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  1. His point is that B&S is being advertised in Spanish, missleading players when there isn't any client for that language (not even forums). While I don't really mind, I do understand that point but I don't agree on not giving a flying cricket about post language though.
  2. Lol I just saw your name on forums hue :D <3 And to stay on topic:
  3. French and German are secondary and tertiary languages in Europe and they're taught in public schools as such. If they had to put every single European language in localization work, we would never see patches. Even if Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world, it's not per region. It also means they would have to expand their company with a Spanish team, new servers and they probably wouldn't bother because companies have to $ave that money.
  4. It's not that simple. If the official forums had official Spanish subforums, their team would need to be in contact with the community, and volunteers don't meet that position, you would need community managers from NCsoft. This is not some p.server forums.
  5. A forum that their team doesn't have a staff team for.
  6. NCwest isn't responsible of those countries. A South American publisher would have to take care of that. About Spain not being included in EU pack? they're not enough. French and German are spoken in more countries among EU, they're taught as secondary languages in European schools aswell.
  7. It wouldn't make sense without a Spanish client, they'd be "lured" and wonder why they don't have the game in Spanish aswell, without this, they wouldn't see the point of hiring a Spanish team to moderate that part of the forums. Requests like this are like being vegetarian and entering a meat shop asking for vegetables.
  8. F2P is just an excuse to rip off more money than a game is worth. The amount of money they earn for the quality of content players receive isn't balanced. Games are phsycologically made to hook you up, and in extreme cases, make you feel like you're left behind if you don't put way more money on it.
  9. May I ask what the ratio is? gold : hongmoon coin, and how much 1 hongmoon is worth towards the price of stuff?
  10. I wish it had another outfit on but I have none so far Dx
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