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  1. The only thing really p2w right now about BnS is the hongmoon gem powders. The only reliable source is trove, all the other sources are silly.
  2. They have to do maintenance. They currently cannot have the game running without it with how F8 among other things work currently. They need to clear and reset the lobbies for example. Thats why every week if you noticed the lobby numbers start out low on wednesday after maintenance and end up high at the end of tuesday. They are using an old school style system of coding
  3. Give us dragonfall please! its 2019 and this outfit still hasn't come back
  4. Solo it (if you can), do it with friends/clan mates only. F8 is not trustworthy
  5. This is so wrong. As someone who has done it on a gunner alt with that much dps. Its just not true. Being frozen doesn't affect your dps at all either whether you are melee or ranged provided you are facing the boss the whole time which you should be. The only issue is the blinds but those can be iframed, and the red attacks being an easy cc. Honestly if someone cant do that i doubt they can clear mao or hong even as those dungeons require a hella more mech management. As far as people not demanding all the loot in BT its because the loot there is more of value to overshadow someth
  6. This made me laugh. I have the complete opposite experience as does just about everyone I play with. I have a hard time believing this is true. I always see the orb user take gem tickets + feathers, but pass on the rest of the loot on my alts.
  7. Whoa whoa whoa no one is saying its an obligation. Everyone on the other side is saying its courtesy to give them both bosses as the standard. Its seen everyday when people pass on boss 1 loot. If you want to risk losing a dynamic that day by having the orb user leave or being blacklisted even thats your choice. You definitely aren't helping the player base thats for sure. This attitude makes it so players who can solo the dungeon will just solo the dungeon because of players that can't give common courtesy. Its also the fact how much a pain in the arse the orbs have gotten to be. Im a vet mys
  8. You were slanting because you used the evidence of some players disagreeing to come to the conclusion that the notion presented is false without showing the counter arguments from other players, then you proceeded to post quotes of only "one sided" of the argument to try and back your claim this is of course after your big rant of labeling people. Lets be honest here and look at your original post you are downright just slanting. I haven't been calling everyone ignorant repeatedly who disagrees with me either, in fact I referred to one person's statement ignorant about their argument early wh
  9. Trascendence badge can be bought for yunsang beads if I remember right. Like 42 or 45 beads so if you have been doing that daily you should have enough np
  10. Hell no not with how unbalanced pvp is right now. BMs are extremely overpowered wheras a lot of classes underperform in pvp now.
  11. Normally per stage in Tower of Infinity all your cooldowns and debuffs reset for the next fight, but the problem with gunslinger is they no longer have vigilance (yes another nerf..) so they have to use the 5 minute debuff alpha call to reset their tab. Problem is once its used on one stage they get the 5min cd for all the stages upward. This needs to be reset as well.
  12. Wrong, Fire is best for burst and sustained. Look at top KR gunners. This statement is just wrong on so many levels. This has been the way it has been before awakening for quite some time and post awakening for quite some time. Shadow never got the buff it needed (its a shame)
  13. If you read what I originally said regarding the topic I wasn't telling every player in the game to just go solo it. I stated simply that very geared players (who most often are the ones using the orb anyways) who were carrying undergeared players will just outright solo the dungeon because its just simply stupid otherwise. If you solo it theres 0 risk of a player stealing your loot, no drama regarding said loot, etc. So if players continue to keep bidding on the first boss loot there will be less carries in the future and more geared players soloing it. I know very well because even everyone
  14. This is so wrong. Fire>Shadow for both burst and sustained fights. Fire is still king, shadow is easier to use that is all. Look at top KR gunners like Nodah even proving this as a fact several times over. The main issue with fire is that its harder to use (as you need to time in certain skills due to how stationary you are, requires a decent ping to get 7 bulletstorms off, and as others said it works when it wants to as its even more rng based).
  15. You want to iframe the blind because its like 4-5 seconds of lost dps per blind (which can add up). As far as the damage resistance stacks goes you can just flat out ignore these (I do it all the time and kill him rather fast). If your dps is enough to beat the enrage timer its better just to ignore the stacks. If you are in a team of people who all have dps issues then you might but other than that its just best to ignore the stacks (You actually gain dps just by keep hitting him at most he should maybe get 3-5 stacks the whole fight if he gets more then your dps is subpar). So ignore the bot
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