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  1. ye, you learn that skill from eating Royal Zen Bean (cost 5000 zen beans or 4500 with Premium)
  2. didn't read what people say in this thread, but no matter how much people cry or whine about Animation cancel, they won't remove it. It's been a thing in other game I played (Aion) since 2009
  3. as long as you know the website is trusted and have good reputation, then it's legit I bought NCoins (game code) from Amazon and they worked fine
  4. I also moved the game to a new PC last week, it was pretty simple. I copied the whole NCSOFT folder in C:\Program Files (x86) and pasted it in the same folder in new SSD. Then I went to BnS main website and download the client (220MB), when I ran this client, it'll install NClauncher and detect the game. That's it.
  5. maybe you're experiencing Memory Leak read this thread: bladeandsouldojo.com/topic/155409-potential-fps-fix-blackwyrm-fps-memory-leak/
  6. well, if you can beat Junghado then I assume your gear is good enough to get loot from Blackwyrm easily. Did you wear your faction costume when doing Blackwyrm? if you don't, you won't get loot
  7. it has something to do with the Chat servers, I'm not sure if everyone is affected by this issue. I live in West US, my ISP is Comcast, is anyone using the same provider?
  8. 2k attack is normal when Destroyer has Fury buff up, it gives 100% crit chance and some crit damage, what you experienced is pretty much the combo all Destroyers do in arena, his animation cancel looks like this: at 0:10
  9. F7 fight is really relaxing for summoners, idk why many of you have trouble with it. You only need to make sure your pet is near the boss when you use taunt, the rest is just tank n spank
  10. I notice that it says "connecting to server..." on character selection screen, I waited 10mins and the message was still there, I guess it means my Internet fails to connect to the chat server, my ISP is Comcast
  11. happens to me as well I can only use normal chat (but not in cross-server dungeon), all other chats are broken...
  12. 1. sell NCoins for gold 2. farm terrors/blackwyrm with a group for easy channel switch, Brilliant Blackwyrm box gives 20 soulstones, they were 35-38s before so that's easy 7gold every kill 3. depends on your class, you can solo Brightstone instance for the recipe (it was 50+ gold, now only 24g), the 2 Moonwater tears from boss are 35silver each 4. do all dailies in Misty woods + E.Fleet, if you have multiple 45s toons, then this is the easiest way to make money for Siren weapons
  13. before the nerf, Cat taunt lasts 8s (12s cooldown) if you use it, boss will aggro on your pet for 12s, so you can spam that skill to tank n spank boss, ez mode after the nerf, boss will aggro the summoner as soon as 8s taunt ends, looks like it's working as intended to me
  14. looks like the website from your link copy the stats of Soul Shields from KR version. I got 7/8 endless Mushin SS so far and some pieces don't match the stats on that website, yes I did double checked. My guess is we're getting the outdated version of Mushin soul shield set...
  15. you only need to do 97k damage to get loot, unlike Blackwyrm, these Terrors don't give Brilliant Box when you do alot of damage. On my destroyer, I usually wait till it does the Red AoE, then use buffs +healing pots and go all out till I'm low, that's enough for loot
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