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  1. Obligatory Gameguard Thread

    NC has been using GameGuard for 13+ years now, and listening to all the same complaints for just as long. It's not that they don't know, it's that they simply don't care. They have to at least appear to be doing something about bots, cheats, RMT, etc. so that they can point at it and say "hey! look what we did! we tried super hard!" and the gullible will be appeased. Especially if you get a great deal on a really crappy anticheat solution by signing a long term contract. There's really only one way to manage cheating, botting, etc. and that is to have real people police the servers. Actual, live people, using actual GM characters to prosecute offenses in real time. We can't really expect that from NC, because they won't pay anyone to do it. NC doesn't care about our gameplay experience, and they don't care about bots, or cheaters or RMT. It's about expending the absolute minimum effort required to milk whatever cash they can from whoever is foolish enough to give it to them, and when the absolute minimum effort isn't worth what they have coming in any more, they will reduce the workload further. They'll merge half the servers, then all the servers, then split them again to give players the illusion of an in-game economy reset, and offer transfers for a price. Then they'll merge half the servers again. It's NCWest folks. This is just how it is, and how it has been for nearly a decade. Get used to it.
  2. Mobs Reseting

    I got another response! GM Eduard Today at 00:54 Hello, We are deeply sorry for the confusion. With regards to your issue, this is currently a known issue and the Development Team is working to correct this in a future update. I'm sorry, but the Game Support Team does not have a workaround at this time. Once a fix has been created and tested it will be made available in a future update. Please let us know if we can be of any other assistance. Regards, GM Eduard NCSOFT Support Team Acknowledgement at last.
  3. Mobs Reseting

    That's not what we're talking about, read first, watch the videos, then respond. The mobs reset while you're facetanking them, without ever running away from them, thus no chasing involved, no moving them out of zone. Example: I head to frostscale on my BD, I attack a mob (or it attacks me), it's hitting me, I'm hitting it, it's almost dead, then POOF! it has full HP again. It's still right in front of me, and I have it's attention against because it reset right in the middle of me doing a skill. So now I'm damaged right, and it's hitting me and I'm hitting it. No biggie, I'll still kill it because it only took 10% of my HP the first time, when suddenly POOF! it's full HP again, and I'm down 20%+ HP. Again I've got aggro from it because I had no chance to disengage, but this time I kill it. After 3-4 mobs in a row doing this, I'm hurt enough that I have to use a bun. It doesn't matter what you do. It doesn't matter what you don't do. It doesn't matter what class you are, or what skills you use or don't use, they just reset for no reason at all, and they do it again and again.
  4. Mobs Reseting

    You missed the post where I said I stopped using soul shackle entirely, and that it happens on my WL, FM, Sin, BM and BD. I seem to recall only one of those even having soul shackle, but I'll double check. Just in case I'm a drooling idiot. === Got a new reply on my support topic today, once a day seems to be how often the cronjob sends out the auto-replies. GM Venus Today at 01:15 Hello, Thank you for the update. We do apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused you. While we here at Support love hearing from you, the best place to get your feedback heard by the Devs is on the forums. Which I've linked for you below: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/en/? The developers are reading that forum thread constantly. If you can, please go there and submit any feedback that you have. If you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact us again and we will gladly assist you in anyway we can. Regards, GM Venus NCSOFT Support Team Apparently, the "developers" are hanging on our every word. Obviously they either can't reproduce the bug on their NCWest standard TRS-80s, or they can't figure out how to fix it because none of them can google up some coding skills. They certainly haven't been reassuring us, or even attempting to placate us while they desperately beg for an upstream patch, divine intervention or, a transfer to the much less stressful (or accountable) support department.
  5. Mobs Reseting

    Yeah, it doesn't matter if you're 15m away or 1m away, the mobs reset. Doing dailies on my WL has become a major chore since now I have to stand in melee range (actually, less than melee range, since most melee skills have a small range, like 3m or w/e) and only use wingstorm, rupture, bombardment and helix. (and every other mob still resets) No knockdown, no knock up, no stun, no daze, no repulse, no shackle, etc. I can't even use my thrall, because even if I have no points in any of it's cc, and I summon the thrall after I start the fight, it's despawning causes the mob to derp out and reset, like I'm not even there. This is a case of bad developers writing bad code that gets published to live servers without any real testing or quality control and then being ignored by bad customer service representatives. NCWest's people are so incompetent, they can't even fix the prices in the achievement vendor, so how much hope can we have for serious gameplay breaking bugs?
  6. Mob Resetting

    There are several topics on this, nobody from NC is reading them at all apparently, since normally they'd be merged by now. This issue is affecting more than just Warlocks, FMs and Summoners. While more prevalent on ranged classes, I do also get quite a few resets on my melees, BM, BD, SIN. I sent a support ticket, and the super useful "GM Andrew" says everything is working as intended, it can't possibly happen when facetanking, and that we're simply morons that are trying to drag the mobs halfway across the map.
  7. Mobs Reseting

    I can really see this getting fixed. Dear NCWest, drug test your support people. Is NCWest Support currently hiring? Because I'd love to get paid for doing absolutely nothing all day. It's my dream job.
  8. Mobs Reseting

    I'm happy for you. Unfortunately some of us that don't even use Soul Shackle are getting tired of spending 2 hours doing 'Shifting Beneath The Snow' and having to kill 311/100 mobs every day. Everything resets them, you've just been extraordinarily lucky.
  9. Mobs Reseting

    Yes. Soul Shackle likes to reset npcs. And so does literally everything else. It's not related specifically to Soul Shackle.
  10. Mobs Reseting

    It's not just warlock. This happens on every class, it's just more frequent on warlock. Shackle causes it the most often, but it's not that the skill is bugged or anything. Even if you don't shackle, the mobs reset. SS (backstep) resets them (with or without being specced to shackle), running in a circle 8m from the mob resets them, pushing them back with repulse resets them, knocking them down resets them, knocking them up in the air resets them, shooting them from 1m range while they pummel you in the face the whole time resets them. Everything resets them. Running behind a pebble on the ground resets them, same for nearly imperceptible wrinkles in the terrain. It's not an issue with a specific class, it's a problem with the code that is intended to reset mobs when you drag them too far. Someone has screwed up, and instead of disabling that bit of code, NC is just sitting around twiddling their collective thumbs, as usual. Posting on the forum is great for telling other players that it isn't just them, but it won't actually help resolve the issue because nobody important actually reads the forum. There are a couple of NCWest employees tasked with reading the forum and responding, and at the end of the day or at the end of the week these people make a list of issues and send them to someone that won't read them. Same thing if you report a bug in a support ticket, you write it, someone reads it (or more likely skims it quickly, judging from all the support responses that completely miss the point of the ticket.) then they click the big shiny button that sends you a canned response, and the bug report goes into a black hole, never to be seen again until the same bug is refiled and some other bored, underpaid person has to quickly skim it again.
  11. Punishment for Undergear and Delaying Players

    Gearchecking is a method by which complete failures get through content they can't wrap their heads around.
  12. Permanent account closure: RMT: Selling

    After a decade of NCWest, I can say with some certainty (based on past experience) the following statements: There are probably no GMs anywhere in the game, in any server, banning bots or RMT spammers. NCWest will leave it entirely up to automated systems and the player driven report function. Individual reports or flags probably aren't investigated at all by a real person until after you report that you believe that the ban was in error. Players will get banned in error, no automated system is foolproof. It's certainly not like any developer can say "No no, that software has zero bugs.", at least not with a straight face. Send a support message, and of course mention it on the forums. Don't listen to the ignorant people that tell you not to post it here. The forum isn't so NCWest knows, it's so that other players with the same issue know they aren't alone. I've had level one characters in another NCWest game banned for "third party program usage", when those characters were on a clean account, created just to hold a name, and then later confirmed to have never logged into the game at all. This after weeks of nasty, snarky responses from a support rep about how I was just plain guilty and that I should be ashamed for pretending otherwise. After finally being told to stop contacting support at all, they were going to stop reading my tickets, I ended up using a fax machine for the first time in forever to get the issue resolved. Don't give up. At least so far I've not seen many negative experiences with BnS support.
  13. Help me... flying skills

    Sounds like a rollover/ghosting problem to me, you could try plugging a usb keyboard into the laptop and see if the problem persists.
  14. Help me... flying skills

    Are you using a wireless keyboard (bluetooth specifically), some wireless keyboards are impossible to play games on because they have no rollover at all except on modifier keys (Shift, Ctrl, Alt)