't really friends.
  14. Strange redirect;connection not safe

    thats because when you log in, you're logging on your nc account and logging in all of their game forums at once. Aion one seems to be having trouble atm.
  15. Vuestros servidores de PVP son una mierda. ESP

    His point is that B&S is being advertised in Spanish, missleading players when there isn't any client for that language (not even forums). While I don't really mind, I do understand that point but I don't agree on not giving a flying cricket about post language though.