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  1. "Do I like RNG?" from this game? No, no, no, no, no. RNG was way more a best friend in NcSoft's Aion compared to this. But will I continue to play it? Yes. Why? Reasons..reasons...
  2. I don't see bots in Mushin open world (at least where I normally roam), but far as arena I don't know and every blue moon you might see them in fraction chat.
  3. By the time this "transfer service" hits the game I bet if you rerolled on a more populated server leveling literally 1 level a day keeping that pace consistently you'd hit max with HM powers combined.
  4. Not a bad story, but at the same time I feel a good % of your audience won't listen to the moral of the story.
  5. From the many threads from now and before. NA: Mushin, Poharan followed by Jiwan. Not sure about EU.
  6. Mushin & Poharan for sure followed by Jiwan the RP server.
  7. It still looks bad on my screen if you're referring to market.
  8. Yes. If you don't see it now it's in the bottom corner on your right with all that other menu junk. It should look like a TV.
  9. This is pretty inventive putting Twitch in-game to view the broadcasting, but I have no idea how to maneuver it around in the case so I can watch and play the game.
  10. Lol @that caveman bit. Maybe this is just the start to something even greater.
  11. Well I got my laugh for the day, thank you all.
  12. Nothing says better than a bunch of unsupervised kindergartners... Thanks for sharing. xD
  13. Well in spite of everything else I'm not going to lie those bosses in the trailer do look pretty cool.
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