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  1. Braindead chars

    This whole topic should be closed. It serves no purpose other than to be toxic. It promotes judging people's subjective opinions on certain classes rather than the player in question. If you macro just about any class can be braindead except for maybe kfm but even then if you have multiple macros on a keyboard even that can be done fairly easily. Lets not forget simple mode was NCsoft's way of adding macros into the game albeit for some classes like summoner/gunner it wasn't that great, but for others like shadow assassin it was great.
  2. I agree with this and like you said yourself before the servers aren't the only issue its a combination of bad coding and the mess they have over there. Lets just hope they fix it although as past history has shown itself its unlikely
  3. DCing and latency are two different things. Also this just bolsters what I am saying. The problem is with them and how they handle connections. They are the ones responsible for fixing this issue of how connections are handled yet they haven't even bothered to try (Although in your case that was obviously a mistake on your end). Your case is a d/c case though not a latency/lag case. Theres a difference between being completely disconnected from a server and suffering high lag while being connected (When you reset your IP you basically reconnect yourself to the internet so you are force d/cing yourself not having an issue with lag)
  4. Neither am I. I am merely stating that the problem is with NCsoft. The ping issue IS WITH them. Otherwise only a handful/fraction of the community would be suffering from said issues, games of ncsoft like aion would be having similar issues with said fraction of people, and or there would be other games nonncsoft related with such issues. This is a blade and soul only problem and they really need to look at themselves at this point. P.S. you do see every single of the players having the issue (I have several friends that get like 20ms in games like WoW or counterstrike yet they cannot even login to this game because the ping is so high for them). Just the other night my friends TT who one and dones boss 1 have the whole raid lagging constantly it took them 3-4 hours just to kill boss one due to ping spikes repeatedly that EVERYONE was suffering from. Also EU has better I wouldn't say you understand what true delays are until you try the terrible NA servers. No offense, but lag in EU and NA are polar opposites in blade & soul (Lag in EU is a joke compared to what people suffer with in NA). Its so bad that NA servers are a meme
  5. I never said it was a single route so you are misrepresenting my words. What I am saying is that literally all of the players on the bns server have the same issue with horrible ping only for this game. The other ncsoft game aion for example people do not. Other games that aren't ncsoft related such ping issues with "routing" are unheard of. So basically what we have here is that the problem is only with blade and soul and every user has the same issue. The response has been to blame your ISP, but its just ridiculous to say that over 95% of ISPs across america are to blame. They simply need to admit and upgrade their servers. Seriously read some threads or talk to people ingame its common knowledge its why aside from greed players have been leaving the game. Its downright insulting to players that buy trove or subscription to be left with bad servers. You have no proof for what you have been talking about. If anyone is jumping to conclusions its you and people like you is why we are going to be stuck with bad servers even when the optimization patch hits us. Which will only fix fps but not ms. Literally will be a useless patch. I just had another clan leave bns over ms2 because they are sick of the bad servers. Its getting old honestly. Even if it was a "routing" issue why is it only with blade and soul and not any other game on the market or any other ncsoft game?? If the routing is bad they need to find better locations. The ping issue is on them, not the player. Its their game and a vast majority of the community is suffering from poor choices.
  6. That makes absolutely no sense
  7. What an ignorant statement lol. You mean to say that 95 percent of ISPs across america are the problem to blame for a single game's route? Aion uses ncsoft servers yet ppl get much better ping so its pretty obvious its the servers to blame (Not to mention like no other game has an issue like this). You can get a better ping playing pubg KR server like wow LOL. Countless threads have been made about this issue with people coming to the same conclusion, theres a search bar you know
  8. Its the servers not you. There is nothing you can do. Its pretty much been proven its the servers. They just need to upgrade, but they won't. It wouldn't surprise me if they kept the servers bad on purpose because of some contract with said vpn groups that might exist. Milk that money
  9. Imperial stones

  10. Give us the free Soul exchange please.

    I second this.. Would make it nicer so you could go long soul for dungeons and then swap back to short for raids.
  11. People afking Koldrak

    Can something be done about this? Its getting ridiculous just did a koldrak where me and like 3 other people were the only ones doing all the work while everyone else hit the boss and ran into the lava to afk lazy the boss. They shouldn't get credit if they don't participate. Make it so you must do like 4 percent of the boss's hp or something. (Even baleful can do that)
  12. Absolute high ping.

    This is old news really. BnS has bad servers and they refuse to upgrade.
  13. Battleground 6v6 is too unbalanced

    See this just tells me you don't know enough about pvp. Gunners DO have focus. They suffer from focus loss. Sure they have it easier by hitting reload but if they are getting enough time to even do that you're playing wrong because even though they reload it just goes to 0 again. All classes in 6v6 1 shot. Its surprising you have trouble as a bm too as they are famous for the 100-0 burst in arena. You also have the longest cc's of any class in the game Its already 1 shot only for ALL classes 6v6 was never about skills. If you want skills go to 1v1 thats where you can see how the current balancing is and why gunner is bottom tier.
  14. Battleground 6v6 is too unbalanced

    If you die to a gunner in pvp you're just bad. Gunners are the worst pvp class in the game lol. Every class one shots bc of gear in 6v6 get used to it.
  15. Most accessories for stage 9-10 breakthrough require a pristine oil now which requires a regular oil as well to make to begin with (also heart of course requires sacred oils past true hongmoon heart)