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  1. Blue moon soul badge KFM Bug

    maybe it's just me, but I don't really see the bug here. The soul badge adds an additional 500% of ur AP in damage to the next comet strike after a searing palm correct? cause if so it's doing exactly that. maybe u were expecting +500% increase to ur AP then for it to do the damage calculation but that's not what the badge says. The Key words here is additional. so it should be... (Your AP+500%) + (Your Crit Damage Modifier) = additional damage to your comet strike. which in your case would be (783+500%=4698) + 255% = roughly 16.7k additional damage give or take a few on damage rolls. your combat record in the video shows (after the buff from you soul is done) roughly 15k. while lower than the 16.7k you could chalk that up to low damage rolls and it would still seem to be within the ballpark on the math. EDIT: After looking at it again, there does seem to be a bug, cause the fighting spirit buff should be increasing your crit damage +100% which would bring ur modifier to 355% which in that case should be giving u more around the 21k mark in additional damage. looks like the badge doesn't take into account that increase
  2. Ebondrake Citadel 2nd Boss - Orbs

    so right before the orbs are going to explode, the boss jumps to the tank, then jumps back to the middle and the orbs stop moving, this is your queue that time is up and orbs are gonna explode
  3. How do I open this?

    Naryu Tablet isn't a chest or something you can open, it is a material used when upgrading your equipment. You'll need a few of them as you start upgrading your gear, so just hang on to them and save up.
  4. PSA - Frozen Firing Range

    also take care when pressing up against the ledge. Alot of people like to jump while they shoot and the railing is actually low enough for u to jump over and fall to your death lol I've watch someone do this during one of my runs
  5. Soul Fighter keybinds are broken.

    vs FM i recommend u actually switch from 5s iframe self defense chi to stage 2, the 5s untargetable.... this one removes debuffs such as roots, and gives u a 5 sec window where the FM can't spam u with target ice skills to reapply chill stacks. So SS, SS, Q/E (FM) C(untargetable) stage 2 tier 5 counter(removes block approach/chill stacks and stuns on successful counter) and if they are in ur line of sight Q/E in KFM stance.... all these skills will get u out of roots, use them wisely
  6. this issue can usually be remedied by going into setting, under the Game tab in camera, at the bottom uncheck both Contextual guides and displays. this will remove that bar that prompts u to use spacebar to activate an immune skill and the prompt to use a cc skill for a joint attack. you'll just have to iframe and joint attack manually like a big boy
  7. Soul Fighter needs a buff.

    just gonna throw my 2 cents in here, as a top 30 SF in arena and 6v6 and ToI.... SF doesn't need a buff, the class is fine and in fact doesn't need as many HM Skills unlocked to be played well. Most are QoL improvements and while yes can help are not ABSOLUTELY needed to do well. SF is one of the weaker classes sure, but that doesn't mean they are useless, they have a very versatile skill kit and can deal with any class. It sounds more like you're struggling with the meta game of understanding what the other classes want to do to you, how they want to setup, what to look out for and how to respond and counter to prevent being put in a disadvantageous situation. Learn the classes that give you trouble.... learn their setups, their combos, their cooldowns. Find a weakness in an opponents playstyle and exploit it, that's the meta of combat. Also, dont blow all of dashes and iframes in a row, that leaves you wide open, if you properly space them out you should always have 1 or 2 off cd.
  8. Secret Updates Secret Crit Rate Nerf for Summoner

    u realize ur comparing ur crit rate to a fire build KFM, which can easily keep searing palm buff up most of the fight. this gives him increased crit rate... 100% crit rate at stage 4, and it's very easy to lower the cd down with searing blow and apply the buff again when the duration is over basically having 100% crit rate most of the fight.
  9. pvp in blade and soul

    I come from more of a FGC background with games like street fighter, tekken, guilty gear, marvel vs capcom etc. and I do like the pvp here cause alot of knowledge from there carries over. You basically pick a character (class) you wanna play, u train with it, learn it's ins and outs, it's combos, it's matchups. All the fighting game mechanics are basically there as well, u got ur neutral game, footsies, mixups, baits, punishes, tech chases, and of course ur bread and butter combos. once you start developing all these skills it's just of matter of learning match ups and have character (class) knowledge. remember a good player isn't determined by how well they play their best matchup, but how well they play their worst matchup :)
  10. Tower of Memory Second Boss

    look at the boss' name when u walk in, Blood Mane or Winter Mane. Blood Mane is red so he needs to get hit with the blue laser and avoid the red laser, vice versa for Winter Mane. Which one spawns as the 2nd boss is random, just have to pay attention to the name.
  11. Freeze cat or summoner, not both

    your cat does indeed receive the effects of kfm/sin's blue buff, but i'm not sure about sb as they don't have an awakened skill to unlock although the movement speed and crit damage buff might still apply to them
  12. Golden Dragon

    not sure if ur trolling or not, even if ur only using cobalt punch>iron shoulder to get a chi level every 6 sec, that's chi level 5 in 30 sec....which is a tight timer... IF that's the only way ur going about getting chi levels.... ur got ur iron shoulder, ur howling blast, ur displace, ur burning tundra/whirlwind, elbow smash and lastly ur instant level 5 chi on focus chi.... which all these ways to quickly stack chi levels and hit ur kingfist/frost storm, u shouldn't have an issue getting one off every 30 sec unless there is a boss mechanic preventing u from doing DPS
  13. resists/howling blast causing crashes on SF

    Turns out what was crashing me was resisting an attack while wearing the hongmoon duster on my SF. Once I removed the outfit the crashes stopped, which is a shame cause I farmed alot for this outfit and I really like the way it looks on my character but I can't even wear it while I'm in any sort of combat, only when I'm afking T_T Please fix this
  14. resists/howling blast causing crashes on SF

    Anyone else having this issue or found a solution? It's super annoying that if I resist an attack during the animation of howling blast it will crash every time, really? I can't even use one of my core skills in my rotation without fear of crashing, please dev team look into this and try to find a fix!
  15. Bidding Window

    this happens to me sometimes, I figured out if u click the little icon on the bottom left of the bidding window so show the entire list of items up for bid it will force the bidding window to drop down onto the screen so u can click on it and move it where u want it. Give it a try next time u run into this bug, it should work