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  1. [Poll] Do you like RNG?

    "Do I like RNG?" from this game? No, no, no, no, no. RNG was way more a best friend in NcSoft's Aion compared to this. But will I continue to play it? Yes. Why? Reasons..reasons...
  2. How are bots in Poharan?

    I don't see bots in Mushin open world (at least where I normally roam), but far as arena I don't know and every blue moon you might see them in fraction chat.
  3. Server Transfer

    By the time this "transfer service" hits the game I bet if you rerolled on a more populated server leveling literally 1 level a day keeping that pace consistently you'd hit max with HM powers combined.
  4. Cold Storage tale

    Not a bad story, but at the same time I feel a good % of your audience won't listen to the moral of the story.
  5. Super Newbie Guide! ♡ FAQ + more

    Hey. This is pretty nice! :D
  6. Most Populated Server

    From the many threads from now and before. NA: Mushin, Poharan followed by Jiwan. Not sure about EU.
  7. what bns servers are popular still? (na)

    Mushin & Poharan for sure followed by Jiwan the RP server.
  8. Changes in market are terrible!!!

    It still looks bad on my screen if you're referring to market.
  9. Blade & Soul TV is on air

    Yes. If you don't see it now it's in the bottom corner on your right with all that other menu junk. It should look like a TV.
  10. Blade & Soul TV is on air

    This is pretty inventive putting Twitch in-game to view the broadcasting, but I have no idea how to maneuver it around in the case so I can watch and play the game.
  11. New Swimwear Available now!! :)

    Lol @that caveman bit. Maybe this is just the start to something even greater.

    Well I got my laugh for the day, thank you all.
  13. Patch Notes

    That outfit is amazing!
  14. BNS Community in a nutshell

    Nothing says better than a bunch of unsupervised kindergartners... Thanks for sharing. xD
  15. BnS @ E3

    Well in spite of everything else I'm not going to lie those bosses in the trailer do look pretty cool.